1N3X Cryptologic Linguist EPR Bullets


- Manages job qualification standards, trng plans, cert documentation and evals for 17 duty posns/200 operators
- Instructs new members during upgrade trng in both academic and performance aspects of cryptologic linguistics
- Scans, identifies, transcribes and tips critical intel on enemy forces strategic aircraft movements and activities

- Monitors target activity in real-time for data collection/prosecution as member of 24-hour intel production team
- Transcribes selected excerpts of formatted and unformatted foreign language material within critical time limits
- Maintains computerized mission logs & recommends procedural adjustments to improve mission productivity
- Collects, analyzes, and tips significant real-time activity to operators for further exploitation in a timely manner

- Processes/transcribes audio and graphic/textual data...satisfies 256 national & allied intelligence requirements
- Analyzes, correlates, fuses multi-source collection for inclusion into hi-lvl policy briefings and ldrship reports
- Develops, updates collection databases w/essential elements of info to exploit & identify unconventional data
- Authored JQS/trng plan for 9-mbr tm; reduced spin-up time 70%...certified 5 mbrs, increased prod capes 150%


- Prosecuted 275 ISR msn hrs/65 sorties; contributed time-sensitive intel rpts--bolstered U.S. grasp of tgt nation TTPs

- Instructed 8 operators/111 hours; taught wpn-sys op/tgt OB/rptg/anaysis stds--0 eval failures/incrs'd Sq manning 33%
- Oversaw wpn-sys trng pgrm; created schedule/conducted 6 checkrides--maintained manning during global pandemic
- Led ops as Site-lead/40 msns; liaised w/3 sites/pushed tasking to 10-mbr crew/fwd'd 20 reports--enabled CINS/FP ops

- Steered trng of 45 1N3s; provided 24 expert trainers/certified 8 evals...enabled 7.5K hrs of sustained coverage
- Led 7 1N3 working groups; updated/created 7 new certs...published 293 page trng manual for 200 mbr msn-set
- Co-authored msn trng Standard Operating Procedures; updated trng policy/standards awarded 147 new certs
- Exploited high pri tgt activity; provided critical intel to 7 COCOMs/Executive Branch...guided US def posture
- Participated in 2 AF-lvl trng VTCs; ID'd 1N3 ops trng shortage/facilitated curriculum change...promote ASAP
- Validated target-SME list; revis'd 27 docs/confirmed rqmts completion...certified 15 ISR experts over 20 msns
- Managed $36K resources; renewed critical equipment procurement...secured 250 headsets/eliminated shortage
- Exploited 60 hrs tgt activity; briefed USSTRATCOM senior ldrshp...guided defensive posture decision making

- Tracked 45 adversary flights; responded to 128 real-time acft location requests--protected US/NATO airspace
- Supported threat warning program; monitored four recon missions--safeguarded 44 crew mbrs/$250M in assets
- Informed NORAD/NORTHCOM of threats; relayed strategic acft movements--enabled effective US def posture
- Drove collection of four major exercises; processed 684 hrs of data--findings briefed in CJCS daily intel brief

- Dominated 47-wk DLI language crs; maintained 3.9 GPA/top X% of X students--graduated w/Dean's List recognition

- Graduated Defense Language Institute; exceeded reading standards with "2+" score...set example for students

- Fulfilled 63-week target language course requirements; achieved impressive 3.8 GPA--coined by 311 TRS CC

- Completed 13-wk analyst course; earned XX% avg/ 30 college credits--bestowed AFSC Apprentice skill level

- Maintained flight recall rosters to ensure 100% accountability of more than 100 airmen--key to readiness

- Guaranteed training record accuracy of more than 60 airmen; reduced delinquency, increased qual by 75%

- Reviewed over 11,000 voice and graphic files and translated over 650 items--laser focused intel effort

- Deployed 25 times to 8 countries--provided analysis crucial to nat'l sec'ty, eliminated terrorist threats

- Produced 345 intel reports, lead to capture/kill of > 100 hi-value targets, disrupted al-Qa'ida activities

- Deployed to Karshi-Kanabad to oversee ops, ensured completion of 40 missions, safe return of personnel

- Supervised detection/aquisition of N African targets--destroyed 11 AA sites, protected U.S./Allied aircrews

- Responded to 60 Requests for Information from intel community--provided actionable intel to JTF commanders

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