Hazardous Waste Accumulation Point Manager (HWAPM)

- Aided HAZMAT prgm; eval'd 4 storage lockers/73 items--acquired B 1/2 sealant/cut 4 Code-3 breaks for 100 ARW

- Aided section HAZMAT prgm; evaluated 4 storage units/70 items--drove disposal of 10 expired assets/spt'd 4 sorties

- Asst'd HAZMAT prgm; disposed/coord'd removal 1.8K lbs of hydro/oil--eliminated significant ENV mishap

- Coordinated with LRAFB HAZMO; recycled 1830 gallons of hazardous fluid/fuel--raised $3200+ for LRAFB

- HAZCOM prgm mgr; established strict storage/use/disposal procedures--100% OSHA/Bio Environmental rqmts c/w

- Lead Hazcom/Hazwaste program monitor; ensured safe storage/use/disposal--100% QA/Bioenvironmental pass rate

- Led HAZMAT training pgm; instructed 40 newcomers on proper handling/SDS usage--ensured Sq compliance

- Mng'd $98K HAZMAT prgm f/7 AFSCs; maintained 3 lockers/1.2K items--keyed zero defects during 18 EFW SAV

- Mng'd work ctr HAZMAT prgm; oversaw trn'g f/98 prsnl/audited 11 satellite areas--spt'd UTC ops/zero frustrated cargo

- Overhauled phase Haz storage areas; re-org'd/corrected >28 discrepancies--ensured 98% compliance/inspection ready

- Oversaw 2 HAZMAT accts; managed/tracked 150+ items--assured 100% accountability of $384K/yr in assets

- Performed 1200+ haz insps; detected/corrected >180 discrepancies--efforts key to CTK's 96% QA pass rate

- Reorganized HAZMAT check-out procedure; combined HAZMAT TO ID w/LRAFB WWID--saved 12 man hrs/yr

- Revised CTK/HAZMAT prgms; validated 1.8K tools/140 chemicals--zero findings by ACC IG UCI team

- Revised HAZ waste turn-in procedure; tnd 30 spt flt mbrs on new methods--maintained 100% compliance w/EPA

- Spt'd HAZMAT pgm; completed 11 insps/ID'd 21 discreps/eliminated 1.8K lbs of waste--solidified EPA compliance

- Sq HWAPM; conducted mthly review/monitored disposal/tracked xx HAZMAT--steered storage/100% compliance

- Stood-up 913th AMXS HAZMAT pgm; trained AFRC pers on all aspects--pgm running 6 mos ahead of sched

- Streamlined HAZMAT storage area; reorganized 5 hazardous items--minimized numerous potential HAZ exposures

- Unit Hazardous Materials & Waste Mngr; Accounts for 100+ produces, largest acct on base -- 100% accountability

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