AFSC 1N8X1 Targeting Analyst EPR Bullets

Duty Description

- Uses technical expertise to create targeting solutions w/ appropriate models required to effect adversary weapons sys
- Prepares weaponeering data sheets detailing structural damage and weapons effects; disseminates to the customer
- Exploits and analyzes multi-sensor imagery to determine type, function and location of military facilities and equip
- Identifies critical nodes within adversary complex weapons systems exploiting weaknesses as target opportunities

Performance Assessment

- Secured facility f/nat'l lvl cert; coord'd w/Nellis AFB f/bldg acq--rectified 2 yr shortfall f/ 432 wg sole TMP cert'd unit
- Lead instr f/tgt familiarization trng; 4 brfs given f/6 pilots/84 line items taught--aircrew mbrs prep'd f/ HHQ static strikes
- Mng'd TDA flt PPM prgm; cert'd 216 aimpoints/18 JDPI graphics f/6 prsnl--maintained 100% compliance w/AFP4 stds

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