AFSC 3A1X1/AFSC 3F5X1, Administration

AFSC 3A1X1, Administration, is now AFSC 3F5X1, Administration


- Performs Unit Commander-directed CSS admin & personnel functions; provides personnel support for 80+ members
- UTAPS pgm manager; schedules/documents/tracks participation of 80+ mbrs; collects/verifies data & exports for pay
- Updates & maintains Unit recall roster; prepares weekly OG CC staff meeting/UTA slides; OG PTL pgm NCOIC
- Performs file management; reviews/updates unit e-file plan; creates folders in the ERM system/prep files for disposal

- Provides administration guidance & assists 4 divisions/38 Total Force members in Mobility Management directorate

- Manages 20 pgms at GSU for 19 mil psnl; quality control checks evals, PME, awds, decs & correspondence pckgs

- Oversees all det CSS functions; assignments, unit fitness, employment actions, leave, promotion DDR & duty status

- Provides leadership/guidance to sq records custodians managing filing systems, ensuring compliance IAW AFIs


- Created SharePoint Customer spt site; centralized 2K wrk request, 27 forms/links--enabled task tracking f/15 units

- Drove prof dev; unit compl'd xx prof dev crs's/xxx OJT tasks/x prof certs/x skill lvls--productivity increased by xx%


- Secure Mail Escort; processed/transported 12 SECRET parcels in spt of $8M msn over 7 GSU's--awd'd Sq Amn OTQ
- Led Directory prgm; val'd 1K authorized patrons/processed 300 in/out-bound chcklists--coined by 1-star Army General
- Co-Led Receipt/Dispatch ops/4 Amn; enforc'd proper shipping/re-dir'd 4.4K missent items--HQ's ID'd 98% accuracy rt
- Finance Clerk f/3 GSU's/2K mbrs; mng'd $160K in assets/instr'd patrons on postage rt/unauthorised items--gen'd $46K
- Aided Official Mail ops; gen'd mail consolidation process/mng'd $3K meter budget--saved $900 in unit mail allowance
- Oversaw Receptacle prgm; led 5 inspectors/QC'd 1.8K mailboxes for 7 GSUs/fixed 48 violations--upheld Federal regs
- Primed holiday surplus; trn'd 8 vol's/Wg CC on mail processing/dvlp'd duty list--slashed wait times f/53% parcel surge


- Oversaw DDR pgrm; scheduled 790 defenders f/drug screening--100% on time rt/DoD zero tolerance policy enforced

- Enforced DDR prgm; led 6 trusted agents/coord'd 360 tasks--100% compliance, secured AF s zero tolerance" policy

VPC/Evals & Decs

- Coord'd vPC transition; hosted 10 classes/trained 97 Amn, resolved 115 issues--expedited 447 records/Gp benchmark

- Managed Sq vPC site, processed EPR/OPR/decorations; provided accurate & timely reports for Sq/Gp/Wg suspenses

- Worked eval/dec prgm; reviewed 389 evals/26 decs/verified 2K supporting docs/corrected data--met HAF standards

- Boosted EES prgm; built workflow site, automated CRO/ACA/duty updates--expedited 360 error-free/on-time EPRs

Leave Program

- Led sq leave pgm; analyzed use/lose leave, routed Special Leave Accrual requests--dply'd mbrs retained 76.5 days

- Administered lv prgm; validated 1.3K requests, 12 audits/no-errors--reconciled duty status/100% prsnl accountability


- Maintained Sq ITEC; overhauled ADPE account/added 21 missing items/prepped for SAV--128 items accounted for

- Renewed Sq BAS process; revised sys/completed 119 BAS forms/delinquent accts--processed $106K in entitlements

- Scheduled WAPS test dates; validated eligibility & scheduled test dates--178 mbrs rcds prepped f/'16/'17 promo cycle

- Initiated 256 ESD/CFPT trouble tickets; resolved drive access/connectivity/email issues--prevented Sq work stoppage

- Conducted Sq/CC spt staff functions for 314 personnel; performed prsnl action requests, prepared source documents

- Unit Information Assurance Ofcr/Health Pgm monitor; ensured network connectivity/PHA tracking for 245 members

- Gp SharePoint mgr; spt d 1.2K mbrs/53 sub-sites, collated data/regained 7Gb of storage--bolstered administrative ops

- Fortified DoD FP directives; coord d w/security mgr, vetted 885 foreign travel plns--ensured 100% mbr safety/acctng

- Unit WOMS mgr; coord'd 31 technology requests, procured $14K/71 assets--enhanced ops/bolstered msn capabilities

- Promoted msn readiness; facilitated counseling/1.4K mobility actions--147 Amn deployed/5 real-world msns fulfilled

- NCOPES keynote speaker; endorsed benefits of nutrition/fitness trng--mentored 25 NCOs, promoted AF stds/culture

- Cybersecurity liaison; managed 218 gps/360 accts, 151 items insp'd/no CCRI findings--awd'd 15 MXS NCO SPoY

- Enhanced INTRO prgm; established mgt site, raised sponsor/inbound synergy--98 mbrs gained/eased PCS transitions

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