AFSC 1B4X1 Cyber Warfare Operations

- Executed 235 hunt TTs; cleared 4K hosts/id'd 315 problems/secured $2B NC3 ntwrk--tm coined/earned J3 qtrly Awd

- Audited $12M cyber wpn sys; exposed 15 deficiencies w/CVA/H version update--revamped PMO delivery for 3 CPTs

- Analyzed xx detection network; executed 30 TTs/searched for IOCs--bolstered security f/$26.2B msl def network

- Instrumental in site-survey phase; aided 40+ hrs in-person/remote interviews--ensured USSTRATCOM msn plan suc

- Scrutinized 200GBps network; investigated 500TB of data for APTs--safeguard'd $2B NC3 backbone amid COVID

- Shift leader of 6-mbr shift; org'd MAJCOM brief/mng'd daily ops--dlvr'd theater C4I/NC3/impacts to senior leaders
- Provided leadership 24/7 communication situational awareness of capes/outages--spt'd 6 MOBs/94 GSUs/15tac sites
- Oversaw USAFE NC3 mx; id d ## faults/coor d t/s efforts f/7 installations--restor'd critical STRATCOM EAM sys
- Managed BMD outage response; EUCOM SME collab/solved ## outages on 22 BMD circuits--defended 29 nations
- MAJCOM ASI manager; de-conflicted ### service interruptions to 103 sites--pivotal to MAJCOM 99% C4I uptime
- Coord'd 86 AW C4 restoral; focused 13 person mx across 6 orgs--restored services to Ramstein AB & COMUSAFE
- Spt'd ## EXs; prov'd 24/7 C4 reach back, t/sing cell--deterred Russian aggression, bilateral partners/actions forged
- USAFE cyber ops mx rep; sync'd top 5 priorities w/4 MAJCOMs--expedited ## crit sys fixes/elim'd AF lvl C2 barrier

-Pursued/gained CompTIA Security+ certification--expanded shop caps, validated core IT security skills w/ 84% score

- Persistently performed IO range training;acquired over 40hrs of tutelage--established a thorough understanding of CLI
- Selfless NCO; voluntarily cross-trained to different AFSC-- fulfilled empty manning position in the unit manning doc
- Exceptional computation skills; qualified Electronic Data Processing Test w/ 70% passing score--instrumental to 102d
- Diligently completed 90+ required 1B4 CBT's upon demand--ensured 1B4 School mission readiness within 3 months
- First Rate Manager--established and executed CSL training/25 personnel competent performing required duties
- Conscientious NCO;designed 4 Standard Operating Procedures for CFP--increased security compliance of workcenter

Meritorious service while serving as NCOIC, Intel Systems Cyber Defense, 1st Air and Space Communications Operations Squadron, 435th Air and Space Communications Group, 435th Air Ground Operations Wing, Ramstein Air Base, Germany, from XXXXXXXX to XXXXXXXX. During this period, Sergeant Riley A. Smart was one of only three Cyberspace defenders for the Air Force's Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System (JWICS) and was critical to the stand-up of centrally managed cyberspace defense systems. In addition, he was instrumental in the establishment of the Air Force Surveillance, Intelligence and Reconnaissance Agency's Ports, Protocols, and Services Management program, eliminating three million cyberspace attack vectors and preserving critical operations. Further, Sergeant Smart established four Cyberspace Defense databases, centralizing 15 gigabytes of data and saving 80 hours of data processing monthly. Finally, Sergeant Smart's leadership and relentless attention to detail led to his recognition as the 2012 USAFE Information Dominance 1B4X1 NCO of the Year. The singularly distinctive accomplishments of Master Sergeant Smart reflect great credit upon himself, the 435th Air Ground Operations Wing and the United States Air Force.

Outstanding achievement as Cyber Warfare Operator, 04 National Cyber Protection Team, 833d Cyberspace Operations Squadron, 688th Cyberspace Operations Group, 688th Cyberspace Wing, Joint Base San Antonio, Texas from XXXXXXXX to XXXXXXXX. During this period, the professional skill, leadership, and ceaseless efforts of Technical Sergeant Carl S. Alabaster contributed to the effectiveness and success of defending the Air Force Information Network. At the tip of the 24th Air Forces' Spear, he enabled continuous Command and Control of operations by managing and sustaining 78 priority circuits around the clock and under austere conditions. His foresight, planning, and immediate responses mitigated 17 outages, assuring the continuous operation of 234 remotely piloted aircraft missions and leading to the capture of 23 high value targets. Additionally, Sergeant Alabaster organized a Network Operations cell which focused on the execution of over 2,000 missions, delivering timely full-spectrum effects to three COCOMs. The singularly distinctive accomplishments of Technical Sergeant Alabaster reflect great credit upon himself, the 688th Cyberspace Wing, and the United States Air Force.

Meritorious service while serving as Cyber Warfare Operator, 315th Cyberspace Operations Squadron, 67th Cyberspace Wing, Fort Meade, Maryland from XXXXXXXX to XXXXXXXX. During this period, Technical Sergeant Samantha Stevens was essential to managing the threat analysis cell that defined indicators of adversary activity and drove intelligence collection priorities. Additionally, she led a Cyber National Mission Team exercise that provided realistic threat scenarios to posture Joint Teams for future success and culiminated in Combatant Commander recertification. Further, Sergeant Stevens demonstrated exceptional technical skill as she mastered the Department of Defense's toughest cyber training course that enabled the development and operation of a $1.5 billion weapon system to satisfy Presidential and Combatant Commander intelligence requirements. Finally, her expertise and leadership in cyberspace operations was essential during high priority missions where she led six Joint members to achieve national intelligence requirements for over 100 High Value Targets and enabled future operations on key targets. The singularly distinctive accomplishments of Technical Sergeant Stevens reflect great credit upon herself, the 315th Cyberspace Operations Squadron and the United States Air Force.

Outstanding achievement as Team Lead and Cyber Warfare Officer assigned to the 833rd Cyberspace Operations Squadron, Lackland AFB, Texas from XXXXXXXX to XXXXXXXX. During this period, the outstanding professional skill, leadership, and ceaseless efforts of Major Marky Mark Kinder resulted in major contributions to the effectiveness and success of worldwide Cyber National Mission Force operations. As a Cyber Warfare Officer, Major Kinder utilized his experience and expertise to maintain a $2.5M Defensive Cyberspace Operations (DCO) weapon system, facilitating 24/7 support during real-time operations in support of multiple joint service missions. In addition, Major Kinder was a member of the first cyber mission to produce kinetic effects, which disrupted and destroyed key enemy communication assets that were being used to disseminate propaganda among the local populace. Lastly, Major Kinder was instrumental in a DCO system rebuild, which restored the primary system and mitigated failures that had plagued the unit since its inception, saving the Department of Defense $3.5M in replacement costs. The distinctive accomplishments of Major Kinder reflect credit upon himself, the 567th Cyberspace Operations group, and the United States Air Force.

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