Integrated Maintenance Data System (IMDS)

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- Administered IMDS customer requests; processed 30 profile actions in DEMAND--minimized wait time by 48 hours

- Analyzed 4K wpns write-up's; ID'd 60% improper documentation w/ flt chief--IMDS accuracy improved 30%

- Assisted DIT mgrs in correcting 20K+ IMDS JDD errors; contributed to 58 MXG 99.8% data integrity rate

- Committed airman; 102 error-free IMDS entries vital to 3 AGE Teams 1.3% DIT rate--1.7% below ACC goal

- Completed 183 IMDS entries; contributed to 3 AGE overall 1.3% error rate--1.7% below established standard

- Corrected CAMS data; ensured 3 AGE Aug data integrity rate of 98.4%, best in GP--exceeded ACC standards

- Correctly documented 300 automated maintenance entries--contributed to section's 2 percent data integrity rate

- Directed IMDS config-table loads; val'd 187 records/corrected 32 errors--raised documentation accuracy 35%

- Executed 80 error-free maintenance action entries within CAMS; helped reduce data integrity errors below 1%

- Expertly entered 75+ error-free IMDS inputs; key to 98.5% data integrity rate--1.5% higher than ACC goal

- Flight Data Integrity Monitor; trained sections on accurate IMDS inputs--flight rate 0.9% JAN 07, lowest ever

- Implemented digital IMDS user access form; incr'd tracking capes/turnaround time 150%--eliminated redundancies

- Meticulous apprentice; 108 error free IMDS entries key to 3 AGE team 1.3% DIT rate--1.7% below ACC goal

- Meticulous craftsman; 57 error-free CAMS entries key to 98.5% team DIT rate--1.5% better than 2 BW goal

- Meticulous NCO; completed 202 error-free IMDS entries--key to section's .07% data integrity rate for Sep 06

- Meticulous; over 27 error-free CAMS entries key to 2 MXS leading wing with data integrity rate of 97%

- Meticulously completed 388 error-free IMDS entries; key to team's 1.3% DIT rate--1.7% below ACC standard

- Over 167 error free CAMS entries; key to 98.5% 3 AGE Team data integrity rate--1.5% better than 2 BW goal

- Processed 127 error-free CAMS entries; key to 98.5% team data integrity rate--1.5% better than 2 BW goal

- Processed 43 error free IMDS entries; instrumental in 2 MXS 1.2% data integrity error rate--lowest in history

- Quality conscious; 60 error-free CAMS entries instrumental to 2 MXS leading wing data integrity rate by 2%

- Scrutinized acft forms/IMDS; discovered 134 doc errors/coord'd fix--solidified TFI Gen Welsh AF One Award FY'17

- Trained airmen on IMDS functions; completed part research/ordering procedure--ensured 100% task qualified

- Validated daily integrated maintenance data system (IMDS) entries; AGE forms matched IMDS entries 100%

- Validated/processed 9.2K IMDS updates; 0 data errors, mx qualification increased 30%--keyed 98% MSE rate, FY15

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