2A2X1 SOF/PR Tactical Communications EPR Bullets

Performance Assessment

- Marshalled jt/bilateral msn; coord'd C2 rqmts/acquired satellites f/SOF tm--enabled 13 airdrops/37 sorties/120 flt hrs

- Prep'd multiple UTCs f/ use ISO Fissure Urchin--pre-deployment efforts launched msn w/ 100% req equip & personnel

- Bolstered theater cmd's jt/live-fire Arctic ex; org'd comm spt/built 3 ntwks--enabled C2 f/3 acft/29 sorties/167 flt hrs

- Configur'd & validated C4 equipment--secur'd remote network access for EUCOM strategic msn's--poised for response

- Standardized the placement of C2 assets ISO the 321st Special Tactics Squadron--ensur'd comms f/ rapid deployment

- Led MEDEVAC ex comm spt; liaised w/HHQ/sec'd freqs--field'd wg's 1st CASB kit/dvlp'd infectious pax procedures

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