Time Compliance Technical Order (TCTO)

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- Accomplished ten air conditioner TCTOs; retrofitted exhaust/relocated air cleaner--protected $316K in assets

- Assisted in bomblift TCTOs; replaced steering sector assembly hardware--10 day suspense achieved in 1 day

- Assisted in six air conditioner turbo TCTO's; inspected oil line for leak--saved AF $50k in possible damage

- Completed two urgent action bomblift TCTOs; replaced steering mount hardware--topped suspense by 6 days

- Completed instructional placard TCTO on six turbine compressors--ensured proper instructions for operators

- Completed self generating nitrogen cart TCTO; fixed damaged reservoir--saved $2,500 in replacement costs

- Guided MA-3D TCTO success; executed 30 high temp upgrades <4 mos--advanced c/w date 7 mo...1st in AOR

- Handpicked to proofread new bomblift TCTO; guaranteed correct parts/tools--changes completed without delay

- Hard charger! Accomplished 35 eqpmt reconstitutions/6 TCTOs/70 insp/mx actions--sustained 98% FMC rate

- Led N. AGE's hydraulic test stand's purifying system TCTO's; completed fleet of 10 in < 2 wk's--100% FMC

- Orchestrated 3 day completion of nine MJ-1B TCTOs; replaced 90 hub bolts--prevented loss of rear wheels

- Oversaw completion of TCTO on nine MJ-1B hub bolts; ensuring reliability of nuclear certified equipment

- Oversaw 23 maintenance stand TCTOs; accomplished orders in one day--ensured safe for flight line personnel

- Performed five new light cart TCTOs; repositioned lamp cords--guaranteed all light carts 100% in compliance

- Performed new bomblift TCTO; coordinated repair with metals technology--all bomblifts 100% in compliance

- Performed nine steering sector support TCTO inspections; ensured 100% compliance of all bomblift trucks

- Performed time compliance technical order on bomblift truck--ensured on time compliance with ACC directive

- Performed two B809D generator TCTO's; installed power diode w/no defect--mod'd, improved generator fault system

- Performed six air conditioner TCTOs; installed current reset switch--guaranteed all units 100% in compliance

- Scheduled TCTO; validated MA-3D valve setting--prevented eqpmt failure/60 day suspense beat by 30 days

- Spearheaded urgent action TCTO; inspected bomblifts steering assembly--10 day suspense completed in 1 day

- Streamlined four TCTOs; 105 units quickly returned safer to user--prevented potential injury/death to personnel

- Supervised 8 nitrogen cart TCTOs; ensured proper operation/safety of two units--raised usable assets by 50%

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