A/M32A-95 Turbine Compressor EPR Bullets

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- Completed instructional placard TCTO on six turbine compressors--ensured proper instructions for operators

- Detected air compressor that would not start; replaced two clogged air filters--prevented certain engine failure

- Diagnosed compressor no-start condition; replaced blown fuse in 10 minutes--available to support a/c repairs

- Diagnosed gas turbine compressor no air output; repaired damaged butterfly valve--saved $2K versus new part

- Diagnosed/replaced binding turbine compressor load control valve; increased unit capability rate to 100%

- Discovered leaking air compressor hose reel; identified/replaced broken fitting--saved $300 in repair costs

- Dispatched to turbine compressor with low bleed air; replaced worn high volume hose--enabled ALQ 172 test

- Encountered damaged turbine compressor war head; repaired bad lanyard--ensured proper aircraft disconnect

- Enhanced overall job knowledge; completed Field Training Detachment class on -95 Gas Turbine Compressor

- Expertly troubleshot air compressor failing to build pressure; repaired coupling--saved non-procurable asset

- Expertly troubleshot compressor not building pressure; cleaned contaminated lines--returned for backshop ops

- First rate technical growth; coordinated with IM to correct TO torque values for gas turbine atomizer assembly

- Identified worn A/M32A-95 turbine compressor bearing--averted failure, increased safe equipment operation

- Identified worn gear in gas turbine engine; removed/replaced engine--increased equipment reliability 100%

- Identified/replaced worn air compressor engine mounts; eliminated vibration damage--saved Air Force $9.6K

- Isolated turbine compressor erratic running to faulty shim; replaced atomizer shim--averted $90k in expenditure

- Noticed torn turbine compressor bleed air hose; replaced hose in 30 minutes--averted failed 464 system check

- Prepared two gas turbine compressors for deployment; supported Vice-President's aircraft in Baton Rouge LA.

- Recognized gas turbine compressor shut down during load test; cleaned clogged fuel lines--unit 100% reliable

- Recognized worn gear in gas turbine engine; removed/replaced engine--increased equipment reliability 100%

- Trained airman on compressor hose maintenance; replaced worn servicing chuck--unit returned for a/c repairs

- Troubleshot -95 with no output air; adjusted two-speed fuel control--returned asset to mission-capable status

- Troubleshot A/M32A-95 with start fault; repaired exhaust box limit switch--returned asset to use in 15 minutes

- Troubleshot turbine compressor not starting; replaced exhaust switch--guaranteed aircraft systems interface test

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