Controlled Area examples

- Vigilant! Performed flawless duties as an Installation Entry Controller and an Explosive Team Responder

- Professional and observant; conducted over 500 vehicle and 1300 personnel searches daily at installation entry

- Picked by flight leadership to train new personnel for the position of Visitor Control Center operator

- Enhanced ECP; trenched high-voltage cable/placed 25 tons gravel/protected jamming radar--enhanced security

- Solid ldrship; troops rated Outstanding during Controlled Area Penetration exercise--secured ECC validation

- Controlled area monitor; identified trng deficiency & trained 44 Amn--2012 SAV rated Outstanding; promote!

- Achieved an outstanding 98% on Control Center Operator eval; exceeded unit avg by 4%; earned one day pass

- Experienced controlled area monitor--safeguarded 31 storage buildings housing 10.5M lbs of explosives

- Drove $15K ECP relocation/proj comp’d in 4 vs 8 wks--kept $74M DoDDS proj on sched/safed 4K pers/day

- Co-authored Controlled Area Training Handbook--decreased overall training time for new personnel by 30%

- Response force mbr; immediate armed response to non-nuclear munitions areas-alerts leader of any situation

- Controls entry/exit to RAFL/RAFF; 3.5K+ vehs and 5K+ prsnl processed daily-deterred unauthorized access

- Positioned 207 barriers for July 4th festival; parking/crowd control areas created-safe event for >21K guests

- Directed 2 controlled area surveys-provided AFI guidance; assured security of $400K+ wpns/classified docs

- Performed entry control for 1,500+ pers into a PL1 facility during JCS Ex OISHI MUSKRAT 2003-zero breaches

- Directly contributed through relentless vigilance to the highest ICBM sortie alert rate in the U. S. Air Force

- Maintained precise control and expert employment procedures for over 25 security force personnel daily

- Outstanding command and control coupled with his decisive actions resulted in mission security

- Thoroughly conducted ECP/PAR sweeps for three 51 FW OREs; prevented unauthorized entries--no write ups

- Man'd control/security 55 classified equip items, ensured control of $2.8 M in assets--no security violations

- Emer responder; overcame main ECP security breach/constructed 60 ft gate--safeguarded 6K psnl/$5.5B assets

- Fab'd drop-arms at ECP & convoy CP--sealed off insurgent/enemy infil; motivated 100+ safe daily msns

- Installed 500 ft HESCO barriers at Tal Afar AF ECP; increased FP measures = 470 dump trucks safely insp

- Conducted ECP/PAR sweeps during '09 PACAF ORI; contribut'd to wing overall "Excellent" rating

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