Self-Aid & Buddy Care/SABC EPR Bullets

- Wing SABC Instructor; trained 30 classes/150 Amn received essential life svg skills ensured sqdn dplymt capability

- Wing self-aid & buddy care instructor; completed 6-hr crs & taught 3 classes--readied 48 mbrs f/dplymnt to 4 CCMD

- Certified as SABC instructor; attended 3 hr class/breifed 20+ personnel--improved unit readiness/access to trng

- Wing SABC instructor; trained 146 members in first-aid during combat & tactical field care--Wing CCIP ensured

- Led 4 man litter tm; prov'd SABC f/10 triaged pts--solidified DoD Hq med disaster response/CC awd'd LOA

- SABC instructor; taught 3 classes/49 Amn received essential life svg skills--increased sq SORTS stats by 29%

- Sought out additional training; attended/completed self-aid buddy care instructor course--trained 17 personnel

- Led from the front, completed SABC and FSS Combat Skills Training--ready for world wide 3M deployment

- Lead 12 members ATSO/egress/SABC; ensured readiness for war fighting msn + success of 436/512AW ORE

- Hand picked for Wng SABC rodeo; trained 780+ warriors on basic life saving skills--solidified msn readiness

- Guided SABC/CBRNE crs; trnd 280 students wkly--strenghtened warrior knowledge/Amn ready to save lives

- Superior initiative; completed SABC Instructor tng course; trained/prepared Sq prsnl prior to GWOT taskings

- Cadre instructor; taught 24 wing individuals on SABC/weapons techniques--combat readiness increased 20%

- Instructed 25 Amn in SABC; demonstrated proper life saving techniques--ensured sqdn deployment capability

- Served as sqdn SABC instructor; briefed/trained 60 pilots--built combat ready wingmen/mbrs 100% proficient

- Developed extensive 4hr joint trng pgrm; educated 60 EFP on SABC skills--bolstered community relations/FP

- SABC coordinator! Authored IFAK/hemmorage control refresher trng--heightened emergency preparededness

- Sq SABC instructor; reinforced key life/limb saving techniques for 6--enhanced wounded/injured survivability

- SABC instructor--provided training to 100+ unit personnel--ensured all ready for life and death emergencies

- Consummate EET inspector; instructed 12 individuals on SABC techniques--combat readiness increased 100%

- Executed seven SABC classes; 48 engineers life saver qualified--enabled mobility to eight joint mission bases

- Selected to instruct SABC classes; educated peers on life saving procedures--improved squadron trng by 30%

- First to volunteer as Self-aid and Buddy Care instructor--ready to provide life saving skills to AF personnel

- Instructed 9 high school students on self-aid/buddy care; town mayor/teachers lauded, "best presentation ever"

- Wing asset! Provided vital Self-Aid Buddy Care training to 10 MSS and ABW personnel--increased readiness

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