2M0X3 Missile and Space Facilities

- Outstanding SNCO--led initial training for 57 technicians on 14,119 tasks--fielded mission-ready technicians

- Developed upgrade trng plan for three AFSCs--guaranteed training standardization and eliminated duplication

- Molded three separate LF penetration/backout procedures training into one--21 better technicians in the field

- Orchestrated LF security immediate visual assessment trng for 170 personnel--enhanced missile field vigilance

- Instructed Enlisted Professional Development Course--50 junior members increased leadership abilities/skills

- Led MXG/SFG security vault training--authored lesson plan for 1,200 airmen--decreased LF lockouts by 75%

- Ensured 18 technicians received Peacekeeper deactivation training for Phase II--$585M program on track
-- 13K items harvested for use in Minuteman III silos ensuring sustainment to 2020--actions saves AF $7M

- Provided LF trainer for new Tactical Response Force--realistic trng improved readiness for key security team

- Managed data transcription to new CFETP--125 inspected with zero errors--better documentation for training

- Served on American Cancer Society Relay for Life committee--$186K raised for research and family aid

- Committee chair for church building maintenance--performs equipment inspections and emergency repairs

- MSgt Smith is an outstanding motivator of airmen--extraordinary leadership ability--promote to SMSgt now

- Led training for $711M Simulated Electronic Launch-Minuteman test--verified weapon system reliability

- Directed LF light-repair trng for two AFSCs--eliminated backlog at 13 LFs--improved visibility and security

- Took trng to operational field--trained/cleared 71 work orders--directly contributed to 99.7% YTD alert rate

- Built/led MXG Team Chief Course--prepared 26 Staff Sergeants to lead nuclear weapons maintenance teams

- Wing missile test launch POC--$21M assets shipped to western range--demonstrates weapon system viability

- Powerful SNCO--leader with vision, tenacity, and unwaveringly integrity--promote to SMSgt ahead of peers

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