AFSC 1A8X1 EPR Bullets

See also: Cryptologic Language Analyst Awards

Duty Description

- Provides NRT sensitive intel, indications and warnings to USPACOM AOR assets/IC prgm mngrs/natl'l leadership

Performance Assessment

- Analyzed 2,000 hrs of enemy transmissions--id'd adversary's defense capabilities, reduced enemy operations

- Authored 140 national intelligence reports--delivered key information to the Vice President of the United States

- Authored updates to the TAC MQT curriculum; kept pace with evolving TTPs; trained & qualified 23 analysts

- Certified as flight's 1st qualified AOR operator; increased number of qualified, deployable linguists by 25%

- Contributed to the effectiveness of the Pashto Cryptologic Skills Program & the Command Language Program

- Delivered intel that resulted in discovery of extremists' covert missile shipments--prevented entry into war zone

- Deployed twice to Afghanistan for 145 days--provided vital language support for Operation Freedom Sentinel

- Deployed 88 days in support of Operation Freedom Sentinel, Operation Inherent Resolve--support'd 76 RC-135 msns

- Deployed 219 days ISO the Indo-Pacific Command mission, flew 16 sorties; identified new threats in South China sea

- Devoted 500 hours to raw intelligence transcription; diligence & analysis yielded 6 actionable reports f/ intel cmty

- Expand'd mission scope, develop'd target leads--led to first reporting of illicit weapons flowing into Iraq

- Flew 180+ hours during 15 operational sorties; provided threat warning for RC-135 crews w/ 100+ actionable alerts

- Identified a DoD language testing violation--resulted in Defense Language Institute change to testing policy

- Identified illegal weapons sources, briefed 200 language analysts--improved interdiction success by 50%

- Identified 357 records for processing, exploitation, & dissemination--steered U.S. Foreign Policy objectives

- Issued 1,000+ near real time location reports to deployed forces--ensured early threat warning f/ TF forward ops

- Led 9-member counter proliferation team to identify illegal weapons sources--standardized interdiction efforts

- Managed language maintenance & enhancement of 87 Airborne Cryptologic Language Analysts--sustained program

- Managed the mission certification instruction for 35 Pashto linguists--delivered qualified language analysis

- MCE'd three Airmen, requalified two airmen, and trained 4 new TAC ops; expanded operational readiness by 80%

- Oversaw unit's Korean msn qual training program, provided 250+ hrs of instruction--fulfil'd theater tasking

- Partnered with the National Security Agency Georgia--program rec'd outstanding Unit Compliance Inspection rating

- Pinpointed enemy weapons transit route; exposed security gaps--enabled the U.S. to track & seize the supply chain

- Responded to 6 raids on 40 high value individuals--77 enemies KIA, 15 detained, & recovered 5 friendly targets

- Revised the Cryptologic Language Program processes--only program in the group to receive outstanding CI rating

- Scheduled 24 Defense Language Proficiency Tests--achieved a 99% testing compliance with 96% language proficiency

- Spotted 123 foreign language proficiency bonus errors for 112 Cryptologic Language Analysts--secured $300K for Amn

- Team Leader for 9 joint service personnel--produced 105 Signals Intel reports, improved situational awareness

- Won Air Force & the Department of Defense 2018 language program of 2018--ranked #1 out of 450 DoD programs


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