AFSC 2A0X1 Avionics Test Stations & Components

- Spt'd AF's lrgst EW section; backed 10.4K pod/1.8K station mx acts/660 PMIs/--cemented ACC 92% MC rt/#1 in ACC

- Bolster'd assy f/F16 tester; expedit'd setup f/tester/eqpts/svcd 24 LRUs/svd $361K--key'd 140 ANG 900 flt hrs/581 srts

- Org'd area testing package insp; uncovered/rectified 25 discrepancies--aided overall readiness/flt 99% QA pass rt

- Peak 5-level performance resulted in an overall shop production of 807 serviceable LRUs -- AF Savings $15,966,092

- Superior Ldr; Managed 5/7-level training for 10 personnel--achieved 100% compliance w/ all upgrade requirements

- Orchestrated maintenance training actions; 18 Guardsman/98 drill periods/1000 individual AT days-->90% MSEP

- Superb MX; Led directly to successful testing/repair of 1000 LRUs--Saved AF >$24M in depot turn-in repair costs

- AIS tech expert; Awarded $5K for $2M AF wide savings for engineering/build of specialized station cable tester

- Born leader; MXG supervisor for 123 EFS EUCOM 90 day deployment to Romania--Supervised 25 from 10 AFSC's

- Competent Pro Sup; Led directly to successful testing/repair of 783 LRUs--Saved AF >$17.5M in depot repair costs

- Gen'd 165 armed ISR sorties/4.4K hrs in CENTCOM/AFRICOM AORs--lauded and coined by CJCS Mullen

- Asst'd Boeing engineers in bldg 1st Cannon AFB CV-22 avionics test stand; multiplied local test capability

- Established testing and repair priorities; enabled C-130, F-16 and HH-60 aircraft combat sorties at 5 FOB

- Helped Kirtland AFB mx repair train'g test stand--id'd bad power monitor, restored AETC’s testing facility

- Tested and validated three CV-22 program test sets--confirmed TCTO validity/timeline for DoD-wide issue

- ID'd/reported EGT sensor anomaly to SCM; removed & replaced SCM < 1hr 30mins--smashed 12hr fix rate

- Traced faulty air speed indication; id'd/replaced left wing control module--bolstered FMC rate 80% MAR 13

- Executed 176 pod mx actions; led to 91% pod MC rate/6% >CAF std--spt'd wg's 9K sorties/19K fly hrs FY12

- Maintained aggressive CDC study regimen; crushed UREs w/95% avg--achieved 85% EOC/12% >shop avg

- Identified transmitter dielectric fluid leak; authored deficiency report--prevented AF-wide defect/saved $330K

- Earned 21 credit hrs/Avionic Systems Technology CCAF Degree--set the bar for section's education standard

- Exceeded stds with PMIs on B-52H Auto Pilot/Stability Augmentation Sys/J-4 compass sys--no fails/12 months!

- Exceptional shift leader--led shift in correction of 500+ sensor pod, 300 support equipment discrepancies

- Performed in-flight maintenance on B-52 and KC-135 flight control and compass systems; logged 20+ hrs/month

- Id'd/corrected deficiencies in F-16 intercom system--restored ops with UHF, VHF, and secure radio systems

- Reprogrammed F-16 digital flight control computers, negated replacement need--saved over $30K/repair costs

- Managed the Electromagnetic Radiation Safety Program for the 437th Fighter Sq--zero incidents RF exposure

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