Cyber Defense Operations

See also: Cyber Warfare Awards

Duty Description

- Organizes unit UGT; advises & assists the commander & personnel on training responsibilities for career progression
- Assesses student performance/proctors maintenance E-tests; provides counseling, corrective actions; enforces tng stds
- Develops, reviews, updates formal SQ trng curriculum; prepares Apprentices to execute DCO ISO $6B space C2 ntwrk
- Executes detection/mitigation of adversary TTPs; provides 24/7 defense f/ threats/incidents on 185+ USSF msn sys


- Analyzed xx detection network; executed 30 TTs/searched for IOCs--bolstered security f/$26.2B msl def network
- Anchored IRON FALCON ex bed-down C2 ops; installed 12 computers--assured bilateral trn'g f/5 coalition parterners
- Assisted AJAB ntwk expansion; installed 13 switches/45 phones/pulled 10K' cable--enhanced $72M ntwk
- Audited $12M cyber wpn sys; exposed 15 deficiencies w/CVA/H version update--revamped PMO delivery for 3 CPTs

- Conscientious NCO; designed 4 Standard Operating Procedures for CFP--increased security compliance of workcenter
- Coord'd 86 AW C4 restoral; focused 13 person mx across 6 orgs--restored services to Ramstein AB & COMUSAFE
- Coor'd CERP mvmt; led $8.1M rplcmt f/critical node eqpmt/pushed ASI's f/global vis--ensured 100% uptime f/AOR

- Diligently completed 90+ required 1B4 CBT's upon demand--ensured 1B4 School mission readiness within 3 months
- Dual crs qual'd; instructed cyber principles f/5 classes/84 stdnts--contributed to producing 2.2K IAT lvl II cert'd Amn

- Enhanced cyber defense skills; ensured systems hardening--protected 20 ntwk devices vs malware/intruders
- Exceptional computation skills; qualified Electronic Data Processing Test w/ 70% passing score--instrumental to 102d
- Executed 235 hunt TTs; cleared 4K hosts/id'd 315 problems/secured $2B NC3 ntwrk--tm coined/earned J3 qtrly Awd
- Executed SFH TS fiber re-termination; engineered 102 sec uplinks--enabled joint level planning CFSOCC missions

- First Rate Manager--established and executed CSL training/25 personnel competent performing required duties
- Fused Spc/Cyber integration; instructed 391/hr IST trng f/852 Jt svc prsnl--induction f/Army IST ISO USSF SATCOM

- Guided 16-mbr jt tm; mng'd 238 SOCCENT nodes/269 ntwk actions--sustained C4ISR capes for 3.9K prsnl/15 FOBs

- Instrumental in site-survey phase; aided 40+ hrs in-person/remote interviews--ensured USSTRATCOM msn plan suc

- Led dvlpmnt f/DCO CFETP; liaised 3 Deltas/composed 598 rqmts f/7 positions--evolved STARCOM Cyber trng prgm
- Led Global ASI tracking; deconflicted 2.7K SIE ntwk interruptions--yielded 0 crct failure f/5 AFG POND/retrograde

- MAJCOM ASI manager; de-conflicted ### service interruptions to 103 sites--pivotal to MAJCOM 99% C4I uptime
- Managed BMD outage response; EUCOM SME collab/solved ## outages on 22 BMD circuits--defended 29 nations
- Mentored airmen; fulfill'd 119 cyber rqmts/closed 108 AF3215 requests--enabl'd data/voice to >1K US pers'l
- Mng'd jnt 26 mbr RCP rip; provided 24/7 ops f/238 crit dply'd nodes/15 nations--ensured 100% uptime f/critcal msns

- Oversaw USAFE NC3 mx; id d ## faults/coor d t/s efforts f/7 installations--restor'd critical STRATCOM EAM sys

- Persistently performed IO range training;acquired over 40hrs of tutelage--established a thorough understanding of CLI
- Provided leadership 24/7 communication situational awareness of capes/outages--spt'd 6 MOBs/94 GSUs/15tac sites
- Pursued/gained CompTIA Security+ certification--expanded shop caps, validated core IT security skills w/ 84% score

- Scrutinized 200GBps network; investigated 500TB of data for APTs--safeguard'd $2B NC3 backbone amid COVID
- Selfless NCO; voluntarily cross-trained to different AFSC-- fulfilled empty manning position in the unit manning doc
- Shift leader of 6-mbr shift; org'd MAJCOM brief/mng'd daily ops--dlvr'd theater C4I/NC3/impacts to senior leaders
- Spt'd ## EXs; prov'd 24/7 C4 reach back, t/sing cell--deterred Russian aggression, bilateral partners/actions forged
- Stabiliz'd 12 HVAC crisis; coor'd purchase of $10K cooling supplies--fix'd down HVAC unit solved 3 mth heat issue

- USAFE cyber ops mx rep; sync'd top 5 priorities w/4 MAJCOMs--expedited ## crit sys fixes/elim'd AF lvl C2 barrier

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