UFPM EPR Bullets

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- Advocate Fit-to-Fight; dedicated 15+ hrs to strength/cardio tng--helped 2 members achieve "excellent" score
- Advocate Fit-to-Fight; dedicated 84+ hours to strength/cardio trng--assisted 1 mbr in achieving wt loss goal
- Aggressive UFPM; managed 150 7 FSS military members FAs--readiness sight pic secured/90% currency rtg
- Attended PTL trng; tested eight sq mbrs and helped revamp flt's PT prgm--work center attained 95% pass rate
- Augmented 133d AW fitness program; led/PTL'd 12 wing FAs--alleviated shortfall/processed >500 AFFMS actions
- Authored "Random" PT test program; found 40% at risk sq members; PT failures dropped 31%/averted 4 fails

- Bolstered UFPM pos; streamlined unit procedures/id'd by CC as top program--Sq postured for inaugural IG inspection

- Dedicated PTL led 5 orgnd tng sessions; promoted health & wellness--increased Sq "satisfactory" rate by 20%

- Fit-to-Fight advocate; crafted 22 individual workouts/conducted 11 Sq sessions--fueled Sq's 96% pass rt f/411 mbrs

- Hand picked 509 BW FAC augmentee; trained 6 UFPMs/conducted FAs--700+ RegAF & AFRC Amn "Fit to Fight"
- Hand sel'd UFPM; mng'd CFIP prgm/exer routines/trained 28 PTLs--admin'd 173 assessments/97% overall pass rate
- Hand-selected UFPM; meticulously tracked 71 pers, conducted tests--fueled 97% pass rate w/56% "excellent" scores

- Impeccable UFPM with tireless dedication; tested 80; FIP members down 67%--18 rehabilitated/zero overdue

- Lead UFPM f/254 prsnl; bolster'd PTL certification 22%/administer'd 34 assesments--achiev'd 100% squadron pass
- Led 52 PT sessions; pace setter for alpha ability group--students physically conditioned for wartime missions
- Led by example; crafted & conducted PT sessions for 13 airmen--increased unit fitness readiness rate by 15%
- Led fitness by example as certified PTL; directed exercise prgm for 62 personnel--key to flt's 95% pass rate
- Led unit PT program; superb admin/training--pass rate 24 percentage points above Wing's; praised by FW/CV

- Motivated PTL; led 11 prsnl in physical fitness sessions/tested 20 mbrs--ensured unit compliance w/stds, "fit to fight"
- Motivated PTL; orchestrated a robust squadron PT program--unit 100% current/82% received excellent score
- Motivated sq members; negotiated common schedules; increased sections participation--failures down 20%

- Organiz'd UFPM pos; created MDG PTL crse/22 new fitness ldrs trained in 5 Sq's--100% completion rate f/235 Amn
- Oversaw unit fitness pgm; enforced Sq/CC PFT expectations/tracked 107 prsnl--100% pass rt/80% rated "Excellent"

- Performed duties as UFPM, essential to sq's 98% pass rate/37% "excellent" tempo--validated unit's fit to fight
- Performed UFPM/PTL duties; conducted FIP sessions--kept 100% currency, achieved period w/100% pass...1st in 3 yrs

- Reliable leader/motivator, routinely directs 50+ Sq personnel in PT; 5 CS has a ## passing rate as a direct result
- Revised Squadron fitness pgm; streamlined unit procedures/bolster'd PTL cert 63%--secured rolling 92% passing rt
- Revived neglected sq pgm, expanded mbr involvement; increased fitness opportunities and mbr participation

- Selflessly volunteered to help peers as PTL/trained fellow Airman; Airman's score improved over 15 points
- Served as Sq PTL; worked w/fellow Amn to raise average PT score six pts; Sq better prepared for deployment
- Sq UFPM f/87 members; validated 6 PTL's, managed 41 assessments--tracked zero failures & 76% rated, "Excellent!"
- SQ UFPM; mastered Fitness Improvement Program--skills critically contributed to SQ's 99% pass rate...highest in Gp
- Squadron PTL; organized 5 PT sessions--75+ permanent party members/40+ TDY students fitness strengthened

- UFPM/PTL; managed 7 PTL's/counseled 7 members w/FA fails--decreased overdue FA 25%/95% squadron pass rate
- Unit fitness ldr; directed prgm f/30+ pers/train'd mbr w/failed FA/raised from 75% to 84.5%--restored pass rate 100%
- Unit fitness leader; organized multiple fitness events for 64 Amn--contributed to 100% Pass rt/58% rt'd "Excellent"

- Wg UFPM trainer; taught 115 PTLs est. procedures/standardized Wg case file mng't--Dyess 90% currency rate

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