Self Generating Nitrogen Servicing Cart (SGNSC)

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- Detected SGNSC operation stall; adjusted booster limit switch averted <$21K boost pump costs--102 MLG tires built

- Analyzed malfunctioning nitrogen cart; replaced failed analog module--available for aircraft tire/strut servicing

- Completed nitrogen cart cylinder recall inspection; ensured safe flight line equipment--completed in 4 hours

- Completed self generating nitrogen cart TCTO; fixed damaged reservoir--saved $2,500 in replacement costs

- Confirmed nitrogen cart not charging nitrogen; adjusted limit switches--returned unit for a/c strut/tire servicing

- Detected self-generating nitrogen cart vibration; replaced worn shock mount--avoided $7K engine replacement

- Discovered nitrogen cart hydraulic pump leaking into engine; replaced pump, engine salvaged--saved AF $8K

- Discovered/repaired broken nitrogen cart hose reel; repaired in 30 minutes--negated possible personnel injury

- Headed nitro cart mx; rpr'd hydro pump/adj'd amp--avert'd $35K boost pump rpr cost/spt'd 10 struts/320 W&T builds

- IDd/troubleshot nitrogen cart pressurization fault; replaced purity valve--ensured acft strut servicing capability

- Identified nitrogen cart not building past 3500 psi; adjusted booster limit switch--ensured aircraft strut service

- Identified/replaced leaking nitrogen cart water pump; prevented booster failure--critical down time averted

- Moderate technician; detected stuck hose reel on self generating nitrogen cart--repair averted reel replacement

- Recognized/replaced leaking nitrogen cart water pump; prevented booster failure--critical down time averted

- Repaired deficient SGNSC inlet pressure; located crimped line/fixed on-the-spot--a/c tire servicing sustained

- Replaced broken nitrogen cart air relief valve; averted feed compressor damage--saved $2K replacement cost

- Supervised 8 nitrogen cart TCTO'S; ensured proper operation/safety of two units--raised usable assets by 50%

- Trained 10 aircraft maintainers on operation of nitrogen cart--minimized delay for aircraft nitrogen transition

- Trained Team on operation/service of nitrogen cart; increased section knowledge to 95%

- Troubleshot nitrogen cart with no booster operation; replaced bad limit switch--booster 100% operational

- Troubleshot/repaired high pressure regulator on nitrogen servicing cart; saved $515--restored fleet to 100%

- Troubleshot/repaired pressure regulator on self-generating nitrogen cart--enabled B-52 nitrogen conversion

- Verified incorrect nitrogen cart purity level; identified/replaced bad module--continued a/c servicing/no delays

- Verified nitrogen cart not starting; replaced oil pressure switch--unit available for aircraft tire/strut servicing

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