1N4X1 Network Intelligence Analysis

- Managed STW critique program; reviewed 203 advisory situations to ISR platforms--rpting accuracy up 12%
- Conducted scenario-driven & semi-annual trng; developed realistic tests--prepared joint watch teams for crises
- Maintained official STW statistics; included in national & performance reports--steered NSA policy decisions
- Developed replacement; conducted trng for critical position--provided seamless transition for msn management

- Completed Army Combatives Lvl 1 training; increased deployment readiness/shared skills with fellow Airman

- Deployed to DGS-2, earned msn-ready status--worked line crew as NAS/Tech Reporter for U-2 DCGS wpns sys

- Provided critical threat and target time-sensitive intel reporting--exploited 38 U-2 sorties supporting OEF

- Acting project lead on priority target, collaborated w/ 20 analysts--issued 10 time-sensitive tact reports

- Trained/qualified DGS crew position as a Multi-Systems Analyst--crit support to vital DGS-MA crew missions

- Instructed 30 students during a 7 week course in basic Signal Intelligence Traffic Analysis techniques

- Spearheaded USCENTCOM efforts with National Security Agency in the recovery of unique signals activity

- Authored the first Network Intelligence Exploitation branch JQS--ensured qual, cut OJT training time by 50%

- Trained additional Network Intelligence Analysts which expanded the capability by 50%, reduced response

- Developed new research methodology--improved the accuracy and timeliness of reports by 25%

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