NCOIC Examples

- Meticulously planned and executed training plan for new hire; shortened tng duration; CSS productivity enhanced

- Skillfully channeled incoming/outgoing telework docs; met specifications, prevented errors; accountability attained

- Filled NCOIC vacancy f/1 wk; spt'd 9 Amn/piloted 10 teams across 3 states--honored fallen Amn w/dignity & respect

- #1 choice for interim 1st Sgt x17 days; served 5 Sq/6 CCs--ensured discipline/morale/well-being for 337 prsnl

- Authored 4 EPRs & 4 awd pkgs for Flt mbrs; garnered recognition on Sq & Gp levels--set Amn up for success

- Balanced workload 5 of 11 full time positions vacant during this period; no adverse effects to customer service

- Breathed new life into section; made transition to B-2 platform transparent--considered a national stealth asset

- Coord'd 14 sections/72 Amn as Pro Super; enabled 16 acft rdy for no-notice FTD < 72 hrs--pivotal to 88% MC

- Cultivated atmosphere of harmony and trust--responsible for sq-wide climate improvement; reinforced AF values

- Delegated effectively; trusted workctr Amn with msn--discovered, remedied obstacles, improved site output 40%

- Effective leader; expedited 86 prsnl/21 load crews/33 acft--enabled FY15 3K sorties/CAF best 85% MC rate

- Encouraged quality fitness stds; formed deployed fitness competition--30 amn lost collective 210 lbs/70 inches

- Effectively managed 4 sections inspiring best performance; supported 4 ops squadrons & Dets--enabled 300+ sorties

- Ensured all Amn trained on SAPR issues; briefed w/ weekly safety brief--reduced obstacles to msn accomplishment

- Established CSS intern prgm f/postal 3F5s; trained 15 prsnl prior PCS'g--bolstered CC admin spt f/future assignments

- Fearless NCO; identified/stopped behavior risking group conflict or harassment claims; held w/c to standards

- Filled E-8 billet as interim flt chief; controlled >1.5K mx actions--secured flt's 99% QVI/100% PE pass rates

- Filled Sq Assist Superintendent billet; tackled 45 EPRs/levied tighter std--max'd quality w/zero late suspenses

- Hands-on leadership; enforced compliance with T.O.s/instructions--secured 94% QA pass rating for 1st qtr '17

- Mng'd 19 Amn as NCOIC of Sq's largest flt...penned 7 EPRs/8 awd packages--garnered 3 Sq/1 Gp-level awds!

- Mature manager; replaced two ROAD SSgts; immed improved shop morale and vastly improved shift tng & qual

- Rallied section; tackled 17K mx actions/81K mx hrs--met MXG goal...8 acft w/in 5 days/backlog under 4K hrs

- Readied short notice Poland TDY; deployed 11 flt Amn/4K lbs cargo--keyed 255 NATO sorties/375.9 flt hrs

- Rescued stagnant w/c; reintroduced stds, reorganized scheds w/ Amn involvement--now top shop, exceeding Wg goals

- Tremendous flt NCOIC; primed 4 Amn for Sq awds/1 BTZ/1 AF Acad Prep School--IB upgrade immediately!

- Trusted subordinates with critical portions of msn; rewarded by exponential growth and unprecedented productivity

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