AFSC 2A6X5 Aircraft Hydraulic Systems EPR Bullets

Job Description

- Troubleshoots, removes, repairs and installs pneudraulic system components on 8 C-130H3 acft worth $296M
- Performs acft sys operational checks, annotates on condition tags, mx in acft forms, and G081 automated mx sys
- Complies w/ mx directives, uses and interprets technical manuals, schematics, wiring, and flow chart diagrams
- Trains assigned prsnl, utilizes on-the-job tng pgm/ensures all facets of ancillary/upgrade tng are accomplished

Performance Assessment

- Top notch skills; removed and replaced aileron boost pack in 5.5 hrs; aircraft returned to FMC 2.5 hours ahead of schedule

- Resolved test stand malfunction; resealed leaking control valve--$127K eqpmt asset FMC/restored testing capabilities
- Overhauled leaking primary control reservoir; tested/resealed--returned $22K asset into depleted supply system
- Directed 58 MLG brake refurbishments; repaired/ret'd $3M in assets to supply--secured hi-demand asset availability
- Manufactured hydraulic test adapter; created three high pressure hoses--established deployment testing capabilities
- Reduced component shortfall; steered three F-16 MLG repairs--$240K assets serviceable/prevented MICAP shortfall
- Enabled cross-flt relations; built 12 high pressure hoses for AGE shop--supported $10M/121 equipment items

- Detected elevator IFCM leaking during an inspection; directed replacement--aircraft met local training mission

- Performed eight NLG actuator rebuilds; removed/replaced faulty end caps--nixed inventory deficit/filled six MICAPs

- Dedicated MPRs maintainer; lead team of 4 in completion of 100/200 cycle & HPO in one shift ensuring acft FMC
- Assisted low manned E&E shop; aided t/s/operated hydraulic test stand/found faulty switch/R2--cut man hrs 50%
- Tackled repeat PRD; t/s boom telescope anomaly/R2'd fuel bypass valve--averted $1.4M boom replacement vs R/R
- Revamped drogue assy storage program; inventoried/mng'd 1.2K critical assets--ensured 100% usage & accountability
- Headed mx f/boom brute force disconnect; performed -6 insps; returned acft FMC/guaranteed operation of $1.4M asset
- Responded to flt ctrl surface redball; bled hyd sys--OTTO fueled 4 ship A-10s/VBIED facility & wpns cache destroyed
- Discover'd fix low press warning light; superb t/s led to #2 engine hyd filter full of metal; r2 filter; A/R 7 F-16's MC!
- Executed >10 HPO insps; coord'd repair 13 TNMC discrepancies--facilitated 22 EARS 0.7% repeat/recur rt; May '18

- Directed hydraulic IFE rspns; ID'd internal leaking flap shaft seal/replaced flap motor-- averted disastrous sys failure

- Revised flightline hyd cart cklst; ID'd & corrected 58 errors--ensured safe op 13 pieces AGE eqpmt, conserved assets
- Facilitated engineer brake bolt defect tm; gen'd five PQDR's & org'd base tracking pgm--zero incidents since pgm st
- Critical eye; Id'd & corrected improper MLG strut hydraulic servicing--saved 24 man-hrs & $37K replacement costs
- Troubleshot deployed unit F-16 swivel leak; overhauled & tested seals <30 min--prevented 3-hr delay & saved sortie
- Energized HAZMAT pgm; Trained two Amn on insps, corrected eight discrepancies--100% QA pass rt 2nd qtr 2017
- Expedited repair of three swivels on two phase acft; led to 100% fix rate--28 man hrs & $12K in supply funds saved

- Orchestrated redball mx; responded to 10 redballs/prevented ground aborts; aided 1.6K sorties/7.4K flt hrs, FY17
- Ramrodded mx into tng; changed 6 prop assemblies/1 eng/certified 8 fellow amn--increased 353'rd mx qual by 29%
- Spearheaded IFE response team; quickly identified leaking trbs/r2 labyrinth seal--restored mis critical low level capes
- Gen'd 5 MC-130's for short notice deplyment; 1st ever C2 HIMARS capes in PACOM--deterred N. Korea aggression
- Force multiplier; employed knowledge/trained 4 amn on eng rigging procedures--decimating unit shortfalls by 15%

- Resolved nose-steering anomaly; insp'd/replaced broken key washer--rtn'd acft to MC status/zero recur to date

- ID'd contaminated utility sys; performed extensive 10 day flush--saved $270K in components replacement cost

- Key player on aircraft bird strike repair--ensured 100% mission capability; dedication lauded by Group CC

- Alerted to flap hydraulic leak; removed/capped ruptured supply line--averted acft/aircrew catastrophic failure

- Pro-active; completed carbon brake modification TCTO 1C-130-2095 in 2 days; mx accomplished 50% ahead of schedule
- Flawless performer; performed maintenance for five QA personnel evaluations; craftsmanship resulted in no finding
- Sought out for expert opinion; assisted E/E shop perform brake antiskid ops ck; fostered teamwork & improved FMC rate
- Top notch skills; removed and replaced aileron boost pack in 5.5 hrs; aircraft returned to FMC 2.5 hours ahead of schedule
- Attention to detail; located the golden bolt during weekly FOD Prevention walk; averted damage to Air Force resources
- Hard charger! Spearheaded a NLG strut time change; inspired leadership and technical skills resulted in flawless work

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