3C0X1 Communications-Computer Systems Operations

AFSC 3C0X1 is now AFSC 3D0X2.

Led squadron LAN upgrade proposal; calculated changes to triple port density -- annexed an additional 144 ports

Aced Security + recertification; completed 50 hrs of vulnerability mitigation trng; awarded NIPR/SIPR domain rights

Facilitated turn in of 51 ADPE items; slashed $6K of liable assets secured 50 sq/ft & reduced sq discrepencies 20%

Reconstructed 3D0X2 MTP; updated milestones/completion times for 237 tasks; decreased UGT by two months

- Restored AFOSI crypto device--resolved configuration error--terrorist threat information instantly available
- Installed switch--added 24 ports supporting future core services--increased secure network capability 100%
- Repaired mail server--rebuilt E-mail access points under 2 hrs--rescued 8K+ undelivered secure messages
- Secured vault access--protected $240K of equipment--30th Security Forces Sq noted zero security violations
- Directed E-mail server upgrade--rendered site-specific technical details--increased mail capability by 250%

- Meticulous--identified global address errors--recovered 3,000 messages--restored 200 agency launch alerts
- Established SIPRNet router gateway--protected 100 terminals--enabled 3rd tier defense to 720 user accounts
- Organized and audited 1,890 file system logs--corrected over 200 errors--trained 15 technicians on procedures

- Automated Standard Desktop Configuration install on 1.5K clients; saved 3K man-hours vs manual installation

- Applied 127 TCNOs to 220 mission-critical network servers; guaranteed 100% network security compliance

- Oversaw repair of 1K+ workstations & printers--pivotal to Balad ECS winning AF "Best Small CS" unit awd

- Devoteded 24hrs off-duty to train with PT failure; troop raised PT score by 12 points & passed Fitness Test

- Set example of high fitness standard to subordinates in joint assignment--always out front during section 5k runs

- Expedited remote comms sys upgrd--restored intel/C2 acrft comms--enabled 369 OIF/OEF CENTCOM msns

- Highly skilled and dedicated professional, performs far beyond expectations;outstanding asset to the unit

- Traced long-standing problem between Air Mobility Division system and TBMCS to an existing misconfiguration--fix allowed the two discrete systems to transfer data, saved over 1200 man hours per month

- Installed critical internet connection for C2IPS system at classified deployed operations center--increased communication and coordination, reduced airlift scheduling wait by 50%

- Provided network, computer support for the annual Scope Warrior conference--100% uptime!

- Connected remote users to Air Operations Center via Secure Internet Protocol Network--enhanced post defense readiness

- Exhibited extensive job knowledge during exercise Fulchi Lens 04; single-handedly solved numerous printer malfunctions; assisted tremendously by providing combat planners with accurate database array--produced over 5100 sortie air tasking orders daily--most ever!

- Processed thousands of AUTODIN messages at Base Communications Center--accuracy rate over 99%

- Built flawless workstations and server databases for local system training exercises, Lightscope 03 and Combined Warrior 04--directly responsible for zero failures!

- Enabled network monitoring within AOR--increased workcenter diagnostic skill--reduced repair time by 75%

- Assisted in install of fiber optic cable based network for Operation Deployed Arrow--provided Army contingent full access to air tasking order data, increased force readiness

- Performed Sys Admin duties on Theater Battle Management Core Systems (TBMCS) suite in support of Operation Enduring Freedom--ensured 9 TBMCS servers, 62 client workstations and 12 remote workstations continuously operational--ensured Air Tasking Order/Air Control Order dissemination to all units

- Overcame all challenges while deployed to Operation DESERT STORM--assisted in short-notice relocation of Air Operations Center to Eskan Village--data interruption less than one hour!

- Solved numerous problems with remote terminals--traced connection failures like a pro!

- Planned and implemented direct internet connection for C2IPS system at JTFSA in support of SOUTHERN WATCH--increased joint intelligence and planning capability

- Identified error in C2IPS installation guide--submitted change, resulted in bulletin that prevented loss of critical data and operational capability world wide

- Supervised implementation of both SARAH and MDT in Charleston AFB Base Communications Center--ensured smooth transition

- Trained 22 Base Communications Center operators on new SARAH and MDT equipment and software--resulted in over 99% accuracy rate

- Deployed as primary C2IPS/CTAPS system administrator for Exercise Iron Cobra--established CTAPS network in Air Operations Center in record time--excellent mission support!

- Managed 20 personnel workcenter in direct support of U.S. Space Command--exceeded all assigned goals!

- Troubleshot over 400 PC and circuit outages to resolution--professional support to base

- Scheduled both recurring and emergency maintenance on work center equipment--ensured data on target at 99% rate!

- Maintained shift schedule, training, equipment and ADPE (Automated Data Processing Equipment) inventories--100% effective!

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