2M0X2 Missile & Space Systems Maintenance


- Installs, removes and handles classified material, code and critical components which support Emergency War Orders
- Supervises four Amn on launch control ctr safety/sec sys mx validating positive command control & communications
- Oversees daily mx schedule and long-range mx forecasts in support of the USSTRATCOM nuclear deterrent mission

- Performs launch essential/mission critical priority mx at 150 launch facilities dispersed over 8.5K square mi complex
- Assists missile handling teams with the removal and installation of the 68K pound Minuteman III missile downstages
- Supports USSTRATCOM nuclear deterrent mission and LGM-30G Minuteman III weapon system upgrade programs
- Performs crucial $3.5M Simulated Electronic Launch-Minuteman/$35M force development evaluation test launches

- Handles, transports and stores $1.3B in missile boosters for re-use in space launch and missile defense prgms
- Manages security & reliability of $30M Missile Storage Area (MSA)/over $1.2M in motor handling equipment
- Prepares Minuteman (MM) motors and transports propellant in support of aging/surveillance testing & disposal
- Directly supports Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) inspections at Utah Test Training Range (UTTR)


- Maintained 79 launch facilities; cleared 186 work-orders/sec'd 22 code components--validated USSTRATCOM NC3
- Completed seven msl guidance set replacements; enabled wg's nuclear mission--boosted COCOM 99.6% sortie rate
- Performed 21 hazardous missions; replaced aging explosive chemicals--extended wpn sys life viability beyond 2028
- Facilitated 11 inter-flt mx ops; completed 240K lbs hazardous explosive task--0 mishaps/safeguarded $7.7M boosters
- Executed 13 PL-1 resource swaps; finished $7.2B upgrade five mos ahead of sched--wpn sys reliability cert'd thru '20
- Rectified coolant flow to msl guidance set; restored site to alert status--earned best AFGSC launch facility health score
- Crushed 101 dispatches/844 hrs; rectified 201 work orders--seized best sortie avail rte during GLOBAL THUNDER
- Completed rare site break-in; executed emerg mx ops/averted 24-hr SF sec rqmt--re-enabled $7.7M nuc wpn control
- Paired wpn/aerospace veh swap; reduced sortie downtime 50%/upheld nuc sys upgrade--saved 91MW 240 work-hrs
- Repostured 15 depot sites; extended nuc sys/launch facilities to 2030--achieved AFGSC highest ICBM site health score
- Ensured Treaty rights to 10-mbr Russian tm; readied 2 sites/1 nuc wpn--cultivated int'l relations/Article II compliance
- Dominated four evals; scrutinized on 195 crit mx tasks/earned 2 'Highly Qualified'--won NDO Team of the Year '18
- Completed 92 dispatches; replaced 21 aerospace vehicles/152 work orders cleared--assured USSTRATCOM lethality
- Restored eight depot mx sites; extended wpn sys/silo infrastructure through 2030--earned AFGSC's #1 LF health score
- Paired RS/MGS swap; elim'd addt'l trip/incr'd sortie accuracy/upheld LLC sch--saved 15 SF/7 mx mbrs 234 man-hrs
- Executed 11 PL-1 resource swaps; finished $7.2B upgrade two mos ahead of sched--wpn sys reliability cert'd thru '20
- Solved nuc wpn degrades; replaced 32 explosives/14 msl guidance sys/37 NSA codes--earned cmd #1 avg repair time
- Conducted LF forced entry; reclaimed $23M PL-1 site access--released 21 SF guards/'18 OLYMPIC STEP complete
- Managed 4 team mbrs; cleared 277 workorders/229 dispatches/1.7K work hrs--91 MMXS won 91 MW Sq of the Yr!
- Reviewed/debriefed 1K work orders; reduced documentation errors/redudancies 27%--guaranteed MXG data integrity
- Produced 5 engineering requests; harmonized launch control repairs/removed 2-yr backlog--averted capsule shutdown

- Tackled MAJCOM tasking;reprgm'd/ship d 24 Air Intercept msls/$10M--enabled NATO Icelandic Air Policing msn

- Backbone to fire symbol management tracking system at geo separated unit--9.6Mlb explosives/100% accurate

- Assisted with DTRA visit; trained inspectors on local START reqmnts--key to strong US/Russia relations

- Aided tech data rewrite; identified three critical technical data deficiencies--increased task efficiency by 50%

- Volunteered for ***th Group retreat ceremony--displayed true example of military bearing and excellence

- Key player during annual UTTR family day; performed set-up and tear-down--served 200+/increased morale

- Volunteered to work static display during 2*** HAFB Air Show--maintained positive relation with community

- Fit to fight--sets the standard for military appearance and fitness for section--ready for promotion to TSgt!

- Volunteered for trng on muns key/lock program--kept Maint Ops Center operational during manning shortage

- Conducted emergency temp checks on storage facility during failed heating sys--safeguarded 800k-lbs of expl

- Participated in joint Oasis fire department/section exercise--validated explosive area evacuation procedures

- Experienced controlled area monitor--safeguarded 31 storage buildings housing 10.5M lbs of explosives

- Possesses solid weapon system knowledge and unlimited potential--extremely capable; continue to promote

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