CPR EPR bullet examples

CPR Qualification

- Completed CPR training, scored 100% on both hands on and written assessments--ready for life saving intervention

- Obtained CPR certification; completed 4 hr course/5 trng events--gained basic life saving skills/expanded msn capes

- Obtained American Heart Association cert; completed 16 hrs of CPR instr crs, scored 100%--qualified mil&state instr

- Aced CPR certification crs; completed 8 hrs class/35 trng events--gained basic life saving skills/expanded msn's capes

- Completed annual hands-on CPR training--expanded mission capabilities--gained fundamental life saving skills

- Completed CPR training course; 1 of 13 certified in unit; enhanced life-saving skills--crit to Cont Resp mission

- Certified in CPR/AED care; filled AETC med spt rqmt--covered six water survival/combatives trng sessions

- Completed 11hr PTL/CPR course; led flt/Sq PT sessions--ensured Sq maint'd 96% Fit Assessment pass rate

- Led from the front, completed SABC and FSS Combat Skills Training--ready for world wide 3M deployment

CPR Instructor

- Cert'd BLS instr; taught 11 crs's--sav'd 1K man-hr/$72K in TDY funds--lock'd in 100% AED/CPR Wg prgm compliance

- Cert'd ARC CPR Instructor; conducted 12 classes/36 instruction hrs--84 first responder lifesavers produced basewide

- Conducted 8 Wg BLS crses; imparted 27.5 hr phys CPR/AED life-saving instruction--boosted AEF readiness/26 prsnl

- CPR Instructor certified; aced rigorous course/offered essential lifesaving skills to 89 prsnl--AEF readiness multiplier

- Completed CPR Instructor Training--provided training flexibility and alleviated a shortage of CPR trainers

- Selected to instruct SABC classes; educated peers on life saving procedures--improved squadron trng by 30%

- Extremely dedicated; volunteered for CPR Instructor Training; classes supported AEF readiness for 35 Airmen

- Taught six CPR classes; instructed/certified 61 people--cleared unit-wide deficiencies/boosted AEF readiness

- Basic Life Support training site faculty instructor; taught CPR to 50 highschool students--enhanced knowledge

- Bulldozed overdue CPR training for 82 sq mbrs; resuscitated critical program--sq 100% qualified to save lives

- Cadre instructor; taught 24 wing individuals on SABC/weapons techniques--combat readiness increased 20%

- Organized/scheduled 100+ instructors for CPR trng--ensured personal proficiency in critical life saving skills

- Certified CPR volunteer instructor; taught four classes--49 Wing personnel trgn'd in critical life savings skills

- Lead CPR instructor; trained/certified xx prsnl--ascertained AFCEC regulation compliance and Sq proficiency

- Flt CPR Instructor; trained 20 personnel on correct life-saving procedures--skills vital in emergency situations

- Nominated PTL; accomplished AED certification, one of two CPR instructors for sq--98% of flt "Fit to Fight"

- Instructed 25 Amn in SABC; demonstrated proper life saving techniques--ensured sqdn deployment capability

- Instructed 30 mbrs in BLS; 100% written/psychomotor exam success rate; increased unit msn capability and readiness

- Accomplished eight hr PTL/CPR courses; instructed six shift personnel in weekly PT sessions--100% pass rate

- Completed CPR instructor trng--trained 168 personnel--ensured unit proficiency in critical life saving skills

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