AFSC 1N4X2 Cryptologic Analyst & Reporter

Duty Description

- Supports AF & Joint ISR operations by collating, analyzing, evaluating & disseminating signals intel information
- Analyzes, studies, researches, fuses, and correlates intelligence for strategic, operational, and tactical customers
- Enables all-source intelligence, situation estimates, order of battle studies, and other intelligence reports & studies
- Advises commanders on OPSEC, Force Protection and random counter intelligence efforts for US and allied forces

- Prioritizes information obtained from intel collection and provides serialized intel reports to authorized recipients
- Identifies, correlates, and fuses technical, geographical, and operational intelligence information based on mission
- Authors time-sensitive intelligence reports in accordance with established guidelines to support decisions makers
- Identifies and disseminates real-time threat warning information in support of Department of Defense objectives

- Conducts in-depth analysis of communications characteristics and target tactics, techniques, and procedures
- Creates & maintains technical & operational databases using a variety of computer hardware & software applications
- Performs detailed analysis of target network communications and operational signatures for additional exploitation
- Develops and employs techniques to collect, identify, and exploit target networks and operating characteristics

- Instructs & certifies military personnel on cryptologic collection, analysis, reporting requirements & procedures
- Collates intelligence and operations materials supporting air, space, and cyberspace signals intelligence analysis
- Coordinates with FCC and international spectrum managers to support Department of Defense signal monitoring
- Integrates IA, cyber, cryptologic authorities & data to develop tradecraft and generate measurable mission outcomes

Performance Assessment

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