Adverse Actions/Referral EPR

- Amn wrote 23 bad checks, lied under oath, failed to pay debts; referred for counseling for gambling problem

- Consistently failed to meet Dress & Appearance standards--received 1 LOC and 2 LORs

- Consistently struggled to maintain personal hygiene and cleanliness standards--counseled and reprimanded

- Despite some errors in judgement, he is an effective ops & K-9 team ldr; continue to challenge as TSgt in future

- Disobeyed lawful order--cont'd unauth car sales--falsified docs/contrib to 2 accidents/3 Amn UA for 42 hrs tot

- Disobeyed lawful order--left work 4 hours early/boarded aircraft without squadron Commanders leave authorization

- Displayed unprofessional conduct; rcv'd Article 15 for disrespect towards an NCO--UIF has been established

- Exercis'd poor judgment; violated tng crs policy/received LOR--accepted responsibility & on the right path to success

- Exercised a lapse of judgment; failed to show up to work prepared for gaurdmount briefings--received LOR

- Exercised poor judgment; reprimanded by 62 SFS/CC for DUI incident off base--jeopardized safety of others

- Failed annual fitness test; displayed pattern of not meeting min standards--consecutive failures w/little improvement

- Failed to complete his upgrade training in a timely fashion--failed to show any initiative in progressing to 5 skill level

- Failed to maintain AF fitness standards; fell below 75 minimum points--resulted in 3 "Unsatisfactory" PT test scores

- Lacked sound judgment; involved in domestic quarrel--rcv'd Article 15 for violation of UCMJ Articles 120c/128

- Participated in phys altercation on base--caused prop damage, injured 1 Amn--failed to meet standards of conduct

- Received Art 15 for "Unprofessional off-duty behavior"; accepted responsibility--on the right path to success!

- Received Art 15/2 LORs/3 LOCs for "Unprofessional behavior/Failure to Obey/Insubordination"--rough start

- Received Article 15 for failure to obey written order--with strong supervision/mentorship mbr can succeed

- Received letter of reprimand from SF/CC for driving under the influence of alcohol--bad decision not repeated

- Received LOR for failing Physical Fitness test

- Received LOR from SFS/CC for failure to meet PT standards

- Received Non-Judicial Punishment for Unauthorized Absence; potentially negative impact on wing operations

- Struggled to maintain Dress & Appearance standards; counseled multiple times on unkempt hair/improper uniform fit

- USFJ Liberty Policy violation; insubordinate/disrespectful towards CC & Superintendent--received UIF & Article 15

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