AFSC 1A7X1/Aerial Gunner EPR Bullet Examples

- Instructed SATCOM radio class; identified aircraft/AOR limitations...enhanced systems knowledge of 15 prsnl
- Deployed to Philippines; collected/donated clothes & 20K pesos for 1.7K students...SQ/USAF image enhanced

- Flew 73+ hrs/58 OEF msns ISO CFACC CSAR/MEDEVAC; credited with 37 US/Afghan assists/lives saved
- Flawlessly scheduled 375 flts/1,502 hrs/16 upgrades/2.2K RAP events...FHP on track despite six mo deployed
- Deployed 60 personnel and nine tons of cargo to OEF and OIF; PR/MEDEVAC alert in 48 hrs...zero alert loss
- Vital mbr in Ex BALIKATAN '10; flew 4xCSARTFs/35 flt hrs/nine msns...eight int'l svcs trnd in CSAR tactics

- Mentored 12 Filipino AF crew chiefs; delivered CSAR brf, flawless jt tng ex--enhanced partner nation abilites

- Lead gunner instructor; 110 flt/123 gnd tng hrs, 27 certs/upgraded, 29 current--increased gunner manning 100%

- Perfect mgmt of SQ wpns pgm; tracked/maint’d 240 personal wpns--100% accurate/accountable on $400K acct
- Key in smarter FHP mgmt; 15% reduction in lost formation tng hrs--impv'd aircrew tng w/104 flt hrs saved/FY
- Coord'd jt tng w/ USMC ARS; 12 aircrew re-current in 1 wk--SQ trnd on critical msn, rdy for depl'd cmbt ops
- Sched'd CSAR/USMC cmbt ctrl ops; 36k rounds/8hrs jt tng--16 USMC/14 aircrew cmbt rdy w/new ctrl method

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