3C2X1 Communications-Computer Systems Control

AFSC 3C2X1, Communications-Computer Systems Control, is now
AFSC 3D1X2, Cyber Transport Systems.

- Reduced overall number of trbl calls req on-site tech support/diagnosis by 25%; Freed tech's for other jobs
- Defender of Data, Personally developed a process to mirror customers HD's; Duel Redundancy Zero Data Loss

- Led 5 file server re-builds; 232TB of critical data moved--4k users file retrieval access time slashed by 30%

- Oversaw 150+ data backup & restoral tasks; seamless information redundancy resulted in 100% data recovery

- Resolved 235 trouble tickets; 55% above avg/20% more than closest--improved service to 100s of customers

- Executed JTF Network Ops orders; forced 230 SIPRNET scans/password resets--solidified network defense

- Innovative technician--planned, designed and built a portable training simulator and test equipment cabinet

- Utilized existing equipment and spare parts to assemble rack--saved work center $3K in material costs

- Simulated on-line missions without interrupting real-time tasks--provided realistic training for squadron

- Outstanding technician--traced persistent problem to configuration error in SOCOM SIPRNET router
--restored network connectivity to forward deployed Joint Task Force

- Absolutely superb leader! Commander selected to participate in $450K Charleston AFB core upgrade

- Highly motivated! Energetic and diligent--demonstrated strong ability to identify, analyze and solve problems

- Outstanding troubleshooter--resolved over 200 Network Control Center trouble tickets per month via telephone

- Reduced overall number of trouble calls requiring on-site technician support/diagnosis by 25 percent

- Engineered and established first-ever interface between two proprietary video teleconferencing systems

- Enabled SOCOM planners to communicate in real time voice and video to AOR commanders

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