AFSC 1Z1X1 Pararescue EPR Bullets

Duty Description

- Supports worldwide CSAR, unilateral, joint & coalition force from any deployment/recovery asset in any environment
- Utilizes Parachute, Alternate Insertion/Extraction, SCUBA & other tacital RW/FW infiltration/exfiltration techniques
- Provides survivor extrication, evaluation, medical treatment, assists evasion, & evacuation from hostile/civil SAR AO
- Maintains qualifications as HH-60/ HC-130 aircrew, MFF parachutist, RQS diver, EMT National Registry Paramedic

- Deploys worldwide as Pararescue team member; conducts personnel/sensitive material recovery ISO jnt/coalition ops
- Employs into hostile/contested/non-permissive austere environments via FW/RW aircraft/tactical vehicles/watercraft
- Locates, recovers, & treats traumatically injured personnel; provides cbt survival/evasion assistance during PR events
- Provides critical air-to-ground communication link for recovery assets; facilitates evacuation of injured/isolated prsnl

Performance Assessment

- Aggressively pursued 7-lvl UGT; completed multiple line items despite unit's high tempo--progressing ahead of peers
- Astutely mng'd tech rescue/alert gear; replaced damaged/worn eqpmnt, re-org alert section--ensured 100% msn ready
- Attended 3 wk weapon trng; M4/G19 proficiency 20 mbrs, SMUT, force on force trng--amplified flt combat abilities
- Attended wk long med refresher; implemented life saving procedures in austere field environment--increased unit cap

- Complet'd adv TCCC crse; honed care under fire/extended treatment skills/led 12 scenarios--rdy to save lives in cmbt

- Excelled in static line jumpmaster (SLJM) course; multi flt/107 trng hrs--SLJM cert/85% 7lvl complete/incrs'd unit caps
- Executed deployment equipment pack out; led/organized 10x ISU/$1.4M/26.5 tons/2x AORs--IOC ahead of schedule
- Executed Land Nav training; desert/temperate climate/terrain nav/map/compass/7km--polished ground mobility TTPs

- Facilitated multi-day extrication trng; coord'd PJ team/60 hrs refresher/9 Scenarios--developed unit extrication SOPs

- Go tm mbr for Sqdn; executed given tasks & still seeks out other opportunities for squadrons growth--example for all

- Integrated w/Trident 1325; provided tactical and technical rescue caps--enabled ISIS disruption operations in AOR

- Lead medic local SAR rescue; located and treated father and daughter lost in rugged mountainous terrain--2 lives saved
- Lead medic, held N+5min CSAR alert; ISO coalition airstrikes 6 KIA/4 PUCs--enabled CENTCOM air superiority

- Maintained deployed med supply; ordered shortfalls/fixed equipment/standardized alert kits--strengthened capes 25%
- Master'd swift water rescue TDY; $45K/44 advanced certs/12 operators/10 days of training--100% H2O SAR capable

- Oversaw alert facility maintenance and improvement; exceeded facility's intended capes--increased combat readiness

- Performed high angle ropes trng; 5 MQT/5 TM, 10 One-Man drills, medical scenario--improv'd key duty proficiency
- PJ tm alert equip monitor; accounted for $200K narcs/med supply & $70K alpine gear--100% accuracy & operational
- Primary med for Alaska SAR augment; performed aerial scan in efforts to locate IPs on remote glacier--4 lives saved
- Primary med on 304th Local SAR mission; located and treated 2 lost hikers in rugged mountain terrain--2 lives saved
- Primary med on NASA/SpaceX FTX msn; SL air drop/24h open oceanic ex/treated x4 astronauts --Dvl'd TTPs MSL
- Primary med on NASA/SpaceX msn rehearsal; air drop/24 hr open oceanic ex/treated 4x astronauts--dev'd new TTPs

- Recovered and guided 1 lost hiker out of Mt. Hood National Forest; improvised low-angle rope system--1 1ife saved
- Resourceful; kept account of over $500K in PJ alert team gear--allowed for 100% operational readiness CSAR/SAR
- RW TL in support of red flag CSAR Ex; directed GA tm members in multi-day scenarios--enhanced unit's readiness

- Taught medical class for 1 ERQG personnel; provided 12hr TCCC procedures /equipment fam--incrs d med PR cape
- Team mbr f/12 man recovery tm; execut'd 1440 hrs alert/408k sq mi Iraq/Syria-- enabled 24/7 OIR air/land superiority

- US Army MFF JM grad; day/night HALO/HAHO OPs globally deployable Sea/land--enhanced GA PR capabilities

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