AFSC 2A8X2, MAF Integrated Instrument & Flight Control Systems

- Analyzed recurring flt management sys anomaly; overhauled electrical/six bus couplers--mitigated 2% recur increase

- Managed Avionics isochronal tm of 4; investigated 12 acft/cleared 225 discrepancies--protected Gp's 99% MSE rate

- Selected f/mx recovery tm; replaced attitude gauge <30 min/1 hr std--sustained acft relay home/20 deployers returned

- Assisted Com/Nav shops w/multiple IFF Mode 5 TCTOs; relieved shift shortfalls and manning deficits in the section

- Augmented production; drove 4 AFSC's/32-mbrs/273 mx actions--dlvr'd 1.2M lbs fuel/28 msns/awd'd May NCO OTM

- Dir'd 4-mbr fuel mgmt T/S tm; repaired dmg'd wire harness--secured SOUTHCOM msn/xfer'd 55K lbs/8 F-16s/CD ops

- Directed red ball maint; responded to 2 red balls/prevented gnd abort; aided w/units 339 sorties/1275.2 flt hrs, 3QFY19

- Expert wire maintainer; T/S repeat/recur EGI 2 GPS will not track satellites to faulty wiring internal to the relay panel

- Flexible airman; assisted troubleshooting integrated TCAS system fault--replaced GCAS computer; a/c ready < 1 hour

- Hand picked for MRT to McChord Air Field, WA; R2 IFMP 1hr under ETIC--17 AME received crucial certifications

- Lead tech; trn'd 9 prsnl/205 mx tasks/UGT 100% complete--expedited 5/7-lvl certs f/2 mbrs/shop flaunts 97% task quals

- Led 3 man tm for pilot HUD failure; analyed/R2'd defective HUD...beat ETIC by 2 hrs--saved $386K/6 man hrs/msn

- Led Com/Nav TCAS fix; ID'd/R2'd faulty processor--relieved 7 lvl prsnl short fall/enabled on-time C-17 refueling msn

- Led FMS Red Ball mx tm; R2'd PEM battery/loaded OFP software--sealed HHQ msn/offloaded 17K lbs fuel 2/F-18s

- Managed fuel quantity MRT; led 3 AFSC T/S tm/8-mbrs/R2'd pressure switch--ensured 618 AOC CORONET tasking

- Mended FSAS anomaly; ID'd/fixed faulty OLT/avoided 48-hr rewire/3x discrepency--solidified best 1.6% repeat/recur rt

- Mng'd MRT; led 4 mbrs/R2'd faulted CCM--restored ANG asset/yielded AFCENT iron swap/delivered 6 prsnl ISO OIR

- Nuclear readiness team lead; center multi function display faulty; troubleshot to bad MFD, jet "cocked on" on time

- Provided comprehensive wire maint training to technicians on various avionics systems; key UGT critical core tasks

- Ran 4-mbr INU T/S tm; repaired GPS antenna line--secured 80% 12-hr fix rt/xfer'd 65K lbs fuel/5 F-16s ISO ONE msns

- Solved elusive FDR failure; R2'd dmg'd signal conditioner/aced QA w/0 findings--key to shops 2Q 100% MSEP pass rt

- T/S repeat critical autopilot system; isolated/repaired broken wire on autopilot controller; C17 AR mission complete

- Team lead for trng event; instructed 3 DSGs on TAWS/WWN upload procedure--maint work flow increased by 30%

- Trn'd/certified 2 GAC Amn on C-17 SFDR download process; met 5-skill lvl core task rqmt--cut UGT time by 2 wks

- Vol'd f/no notice nat'l security msn; gen'd 4 acft/sustained 24-hr Alpha Alert ops--fueled 21 F-22s/secured ANR ADIZ

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