MA-3D Air Conditioner EPR Bullets

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- Analyzed MA-3D failing to cool; identified/repaired binding expansion valve--saved $528 in replacement cost

- Analyzed/repaired air conditioner in 15 minutes; replaced power monitor relay--returned for aircraft cooling

- Detected air conditioner coolant leak; replaced radiator assembly in 2 hours--raised flight above critical levels

- Detected air conditioner with shorted engine oil pressure switch; replaced switch--saved Air Force $15,874

- Diagnosed overheating air conditioner; rebuilt damaged water pump--saved AF $15K engine replacement cost

- Discovered air conditioner compressor mount cracked; coordinated for allied shop repair--saved AF $5,897

- Discovered air conditioner no air output; sheared triple drive shaft; keen shutdown unit averting further damage

- Discovered faulty air conditioner quench valve; evacuated system/replaced valve--dispatched unit in 6 hours

- Discovered non-operational air conditioner; adjusted generator output--allowed KC-135 fuel cell ventilation

- Discovered worn air conditioner king valve; coordinated Fabrication Flight repair--saved 75lbs of refrigerant

- Driven; supervised repair of MA-3D air conditioner with repeat write-ups for "unit will not cool aircraft load"

- Guided MA-3D TCTO success; executed 30 high temp upgrades <4 mos--advanced c/w date 7 mo...1st in AOR

- Identified air compressor with overheat condition; repaired cooling fan wiring--averted possible engine failure

- Identified air conditioner not cooling; replaced compressor relay--allowed electronic warfare systems checks

- Identified air conditioner that would not operate; adjusted power monitor relay--returned for avionics cooling

- Identified leaking air conditioner receiver; immediately isolated/repaired--prevented environmental hazard

- Identified MA-3D air conditioner smoking excessively--replaced turbo charger saving $15,786 in engine cost

- Identified/replaced leaking air conditioner fuel line; averted potential fire hazard--restored flight to EWO level

- Isolated air conditioner with engine noise; adjusted valve clearances--averted engine failure/saved AF $15K

- Isolated defective air conditioner alternator; repaired corroded wires--saved over $200 verses new alternator

- Isolated missing set screw on blower clutch; replaced $.26 part--saved AF $1,202 in clutch replacement cost

- Isolated/replaced faulty expansion valve--raised flight air conditioner in-commission rate above critical levels

- Keen maintenance skills; repaired blower clutch on MA-3D air conditioner--returned to flight line in 3 hours

- Performed six air conditioner TCTOs; installed current reset switch--guaranteed all units 100% in compliance

- Recognized air conditioner rear axle loose; replaced worn axle bolt--prevented future damage to running gear

- Repaired stuck heat sink control valve; saved Air Force over $500--returned to flight line use within 2 hours

- Replaced air conditioner EGW valve; delivered with improper mount--modified/installed valve within 1 hour

- Replaced seized compressor on air conditioner; replaced 8 hours ahead of schedule--zero defects noted

- Scheduled TCTO; validated MA-3D valve setting--prevented eqpmt failure/60 day suspense beat by 30 day

- Superior air conditioner knowledge; strives to be the best--the "go to" NCO for all air conditioner problems

- Targeted air conditioner failing to cool; identified binding expansion valve; repaired saved AF $528 in costs

- Troubleshot air conditioner failing to cool; identified/repaired bad relay--reliable unit for aircraft cooling

- Troubleshot air conditioner failing to cool; repaired bad relay--returned for aircraft avionics troubleshooting

- Troubleshot air conditioner not cooling; serviced with refrigerant--saved $5,897 in compressor replacement

- Troubleshot erratic compressor operation; repaired oil pressure switch wire--returned for flightline a/c repair

- Troubleshot MA-3D leaking refrigerant; replaced solenoid valve in 1 hour--increased fleet to 91 percent

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