EPR Bullets By AFSC

Career Development Course (CDC) EPR Bullets

5-level CDCs

- Set sq CDC Benchmark! KO'd 5 books <2 mos; aced EOC w/96%--awd'd 3-day pass by Sq/CC, inspired peer to 91%

- Qualified Amn; Crwchf cert'd/CDCs finished four mos early/EOC 90%/recognized by MXG CC--Incr'd wrkcntr cap

- Surpassed 5-lvl UGT milestones; completed 68 core/critical task cert 6 mo early--achv'd 96% EOC/raised std f/peers

- Mentored four Amn on 5-level CDC taskings...100% task completion...upgraded two months ahead of schedule

- Aced 5-lvl CDCs; complet'd 2 vols/7 mos ahead of schedule--rcv'd outstanding 92% EOC/raised std for peers

- Surpassed 5-lvl upgrade milestones/6 mos; completed 1 set CDC's/84% EOC--15 of 120 UGT tasks remaining

- Complet'd CDCs w/in 4 mos; achieved 95% on EOC--hand-selected for 5-lvl CENTCOM deployment tasking

- Murdered CDCs/1 mon ahead schedule, 88% on EOC; made peers look like chumps/poised for SSgt, NCOIC

- Accelerated A-set CDC completion; mastered material 90 days ahead of schedule; achieved 86% EOC score

- Accomplished 5 level CDC upgrade trng; completed 126 task/six volumes in <10 months--bested 12 month std

- Accomplished 5 level CDC upgrade trng; scored an 83% on end of course test--increased LO knowledge 20%

- Actively pursued 5-level CDC completion; finished 2 months ahead-of-peers--received 84% on final test score

- Activly persued 5 level; completed six-volume CDC one month early--bested 12 month standard/84% on EOC

- Assisted in accessory drive gearbox change; replaced in 32 hours; completed 18 5-level upgrade core tasks

- Attained 5-level qualification; completed CDCs/126 tasks four months ahead of peers--bested AF 12 month std

- Champions mx/training merge; demonstrated strut install/landing gear ops check; fulfilled 25 core 5 level tasks

- Completed 5-level CDC end-of-course test with 83% & all core tasks; awarded 5 skill level--mission ready

- Completed CDC's XX months early; upgrade trng 100%; earned 12 college credits w/3.5 GPA towards CCAF

- Completed CDCs 1 month ahead of schedule; tested 88% on end of course exam--ready to accomplish CCAF!

- Completed three CDC volumes 2 wks early; scored 81% on end-of-course exam--ready for five-level upgrade

- Completed upgrade trg rqmts ahead of schedule; scored 89/83% on CDC EOC tests--awaiting award of 5 level

- Continously excelled in OJT/upgrade training; scored 79% on CDC EOC exam--completed 1 month in advance

- Determined; completed three volumes of CDC's/78 core tasks for OJT--qualified for five level AFSC upgrade

- Enrolled in 5-level upgrade training; finished first set CDC's within alotted time--67/165 tasks certified/10 mth

- Exceeded training rqmts; finished CDC's/126 core task four months ahead of peers--bested AF 12 month std

- Finished 57 5-level core tasks three months early; scored 83% on CDC test--increased qualified 5-levels 23%

- Fully engag'd in 5-level upgrade training; certified 100% OJT tasks/10 mo; complet'd 4N0 CDC; acheiv'd 5 lvl

- Highly motivated amn; qualified on 100% upgrade tasks/completed CDC's two months early--ready for 5 level

- Motivated Amn; finished CDC set 2 wks early/scored 90% EOC exam--coined by MDG/CC/earned 1-day pass

- Postured for success; completed 5-level/CDC upgrade trng in three months ahead of peers--bested 12 Mos std

- Selfless dedication to CDC's/126 OJT tasks; upgrade rqmt's completed two months early--scored 88% on EOC

- Surpassed AF training standard; finished six volumes of CDC's in four months--set the example amongst peers

- Swiftly completed 5-level CDCs; applied concepts/theories to daily mx practices--enhanced team's efficiency

7-level CDCs

- Spanked 7-lvl UGT; completed 57 core tasks/slashed CDC milestone time 25%--achieved 92% EOC/hailed by sq/CC

- Completed 7 level upgrade training despite deployment; well rounded mission ready in skill lvl critical AFSC

- Tackled 7-level qualification trng; completed CDC's/core task 5 months early--raised the standards for peers

- Completed 7-level skill ; finished CDC/11 core task requirements--qualified 60 days ahead of schedule

- Completed 7-level core tasks; scored 90% on CDC EOC exam--awarded 5 LRS academic one-day pass

- Self-enrolled in Fire Instructor I CDC; scored impressive 94% on EOC--recognized by unit/wing commander

- Constantly amazes; attended 7-level school achieving overall 98% average--received Top Graduate Award

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