AFSC 2A6X3 Aircrew Egress Systems EPR Bullets

Duty Description

- Maintains life-saving sys; performs testing on escape subsystems & components; ID's defects & coordinates repairs
- CTK custodian; maintains and inspects tools and support equipment--ensures 100% accountability of all equipment
- Performs pre-installation inspections, removes and replaces egress components, calculates and records new due dates

- Conducts inspections & repairs on 133 Advanced Concept Ejection Seats II for 76 F-15C/D/E acft valued at >$6.5B
- Performs TCTOs/time change item r2s/egress system de-arm & re-arms/safe for mx/functional & operational checks
- Participates in egress systems training & adheres to all ESOHCAMP/explosive safety standards/AFIs/local directives
- Complies with foreign object damage prevention, hardware/tool control & adheres to all Quality Assurance standards

Key duties/tasks/responsibilities

- Coordinated mx between MXS/AMXS/AFE; streamlined back shop response time--integral role in 96% MSE rate

- Verified data on over 350 CAD/PAD items--ensured IMDS/shop files documentation integrity - zero assets overdue

- Performed 6 ACES II 36 month inspections; 14 critical discrepancies identified--100% QVI/PE pass rate achieved

- Completed urgent act OTI; evaluated 66 fuel lines/replaced 2 faulty couplings--safeguarded 24 B-1s/48 GE F-101 engs

- Responded to flight line dispatch;ID'd/replaced failed seat arm switch--indemnified acft FMC/met scheduled sortie

- Spt'd OIR; R2'd seat actuator, rtn'd acft FMC < 3 hrs--enabled OTTO/8 BoT/destroyed ISIS training facility/11 EKIA
- AF role model; dedicated 12 hrs to ASD bilingual speech classes--tutored 50 students, cultivated community relations
- Responded to "red ball" mx; freed stuck ACESII inertia reel restraint sys <15 min--facilitated B-1 560 flt-hrs/50 sorties
- Perf'd outside of AFSC; assisted w/ hydraulic sys brake rebuild worth $16K--enabled 234 KC-135 sorties/1.6K flt hrs

- Managed 10 egress prsnl shift ops; completed >800 time change item replacements--enabled 7K sorties/10.1K flt-hrs
- Performed egress seat incoming insp; ID'd improperly installed sensor hose/re-routed--averted catastrophic sys failure
- Led Exer RED FLAG egress ops; performed >50 mx actions--enabled 669 cmbt trng sorties/maintained 85% MC rate
- Responded for Exer GREEN FLAG "Red Ball" mx; R2 defective canopy actuator--returned acft FMC/met next sortie
- Coord'd w/depot mx tm; performed >100 hrs of cockpit preparation--enabled homestation repairs/returned 2 acft FMC
- Initiated acft jacket file review; insp'd/corrected >2K time change data entries--enabled section 100% record integrity
- Collaborated w/ASM on engnr disposition; enabled homestation canopy repairs--restored $300K egress sys to service
- Led extended mx rebuild; completed 4 ECRL time changes in 24 hrs vs. 44-hr std--contributed to 10/10 CAF metrics

- Completed 60+ seat/cockpit inspections Aug-Sept 08--ensured system integrity for 35 FW's AEF 5 deployment
- Assisted with jammed canopy; ingeniously freed actuator--saved 35 FW $22K/24 man-hours/five NMC days
- Responded to "red ball" MX; repaired binding inertia reel straps--ensured successful training/combat sortie
- Prepped 16 ejection seats for seat bucket modification; enhanced seat strength/crew survival during ejection
- Key to section's group-wide egress familiarization initiative; 318 trained in one week--MXG 100% compliant
- Motivated! Completed 12 semester credit hours towards CCAF degree in Aviation Maintenance Technology
- Safety minded; identified/repaired misrouted parachute riser--prevented possible parachute failure/loss of life
- Vital to section's superb MX documentation rate; 600+ IMDS entries; zero discrepancies Sep-Dec 08--promote
- Completed more than 70 seat/canopy removal, insps/installs--supt'd FW's 8.1K+ sorties/16.6K+ flt hrs, FY '09
- Id'd critically damaged detonate trans assy (DTA) line; procured/replaced item--reestablished system integrity
- Responded to inop seat-not-armed switch; troubleshot/repaired < 5 min--a/c met next scheduled training sortie
- Guided mx on 2 F-16 a/c; replaced eight time change items 2 days early--FW 97% mx sched effect rate FY '09
- Recovered missing cockpit bolt; prevented seat/canopy removal--earned section's Knucklebuster awd Feb '09
- Id'd broken parachute tacking during insp; repaired lacing--prevented inadvertant chute deployment--promote!
- Contributor to sec's IMDS mx documentation effort; 3.7K+ entries w/.53% error rate--beat 35 MXG's 3% std
- Discovered inop oxygen reg on A-10 a/c; acquired TO guidance/replaced part--a/c met sch departure--promote
- Guided two CAD/PAD insps; verified service life of 140 explosive items--ensured accountability/serviceability
- Troubleshot faulty seat arming assy; isolated/replaced defective contact switch; averted sortie loss--promote
- Drove 10 in-depth 36 month inspections; performed 225 function checks/inspected seats--100% QA pass rate

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