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COMSEC Custodian EPR Bullets

- Administer'd transfer of COMSEC w/COCOM partners; manag'd custody, receipt & reporting--h/w valu'd $130K+

- ID'd 7-yr security shortfall; pushed 110 software patches--cut 340 COMSEC vulnerabilities/fortified $352K C2 eqmt

- Revived COMSEC prgm; reported 18 violations/1-yr malpractice--prev'd NC3 satellite net compromise/2 continents

- Responsible for $200K+ in COMSEC eqpmt; zero asset losses--critical to org's msn capability & productivity

- Deployed COMSEC custodian; 100% accountability of $30K equipment--crews self-sufficient for msn demand

- Overhauled w/c COMSEC prgm; controlled 193 crypto keys/devices--maintained vital ISR/RPA C2 msn ops

- Expedited corrective COMSEC actions noted by AFNIC Inspectors; program 100% compliant w/HQ policies

- Managed COMSEC acct; ensured XXX item accountablity--awd'd "Excellent" rating from Base COMSEC office

- Controlled xxx-item COMSEC acct; supplied xx comm circuits w/cryptologic data--insured vital ISR ops

- Stepped up as interim Security Manager, processed sec clearances/visit requests for 100+ personnel; vital to ops

- Contributed to success of several Operational Readiness, Unit Compliance, and COMSEC Inspections

- Man'd control/security 55 classified equip items, ensured control of $2.8 M in assets--no security violations

- Ensured all required info correctly documented, proccessed for all deployments--vital to successful operations

- Packed/prep'd 12 COMSEC packages to aircrews deploying ISO Haiti Relief Ops; launched in < 12 hours of recall

- Developed 3rd FW COMSEC account inspection database, provided centralized tracking, reduced late inspections

- Ensured accountability 3,000+ COMSEC items; responsible for 3FW Excellent rating 2009 STRATCOM IA visit

- Trained 12 personnel on new acft Benign Fill key process, perf'd annual rekey of 30 F-22 aircraft--dependable!

- Led ADVON team for SECDEF's top priority, Project Liberty; maintained 100% accountability class'd material

- Led 6th Comm Sq COMSEC Acct thru AMC Cmd inspection--received 0 discrepancies, highest HQ AMC rating

- Rigid adherence to NSA policies produced the Wg’s “Outstanding” rating during Aug 09 Semi-Annual COMSEC Insp

- Deployed twice ISO Ops IRAQI and ENDURING FREEDOM, provided essential COMSEC for 6K+ C-130 combat sorties

- Provided vital expertise as Security Mgr, processed sec clearances, visit requests for 100+ pers--100% on-time

- Loaded/destroyed crit COMSEC tapes, enabled crit, secure comm with aircrews for emerg landing at deployed loc

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