FL-1D/NF-2D Light Cart

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- Troubleshot NF-2D light cart that would not start; pinpointed broken wire in remote cannon plug connection

- Malfunction eluded other technicians--in-depth electrical knowledge/repair skills saved countless man-hours

- Completed light cart phase two in 1 day, 2 days ahead of schedule--no discrepancies during 7-level follow up

- Investigated light cart not starting; immediately discovered deteriorated in-tank fuel lines--FMC in 30 minutes

- Accomplished light cart periodic inspection; completed one day--earned zero discrepancies on QA evaluation

- Accomplished light cart Phase II periodic inspection; in depth 7-level inspection revealed zero discrepancies

- Supported POW/MIA Memorial run with light carts; delivered equipment to roadway--ensured 24 hour event

- Verified hard starting light cart; removed/replaced broken fuel line--ensured security on Barksdale's main gate

- Identified worn light cart brakes; replaced broken/worn brakes--guaranteed unit fleet at 100% mission capable

- Identified bad light cart brakes; discovered broken brake shoes--prevented movement when in use on flightline

- Diagnosed light cart supply power fault; replaced voltage regulator in 20 minutes--averted $7K generator mx

- Detected light cart failing to start; isolated/replaced decaying fuel lines--unit 100% for aircraft security lighting

- Completed two light cart inspections in 1 day; zero defects on 7 level follow-up--guaranteed 100% availability

- Alerted to inoperative light cart; replaced burnt out light bulbs on-the-spot--enabled safe night time operations

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