2A3X8, Remotely Piloted Aircraft Maintenance


- Inspects MQ-1/MQ-9 structure and component discrepancies; interprets findings; determines corrective actions
- Repairs, fabricates, modifies a/c/support equipment metal, plastic, fiberglass, composite parts and assemblies
- Applies a/c paint schemes, markings and corrosion preventatives; stores/uses/disposes of HAZMAT properly
- Manufactures jigs, fixtures and forms; validates repairs according to specification; enforces AFOSH standards


- Mng'd $56M MQ-9 fleet; perf'd 21 launches/recoveries/1.8K tasks/8 insps--gen'd 724 flt-hrs ISO 31 FW's sole ISR msn

- Captained multiple MQ-1 acft un-pack/setup; flawlessly executed asset assy/sys ops cks; keyed expanding msn rqmts
- Performed two safety TCTOs; completed MLG retract actuator rem/insp/re-install; efforts guaranteed safe acft sortie
- Expert troubleshooting skills; id'd/corrected fuel shutoff valve positioning; acft FMC < 2 hours/training flight enabled

- Upheld AFSOC priority; executed three packups/shipments--culminated in 1st USAFE/NAS Sigonella MQ-9 standup

- Deployed 134 days/OFS; maintained 32 MQ-9s/generated 1.1K sorties/18K armed flt hrs--two HVT elimd/278 EKIA

- Endured KAF's largest ground attack in 15 years; secured ramp DFP/launched QR a/c--safeguarded $639M AF assets

- Identified missing kick panel screw in crewstation; retreived screw/prevented impoundment; saved 48 mx hrs

- Meticulous inspector; aided generation of 12 acft during FY10 ORI--key to 35 FW overall "Excellent" rating

- Academic achiever; completed 12 credits towards CCAF degree--one class remaining for degree completion

- Acted as Sq pubs monitor; verified flt control info files & TOs for 17 mbrs--critical flt operations maintained

- Aided AEF 9/10 preparation; fixed three target pod adapters--contributed to flawless no abort 18/18 launch

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