2A5X1 Aerospace Maintenance EPR Bullets

See also: Aerospace Maintenance Awards and Decorations

- Abated Expediter void; piloted 157 sorties/3 MEDEVAC msns/87 spot insps--led shifts first 40 day 100% QA pass rt
- Absorbed overtasked AMXS workload; launch'd/recover'd 2 acft for 86 AES trng--ensur'd critical aeroevac msns met
- Ace maintainer; discovered/replaced faulty flap drive power unit--A/C returned FMC ahead of 8-hour deadline
- Advocate of workplace safety; performed all tasks IAW T.O.'s & AFOSH standards--100% PE & QVI pass rating

- Aided EE pressurization; detected 10 substantial press leaks/led 4 Amn rep tm--enabl'd Wg's 2d "Black Letter Initial"
- Aided transient alert; recovered/served as fireguard for C-17 A/C--guaranteed safety/security of $202M asset
- Aided Transient Alert; recovered/towed E-6B Airborne Command Post--secured Protection Level One asset
- Aided with pre-deployment tasks; flawlessly installed and checked LAIRCM--prepared 4 AC for deployment to AOR

- AMU's only acft forms instructor; educated 12 personnel/evaluated knowledge--contributed to 93% QA pass rt 2Q19
- Area lead 15 ISO insps f/3 amn; insp'd 387 carded items/fixed 250 discrepancies--fed Wg's 4.5K sorties/12.4K flt hrs
- Assist'd Aerial Port w/baggage handling; aid'd sorting/quarantining/loading f/4K lbs cgo--actualiz'd OTTO f/PE msn
- Assist'd CTK cage move; elim'd excess shop stock 25%/xfer'd spare tools--freed 250 sqft storage space for crit items

- Assisted bomb door removal/installation; A/C readied for 2010 Nuclear ORI--mx received "Excellent" rating
- Asst'd metals tech w/ mfd window pnls; acft retured to MC Stat w/in 12 hrs--40K lbs/6 coalition rcvrs for GWOT
- Attended 14-day RTC grnd train'r crs; gain'd crit C-5 E/E sys proficiency/exp--earned APU cert/qual'd f/161 addt'l tasks
- Attended TF33 run course; aided two post phase runs/ensured sellback of two A/C--900 fly hrs added to 5 BW

- Augment'd short-staff'd 39th SFS; perform'd 42 escort duties/336hrs/spt'd 23 local nationals--safeguard'd 3K base prsnl
- Augmented AMXS as panel operator for A/C defuel; configured proper fuel load--promote to SrA immediately
- Augmented jet shop manning shortfall; perf'd six fuel/oil filter insps--ensured eng serviceability...maximized eng life
- Authored 3 tng day events; educated 18 mbrs on 341 tasks/cross qual d 12 on acft jacking--enhanced shift quals 41%

- Blitzed 3 tire R2's/acft MC 4 hrs ahead of sched;resumed OIR msn/executed vital AOR resupply--cmbt'd ISIL threat
- Built 24 wheel/tire assemblies for critical deployment; flawless task execution--readied $760K in 5 BW assets

- Catapulted transit alert for NATO Air Chief conf; recover'd/serviced 7 int'l DV acft--ensured safe passage for 42 paxs
- Committed to higher learning; executed 32 hr course--presented Acft accident investigation Cert from Embry Riddle
- Completed 17 hrs of base defense/tactical training; ensured zero security breaches--improved wg quality of life
- Completed borescope training/accomplished four of six upgrade tasks; 85% on CDC test--expanded skill set

- Completed three CDC volumes 2 wks early; scored 81% on end-of-course exam--ready for five-level upgrade
- Coord'd mx w/ E&E/R2 inop HPSOV; resolved C-17 eng anomaly--alft'd 30 pax/12 tons cgo ISO Yokota AB SAAM
- Corrected 275 discrepancies; successful on 5 of 5 QA evaluations--critical to section's 95% pass rate, CY10

- Deployed to Moody AFB to lend support for Hurricane Florence; R2 d inop hyd selector valv--coined by Sq CC
- Detected five worn eng throttle cables; replaced parts 3 hrs ahead of schedule--returned 900 flying hrs to 5 BW
- Developed deployment tracker; led 17 amn/three sections/459 trng items/<1 week--zero frustrations processing
- Diagnosed chronic brake system malfunction; replaced feeler spring--impound cleared/A/C returned to FMC

- Directed tm during gnd emergency on taxiway; changed 3 MLG tires under 2 hrs; re-opened key AOR airfield
- Discovered cracked drag chute container; coordinated sheet metal repair--saved AF $8.7K in replacement cost
- Discovered delaminated saddle panel; coordinated repair/replacement in 4 hours--Key West drug interdiction success
- Discovered large blue streak on acft tail; identified/repaired failing lavatory dump valve--provided clean acft

- Drove 18 TT/VR tng sessions; earn'd qual's on 120+ TBA tasks--inc'd Mx Flt capes 32%/complt'd 7-lvl UGT 4 mos early
- Drove 41 msn gen's; alft'd 460 tons cgo/801 pax w/91% DR--spt'd 19 USFOR-A base closures/CinC's "Go To Zero" plan

- Embedded 123rd CRG prsnl w/ prod tm; trn'd 4 mbrs on 2 wpn sys/212 Mx tasks--strengthened rapid deployable forces
- Excellent mgt skill; supplied launch crew for last-min DEA Counter Drug msn--95% rel rate for 12 interdiction msns
- Executed 50/150hr HH60 insp 2 days ahead of schedule; ready for VPOTUS/Space X ms--praised by Group CC
- Executed enroute gnd mx; pushed 217 AMC msns/delivered 6K pax/14K tons cgo--bested AMC 12-hr fix/LDR rt 6x

- Expedited flap drive power unit replacement; task completed 2 hrs ahead of std--prevented flap system failure
- Experienced maintainer; trained two techs on PR/BPO insp practices/principles--boosting shop qualifications by 6%

- Fill-in expediter/3 wks; led 35 Amn/7 AFSCs/push'd 14 msns/70 mx actions--aced 5 QA insp's/achv'd 91% HSLDR rt
- Filled dock coordinator position; led 29 Amn/2 Sqs/11 AFSCs thru 5 C-2 chks--garnered 9 QA area ZDs/93% pass rt
- Filled manning gap selected as QA augmentee; preformed 12 personnel eval's/insp's--aided in highest 12 mnth pass rt
- Finished 57 5-level core tasks three months early; scored 83% on CDC test--increased qualified 5-levels 23%

- Fit to fight; fitness regime practiced to exceed USAF fitness standards--resulted Top 10% fitness score of 95%
- Flew 38 msns/778 flt hrs; expedited 94 acft insps/33 off-station repairs--underpinned PACAF Daedalian Trophy win!

- Global presence! Generated over 500 C-17 airlift missions--G-7/G-20/NATO/CENTCOM/POTUS rqmts supported
- Governed five TF33 acceptance insps; cleared 73 discrepancies w/zero QA defects--ensured ready spare line
- Guid'd fail'd flt ctrl R2; led 8 mbr tm/ID'd malf/R2'd faulty ctrl module--cement'd alft of 50K lbs cgo/34 pax ISO OFS

- Heavy mx pioneer! Produced 86 AW's first C-130J ramp removal/seal r2'd <48 hrs--11 trnd...boosted flt's quals 31%
- Helped remove worn external fuel tank bushing; achieved ahead of 2-hr std--negated potential dropped object

- Id'd faulty H crank; expedited tow bar xchg & cleared active taxiway w/in min--prevented msn obstruction or delay
- ID'd faulty pitch trim actuator; rplc'd/ops checked asset w/in 3 hrs of ETD--secured mvmnt of 8 USA mbrs iso DALE
- ID'd flap component missing; trn'd 5 prsnl w/ process/part install--clinched historic 452nd ARB all female aircrew msn
- ID'd flap gouge; coord'd Engnr assist for composite material rprs <12 hrs--reclaimed $209K part/168 MICAP hrs svd

- ID'd worn MLG tire; R2'd/trn'd 2 techs on IPI's/beat ETIC by 2 hrs--secured CHNL msn/mvmt of 68K lbs cgo/56 pax
- Identified fuselage crack; coord sheet metal repair--averted 4-day part turnaround/ensured nonstop phase flow
- Identified stuck hatch during Red Ball; lubricated lock handle--efforts prevented dangerous pressurization loss
- Inspected 300 pieces of support equip; replaced $5K in broken tools/equip; ensured nonstop mx--promote now

- Instructed four Airmen w/A/C liquid oxygen servicing; emphasized safety/cart ops--A/C met on-time sell back

- Keen attention to detail; discovered hydraulic leak in MLG during preflight/facilitated repairs--safeguard'd $64M acft
- Keen eye! Identified and replaced inoperable aileron snubber during 900 hr inspection; prevented IFE/air abort
- Key player/447EAMU ops; generated 20+ crucial sorties--enabling TIDAL WAVE II/decimating 280 ISIS veh's
- Key role in removal/install of acft leading edge; replaced/ID'd damaged piccolo tube--14 day ISO flow unimpeded

- KO'd comm red ball;fed 14 Ex NORTHERN EDGE msns/inserted 7 vehs/250 Soldiers--enabl'd jt tng spt'g 12 mil orgs

- Led 5 Amn/insp'd/dply'd 2 C-17s; propelled Nepal quake relief efforts--45 tons med supplies/70-mbr FEMA tm dlvr'd
- Led 8 NCOs; crafted ramp snow/acft de-ice pln...cert'd 35 pers--pwr'd 1.5K sorties/pushed 110 aircrew to 99% CMR
- Led benchstock pgm; inventori'd order'd stock'd and organiz'd 213 minor parts--ensur'd rapid repair of 47 aerial assets
- Led compress'd ISO insp; enabl'd NATO airborne exer--gen'd 12 acft/71 msns...key'd lrgst post Cold War EU airdrop

- Led DIT pgm; scrutiniz'd >167 inputs/correct'd 22 errors--pwr'd 100% review rt f/9 straight mos/key f/data archive accy
- Led gnd spt for 3 737 QTs; sped ramp insps/fuel spt...staged 348 Jt svc prsnl--key to Ex NORTHERN EDGE success
- Led PAR tm during readiness insp; trained five Amn on PAR sweep procedures--zero findings during two ORE insps
- Led spare tools prgm; cmplt'd 240 insps/rplc'd/replenished 143 tools--presvr'd 20k tools/sustain'd 245 techs f/ISO ops

- Managed DIT program; reviewed/corrected 89 IMDS discrepancies--vital to sq 98.3% error-free rate, Mar 11
- Managed section's 1.9K piece/$1.1M equip account; revamped inventory--pivotal to mission accomplishment
- Managed W&T section; processed 157 units; $4.7M assets returned to repair cycle--promotion to SSgt a must!
- Mng'd 22 prsnl/6 AFSCs; drove shift to amass 72 credit/83 vol hrs--captured 2 Knucklebuster/2 OPM/2x CC coin ops

- Mng'd >2K acft mx actions; contributed to 776 msns/11.1M lbs cgo dlvr'd WW--contributed to 3rd Wg's '14 AFOUA
- Monitored three vehicles; repaired six discrepancies/ensured dependable support--safeguarded $60K in assets

- Oversaw completion of AF directed OTI; led three tech tm/insp of 24 MRB s--saving $3.4m in replacement MRB's
- Oversaw faulty anti-ice valve replacement--thwarted potential ice ingestion/catastrophic damage to $1.5M eng

- Penned mx pub/led cross-MDS tm; cert'd 7/estab'd 1st C-17 to F-22 ground refuel ops--extended range cape cmbt rdy
- Perform'd 84 CTK insp's; Id'd/correct'd 200 errors f/>2K items valued at $17M--secur'd SATISFACTORY UEI rating
- Performed verification of 107 TOs/four E-tool laptop computers; processed updates--validated TO accuracy
- Proficient forms maintainer; completed 99% of all document review during Nov-March; for all sentry amu acft

- QB'd FCC OJT prgm; seized 19 special certs/qual'd 8 new mbrs--pwr'd 776 msns/clinched MXG's MEA nomination!
- QB'd POTUS msn prep; moved 4 armored SUVs/comm eqmt/22 Secret Svc mbrs--spt'd seamless GLACIER summit
- Quickly removed/installed ruptured spoiler press line--restored system; enabled vital OIF/OEF msn departure

- Ramrodded "by-the-book" mx; mentored junior Amn/coached 45 PE preps--section captured 56 QA awds/92% qlty rt
- Ramrodded 2 Sq efforts during NMC acft crisis; allott'd 7 prsnl tm/r2'd nose radome--crit AOR asset restored <48 hrs
- Recognized sister shift tng deficiency; drove 8 mbr tng on manual fwd/aft ramp ops--strengthened shift quals by 45%
- Recovered 107 dispensed B-52 drag chutes; cleared active runway--returned $4.9M in mission critical assets

- Removed cracked nose radome; repaired locally--negated radar navigation issues/$163K in replacement cost
- Removed fuel tank to facilitate bearing repair; reinstalled with no QA defects--A/C flew Code One next sortie
- Replaced frayed ground wire; solved liquid oxygen indicator anomaly--returned critical A/C assembly to FMC
- Replaced two spoiler segments; A/C readied for 2010 Nuclear ORI--maintenance received "Excellent" rating

- Resolved failed eng cowling latch; vital crew requal msn met--directly contributed to acft 99.9% MC rate for DEC
- Respond'd to C-5 IFE; org'd/acft tow/clear'd rwy emerg; aid'd R2 f/crack'd hydro line--ensur'd dlvry of 58K cgo ISO OIR
- Revitalized E&E Lead Tech pgm; authored 2K TBA milestones/crafted Wg STL for 12 mbrs--lifted AMU quals 8%

- Spearheaded C5 pressurization anomaly; tm'd w/ MRT/rigged visor locks--svd mvmt of 55K lbs cgo for CHNL msn
- Sped 25 civ DC-6/L-100/Gulfstream msns; alft'd 115 tons cgo to 10 remote radar sites--life-line to 774 NORAD prsnl
- Spun mx into tng; changed 2 MLG brake assemblies/certified 2 traditional reserve mbrs--increased AMU's qual 10%
- Standout performer; earned impeccable "zero defect" on four QA personal evaluations--scored 100% pass rate

- Steered C-17 window R2; led tm thru winch op/finalized alignment--enabled 90 flt tng hrs/msn certified 5 crew mbrs
- Supervised 15 Amn; produced 18 ISOs/rpr'd 1.6K discrepancies--efforts enabl'd 3.9K msns/11K hrs/spt'd 4 COCOMs
- Supervised Lockheed five mbr field team; saved $15k in cargo equipment--increased acft supp equip readiness 90%
- Supervised slow-to-turn ldg gear; replaced steering bearings/rigged system--negated $121K replacement costs

- Supervised tng as APG Lead Tech; led weight/balance tng/certified 2 new trainers--seized 28 TBA/6 SCR shop quals
- Supported flt line refuel ops; transferred 200K gal of fuel; completed 2 hrs ahead of schedule--promote now
- Synced 6 yr underfloor insp w/ISO; aligned letter chk timeline w/Gp's vision...fused 4 AFSCs--smash'd 840 NMC hrs

- T/S faulty UHF R/T; eradicat'd comm anomaly/NMC cond--secur'd OTTO f/NMI resupply msn/best'd LDR std by 5%
- Tackled AMC's PE msn; drove 41 mns/4.5M lbs fuel serviced--cemented mvmnt of 14K prsnl/47K tons cgo into AOR
- Targeted mx qual/proficiency shortfalls; led 6 acft jacking tng events--qual'd 3 new techs/incr'd tm certifications 17%
- Team player! Aided propulsion 3 techs; seized trng opportunity on 3 propeller changes--acft AFRICOM deployment

- Terrific mx leader/mngr! Flawlessly led 335 1A msns; transported 433 dignitaries--airlifted 79% of C-17 DV sorties
- Tm'd w/AMXS for 71st D-Day ceremony; org'd 4 prsnl sortie tm/gen'd 6 acft--paid tribute to nation's WWII veterans
- Trained four Airman on jacking manifold procedures; emphasized safety--increased shop qualifications 40%
- Trained/certified on crane ops; aided 21 engine removals/installations--boosted crane qualified operators 25%

- Troubleshot C-17 eng start Red Ball; ID'd/adjusted stuck starter air valve--alft'd 5 tons cgo/24 pax ISO OIR dplymnt
- Troubleshot flaps malfunc; bested R2 of asymmetry control box/trn'd 4 techs-- spt'd Army Hilo msn/mvd 40 solders
- Troubleshot main landing gear hydraulic leak; repacked shuttle valve--expedited completion 2 hrs below std

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