AFSC 1N2X1, Signals Intelligence Analyst EPR Bullets

Job Description

- Operates Distributed Common Ground System supporting intelligence, surveillance, & reconnaissance acft platforms
- Provides near-real-time tactical threat reporting & situational awareness to local, theater, & national-level authorities
- Analyzes weapons systems threat intel supporting Combat Air Forces w/electronic warfare re-programming data sets
- Performs initial analysis of ambiguous or unidentified electromagnetic transmissions and validates signal parameters

Performance Assessment

- Supported 18 U-2/RQ-4 msns; provided timely analysis of 6K signals...ensured safety/security of coalition ISR assets
- Earned signals analyst msn qual; expanded crew manning 15%...critical to success for 50% increase in mission tempo
- Completed 80 hr SIGE 2810 rdr fund's crs; amp'd psn knowledge enhanced signal analysis msns for PACOM AOR
- Maintained Multi-Source Analyst qual; spt'd critical mission manning rqmt...ensured 100% AF ISR mission readiness
- Disseminated 16 threat rpts to rpt'ing cell; provided threat warning analysis of signals...advanced adversary cap to IC
- Provided Signals Analysis during show-of-force msn; degraded adversary confidence...maintain USAF air superiority

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