2M0X1 Missile & Space Systems Electronic Maintenance


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- Completed seven ALCM/CALCM diagnostic tests; missiles certified operation--wpns ready for HHQ tasking

- Troubleshot failed pylon diagnostic test; identified and isolated faulty test cable--$1.2M platform rdy for use
- Executed shipment of XX ALCM; readied wpns for trainer conversion--ensured realistic training for flightline
- Replaced XX missile pyrotechnic devices; assets returned to FMC--critical launch systems activation assured
- Inspected/crated XX F-107 engines; assets shipped to depot for 72-mnth overhaul--stringent time change met
- Led X-person team during XX CALCM inspections; scrutinized 100+ items--$XXM assets ready for upload
- Evaluated by QA on XX tasks; praised for superior task knowledge/zero discrepancies--promote now

- Led Lvl-1 certification test on XX ALCMs; replaced faulty LRU--successful $XXM NucWSEP live double shot
- Certified XX launch platforms following MAU-12 cart replacement; $XXM certified FMC--must promote

- Ramrodded XX ALCM final assys; scrutinized 66-item checklist--$XXM wpn system rdy for COCOM call
- Spearheaded stockpile inspection; cleared/verified 336 msls FMC--keyed (squadron) "Excellent" CUI rating
- Prepped XX CALCM for COMBAT HAMMER; upgraded XX pyro devices--successful $XXM AFGSC launch
- Led mx team for engineering project; verified experimental wpn prior to launch--ensured $XXM maiden flight
- Led teams during XX QA inspections; praised for task knowledge/team control--zero write-ups/100% pass rate
- Flawlessly managed F-107 engine pgm; lauded ruing CUI for airtight tracking of $XXM assets--ZD/perfection
- Directed XX lvl-1 tests; cleared missiles for Tac Ferry mission--met (wing) #1 priority
- Executed flawless IG task eval; recognized as "Superior Performer" by CUI team inspectors--promote now

- Led XX CALCM engine changes; refreshed AF sup w/$XX assets--maintained strict HHQ/depot timelines
- Chiefed XX missile final assys; scrutinized 66-item inspections--verified $XXM EWO assets rdy for COCOM
- Ramrodded AFGSC/accelerated CALCM mx; replaced XX pyro carts--eliminated fleet-wide flight degradation
- Directed receipt of XX ITT; performed inspection/certification--enhanced strategic training for (wing) aircrews
- Led teams during 19 QA personnel/quality evals; guided XX airman in flawless mx--maintained 100% pass rate
- Completed XX in-progress inspections; verified flt worthiness on $XXM NucWSEP--successful launch sequence
- Expertly managed F-107 engine pgm; tracked install/overhaul of $XXM assets--critical to (squadron) '(yr) MEA
- Piloted wing replacement; erased XX-wk NMC status/lifted CALCM FMC rate to AF best XX%--promotion a must

- Supported AFRL beddown; trained X-mbr mx team ISO myriad wpn mx/logistic rqmts--nailed $XXM Op launch
- Guided XX CALCM pyro device R2s; guaranteed aerosurface deployment--1st 100% FMC rate in pgm history
- Executed XX ALCM receipt/certs; staging ISO $XXM NucWSEP msn--secured critical msn post (wing) reclama
- Coordinated XX thermal battery replacements; upped missile service life XXyrs--ensured initial launch power
- Organized ALCM PCCC mx prep; validated navigation set/telemetry capability--ensured $XXM test successful
- Chiefed XX teams for QA evals; extended consecutive passes to XX--earned prestigious "Bronze" lvl maintainer
- Completed XX engine swaps X mo ahead of schedule--crushed demanding $XXK GSC/depot overhaul schedule
- Proved Redball mx ISO NSE; nailed EMER tech assists--load crews readied Global Thunder/deterrence msn
- Oversaw XX ALCM test trainers certifications; enabled wg-wide realistic nuclear training--promote now

- Directed XX F-107 engine changes; cleared XX month mx backlog--lifted PACAF CALCM FMC rate to 96%

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