Booster Club EPR bullet examples

Booster Club

- Booster Club Pres; directed $5.2K in fundraising/aligned charter w/AFIs--erased 4-year/$5K fiscal burden in <3 mos

- Booster club VP/guided Maxwell ldrshp crs; asst'd morale events/briefed "Laws of Growth"--powered 20 NCOs PD!

- Revived flat-lined Booster club; elected Vice President by peers...manage $3k account/enriched flight morale

- Sq Booster Club member; Vol'd > 12 hrs/8 events raised $4.5K--bolstered funding allotted twds QoL functions

- Section Booster Club Treasurer; managed budget for morale fund...efforts produced seven going away plaques

- Elected by peers to sq booster club vice pres position; coord'd 8 events/fundraisers in <9 mos--raised $2.2K

- Booster Club President; led planning/execution of fundraiser's that netted $7200--funded 3 sq morale events

- Volunteered to work concession stand for Dave Matthews concert--raised over $1K for Squadren Booster Club

- Appointed as sq booster club treasurer; directed four base fundraisers--amassed $6.5K for sq morale activities

- Vol'd 12 hrs at ND State Fair; performed trash/grounds clean up--helped raise $8K for sq booster club events

- Enthusiasm for esprit de corps! Supported four 58 MOS booster club fundraiser evts--vital to $3.8k raised

- Volunteered for booster club fundraiser; worked security for Kansas City Royals games--sqdn earned $1.5K

- Team player! Vol'd for sq fundraiser; devoted 10 hrs to security detail--generated $600+ for sq booster club

- Active squadron booster club member; volunteered to work concessions at concerts; raised $3.5K for squad

- Elected MXS booster club VP; co-led WOW/CDI/Mustache March committees--raised over $5K for sq events

- Devoted 32 hrs to Heritage Flt airshow; led 35 mbrs food booth sales--raised $3.5K for booster club events

- Represented Team Whiteman for '12 air show; served/cooked in food booth--raised $4.5K for sq booster club

- Comm spt'r; VP Booster Club/founder 'Grace Extended' outreach f/homeless--rais'd >$2K/10 comfort kits f/homeless

Unit Advisory Council (UAC)

- Elected by peers as UAC Secretary; recorded 7 mtgs/6 vol events/raised $4K--boosted morale/QoL functions

- Aviano Amn's Advisory Council Secretary; authored By-Laws/Constitution--voiced Amn quality of life issues

- Amn Council mbr; teamed w/AFSA; vol'd 2 hrs t/holiday fundraiser--raised $248 f/VFW/Disabled Vets pgm

- Involved in Amn Council; set up University of Central Missouri fun night--reduced underage drinking mishaps

- Amn Council mbr; teamed w/AFSA; vol'd 2 hrs t/holiday fundraiser--raised $248 f/VFW/Disabled Vets pgm

- Airmen's council charity volunteer; helped organized Children's Mercy Hospital fundraiser--event raised $3K

- Served as flt SFA/UAC rep; provided jr mbrs w/unit involvement/input; enhanced squadron morale--promote!

- Active member in UAC; enlisted 13 flt mbrs for three fundraiser activities; raised $500+ for morale--promote!

- Active member of UAC/Rising 4; provided junior mbrs w/ unit involvement/input--enhanced squadron morale

- Active UAC member; addressed welfare issues to 62 SFS/CC--corrective actions enhanced AW prsnl morale

- Active member of SFA & UAC; imparted feedback to enhance lives of fellow SF mbrs--enhanced unit morale

Air Force Sergeant's Association (AFSA)

- AFSA Executive Membership Trustee; organized 2 guest speaker briefs/membership drives--recruited 60 mbrs

- Active mbr of Air Force Sergeant's Association; bowled in fundraiser--raised $450/voice heard in Congress

- Supported AFSA; read segments of the Constitution for Constitution Day--shared history/heritage with patrons

- Proud representatives; AFSA cmte/WSA Qtrly brd mbrs/SARC advocates--vital participants to WG success

- Involved in fund raising events; volunteered/participated in two golf tournaments--raised $2K for AFSA/AFAS

- Active member for AFSA golf fund raiser; played 18 holes--accumulated $325 for Air Force Assistance Fund

- Air Force Sergeants Association member; attended meetings--contributed to the welfare of Amn during time off

- AFSA active mbr; attended mthly meetings/established legislative teams...improved AF families quality of life

Top 3, Top 4, Rising 4, 5/6

- MDG Top 4 Vice-Pres/25 mbrs; chaired 5 events/fundraisers--raised $500 towards mentorship opportunities

- Engaged Top 3 rep; managed duty schedule for holiday tree sale--206 trees sold/$10K raised for wing events

- Active Member in Rising 4/Unit Advisory Council; garnered flt involvement--$500 raised for morale activities

- Flight SFA representative; volunteered off-duty time to ensure two-way communication between organizations

- 5/6 Club mbr; volunteered efforts garnered club $3K--motivated/empowered Amn to prof development needs

- Collected/packed school supplies for 63 Iraqi children; Top 3 initiative--hearts and mind of community won

- Assisted Top 3 during annual holiday tree sale; sold 200+ trees--$2K+ earned for morale building activities

- Assisted w/56 Club free bowling night; designed flyers to publicize event--50 NCOs/family mbrs in attendance

- Active in Top 3 Association; raised $500 for Christmas tree sales--funds contribute to Wing morale functions

- Active Top 4 member! Led 30 prsnl in Gp bowling tournament; raised $700 for 721 MSG annual holiday party

- Adder's Top 3 Weighs/Means cmte ldr; rallied 33 volunteers to execute Spirit Day activities & 3 FOD walks

- Team Ldr AW Enl BBQ, AW Qrtly Awds, Fishing Derby, AW Professional Dev Crse--100% spt AW Top 3

- Top 3 champion; chaired 24-mbr SNCO Induction cmte Xxxxx "follow me" style led to selection for SMSgt


- Volunteered as DFAC council rep/volleyball coach/organized 4 unit events--boosted morale for > 4K members

- Outstanding performance & volunteerism contributed to ### SFS winning AF "Best Small SF Unit Award" '09

- Participated w/sqdn Combat Dining In; helped set-up/tear down for event--fostered team work/esprit de corps

- Sq combat dining-in participant; assisted 15 mbr setup/tear-down tm--assured memorable event for 300 psnl

- Ardently supported flight activities; volunteered to organize flight Thanksgiving party; raised unit morale

- Coor'd sq baby blanket prgm; dedicated 20 hrs/collected/delivered 40 orders--boosted member/spouse morale

- Vol'd four hrs to Amn in need; relocated >2K lbs co-workers household goods--decreased financial burden

- Volunteered >10 hrs to Operation Yellow Ribbon; served food/drink to> 200 troops & Amn--big morale boost

- Coord'd 3 sq barbeque events; led 12 pers on venue set-up/tear-down--boosted morale/camaraderie for 144

- Assisted newly assigned Airman; moved personnel into housing--increased camaraderie with fellow members

- Knuckle Buster Banquet '11 volunteer; devoted 6 hrs to set-up & tear down--flawless event lauded by Gp CC

- Strong supporter of SFA; raised $160+ wrapping gifts--volunteer efforts ensured a cost free unit holiday party

- Supports SFA; provided security for Motley Crue concert/college football game--raised $800+ for unit morale

- Provided security for major league soccer game; ensured safety of 5K+ fans--earned $500 for SFA functions

- Provided security during Washington's Apple Cup football game; 70K in attendance--$900 earned for SFA

- Flight POC for volunteer efforts; organized 20+ flight mbrs for SFA events/Op Safe Streets--promote via BTZ!

- Dynamic volunteer! Assisted with SFA events/Op Safe Streets/Concerts/Holiday Party--events were a success

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