3D0X1 Knowledge Operations Management


- Oversees technologies to capture, organize, and store tacit personal know-how and explicit recorded knowledge
- Managing the flow, distribution, life-cycle and disposal of communications, information and data from all sources
- Operates and manages records, information, mgmt systems, and records staging facilities for long and short records
- Leverages process improvement techniques f/ mission and business processes, enhances cross-functional information

- Performs functional area management, privacy act monitoring, publication/form orders and distribution
- Provides electronic records management, files integrity, content publishing, and records custodian training
- Manages collaborative tools and shares data to MSG populous to include web pages and electronic media

- Monitors and controls DIA's 10,000+ MPA mandays of AF reserve support tours--a complex $4M+ program

- Leads xx knowledge ops mgrs; ensures manning, AEF posturing, training, and delivers career counseling


- Developed automated process f/1399's; designed tracking sys f/21 mbrs--coord 30 docs/enhanced viewership by 100%

- Dvlp'd virtual database f/suspenses; streamlined 43 admin rpts/incr'd status vis--tasks c/w in <2 days vs 30 days

- Overhauled A6 SharePoint; standardized 10 top level sites--added mission critical info & enhanced business practices
- Vital A6 Lead; collaborative effort with XX/CS & XXX/AGOW to implement new C-MAJCOM site, saved 60/weekly
- Generated MPE data repository; documented shared understanding materials--expedited spin up of guard rotations

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)/Privacy Act (PA)

- Staunch FOIA Program Manager; process'd 5cases/redact'd 400+ pgs--personal privacy & national security protected

- Vigilant FOIA Prgm Mgr; reviewed/processed countless requests; Awd'd DoD trng cert--unauthorized dsclsr abated

- Managed FOIA prgm; process'd 7 cases/redact'd 400+ pgs <20 day susp--eliminated info leak/met DOD vision

- FOIA/PII innovator! Train'd ESFS/S5 mbr on assessments; Wg IG Top performer for best FOIA prgrm in AEW

- Processed six FOIA requests; coordinated/produced reports--maintained integrity/compliance with public law

- Revitalized PA plan; trained 400 users/monitored 3.5K files--prevented 3K Homeland Security data breaches

- Guided USAFE-directed PA review; scrutinized file formats/4K+ documents--safeguarded vital records data


- Energiz'd Wg records pgm; rvw'd 135 cse files/6 TDY areas/>stagging rqmt 88%--cut storage abuse/sav'd HAF $3.4K

- Revitalized CMD Official Records Program; trn'd over 200 CORs/RCs/Users; boosted compliance from 30% to 85%

- Updated records mgmt pgm; digitized 700+ files/protected Privacy Act information--#1/23 wgs across AMC

- Performed 11 record searches in 80 offices; assisted in AF legal cases/litigations--maintained unit compliance

- Key player for records mgnt pgrm; oversaw transition of paper files to new electronic file plan--UCI compliant

- Attended Records Management & FARM trng; skills implemented--ensured zero discrepancies during Wg SAV

- Outstanding records custodian! No discrepancies noted during Functional Area Rcd Mgt SAV--met AF stnds

- Piloted sq FARM pgm; guided 33 RCs/oversaw 15 file plans--elim'd 7 minor/2 significant WIT insp findings

- Overhauled RM; track'd 1.6K certs/reinforced federal guidance for 160 prsnl/40 classes--slammed 97% trng rt

- Championed E-7 lvl duties; fueled PA& PII/closed 10 breaches <72 hrs/KOM superstar--worthy of TSgt now!

- Transformed BRM prgm; provided 45 hrs of training/corrected 80K+ files--saved US/NATO msn continuity

- Performed audit of squadron files plans, creating 4 new org accts--offices better able to share critical msn info


- Base publications monitor; developed centralized repository/25+ records--delivered seamless on-time updates

- Led 4 yr review of C-NAF pubs; designed tracking sys/3pubs executed in record time--readiness current & relevant

- Drove Pubs Mgt; rvw'd/coord'd 132 MDG OIs <1 mo ahead of HSI/spt'd 35K patients--MDG/CC:"great work"

- Processed 30+ publication/OI requests; assisted w/ updates/reviews/coor'd--earned USAFE IG Team Award


- Overhauled SharePoint user permissions hierarchy; closed 32 critical AMC tkts--estab'd crossflow to 122 orgs

- Managed JB MilSuite pgm; trn'd 54 users/standardized sites--fostered DoD social ntwk across 5 mil agencies

- Captained EIM workflow tm; resolved 54 tkts/managed 3 outages--maximized EIM coverage to 4 wgs & NAF

- Excellent NCO! Dvlp'd 48 FW collabor'n mgmt; authored wg SharePoint templates--promotion to TSgt a must!

- Revamped 48 FW SharePoint backbone; 2K pgs/178 sites now AF compliant--bridged info capability/7K users

- Built hands-on SharePoint trng; 1st in 3 yrs/taught 6 class's/fix'd 157 sites across 4 Gps--optimiz'd $5B msn spt

- Single-handedly purged 1AF network drives; id'd over 3K vulnerabilities--reduced potential loss/compromise of PII

- Revamped Wg AF Portal pgm; led 6 Amn, instructed tm/standardized 50 sites--amp'd data flow & integrity

- Corrected SharePoint error; identified/corrected 90 security/privacy act vulnerabilities--prevented $450K fine

- Supervised five AF Portal/48 SharePoint sites; 23 publications/OIs processed--100% accuracy and timeliness

- Authored USAFE KO outage reporting procedures; ensured staff coverage--resolved 249 msn critical issues

- Processed SharePoint outage tickets; immediately resolved 65 requests/3 bases--100% customer satisfaction

- Revamped CC's Corner/Group Leadership/AADD SharePoint site; kept 750 Amn in-sync w/ msn and policies

- Deployed SharePoint report sys/350 personnel; enhanced productivity--saved Gp command section 80 man hrs

- Managed Gp SharePoint/AF Portal pgs; secur'd 10 GB of vital info--provid'd 2K users w/ msn/community info

- Honchoed AF Portal migration; meticulously migrated 1080 cyber links--completed 6 mths ahead of schedule

- Executed VOC administration for Group exercises; updated SharePoint site/inputs--funneled info to base's CCs

- Created School Liaison webpage; info available before PCS--eased transition for parents/lauded by base CC

- Crafted online executive council collaboration tool; one-stop shop--ensured 250+ AFSA mbrs receivd updates

- Base Web Contact Manager; updated 440 SharePoint pages/30 portal pages--provided 1.9K users w/msn info

- Developed MXG Sharepoint website; 100% evals now reviewed & signed electronically--saved 60+ manhours/mo


- Led group 3As thru AFSC transition period; implemented new 3D0X1 CFETP; streamlined KOM operations

- Focal point for all CC correspondence; tracked more than 140 docs--ensured accuracy/adherence to standard

- Managed medical readiness; scheduled and tracked 131 PHA and dental appts-unit readiness postured at 98%

- Prep'd 21 weekly directorate staff mtg slides; information QC'd/readied--aided SQ leaders' oversight abilities

- Systematized Gp Staff Mtg slides; streamlined wkly info fm flt to gp lvl--enhanced ldrshp vis/cut mtg time 15%

- Coordinated CC calls/awards ceremonies; CC's vision relayed to unit/Amn recognized--bolstered unit morale

- Managed personnel system; built/processed over 600 eval sites--guaranteed security of sensitive personal info

- Guided Appt Ltr Mgmt Tool tng brf; taught 24 unit POCs--implement'd pgm in 20 days vs 30 day MSG deadline

- Spearheaded unit task tracker; created EIM & proj database--upped sq CC's priority list visibility to 103 Amn

- Led 6 prsnl & ensured 100% compliance of 7 pgms/zero msn fails, sq Performer of the Mo--promote to TSgt!

- Completed 24 CCAF degree credit hrs; attended 8 PDC's/True Colors crse--honed skill set to lead 4 Mil/2 Civ

- Pacesetter; advanced 2 Wg-lvl prgms to 95% electronic process ahead of furlough--saved $19K/32 man-hours

- Led CSS trng; developed 3D0X1 OJT/797 trng docs for 54 prsnl across 21 squadrons--levied CC msn synergy

- Supt backfill; led 6 prsnl/elevated 5 wg-lvl prgms w/0 msn degradation--results: MSG "team award" win 2 Qtr

- Led Staging Area move; allocated 800 sq ft/preserved 75+ yrs history amid $825K save--TSgt ahead of peers!

- Crafted 2-ltr AFMC/SLC correspondence; provided SA to AFMC/CC on 8 critical topics affecting mission spt

- Tenacious work ethic; unquestionably "cut above" Knowledge Ops Manager--ensures mission accomplishment

Finance/Resource Management

- Recognized critical budget oversight f/ all of USTRANSCOM by halting unnoticed accounts--over 2K dollars saved

- Absorbed personal finance seminar; built household budget plan--improv'd savings & expedited debt reduction

- Resource Steward! Established $100K ADPE act--restored 2 yr dormant prgm/meticulously tracked 90+ assets

- Supported TCCS-P inventory cleanup; identified obsolete resources for DRMO--Increased storage capacity by 30%


- Led USAFE's #1 BRM prgm 2012; prep'd SAVs/trnd 203 RMs/306 file plans set--Topped AF std across board

- Powered NATO insp; secured 10K msn critical assets to protect 28 countries/0 findings--MSG/CC: "nailed it"

- Tip of the spear; trained 16 COR's and 18 RC's; ensured 100% compliance in preparation for upcoming UCI

- Selected to conduct Remote Access/IP Addressing SAVs; ensured prgms IAW AFIs as prep for upcoming UCI

- Catalyst for admin/log sprt for 2012 IG command inspection; contribut'd to OMC's overall mission capable rtg

- Transformed CS ADO Program;id'd/corrected 15 discrepancies--garnered "Excellent" rating during base SAV


- Executed Command's in/out mail program; processed 1,400 parcels--enabled coordination/collaboration for 3K prsnl

- Lead Joint Secretariat mail room takeover; streamlined procedures and deficiencies--heightened mission capabilities

- Oversaw records mgmt for USTRANSCOM Joint mail clerks; updated 20 documents--Established 100% compliance

- Managed movement of official mail to 4K active/guard/reserve pers--met timelines & kept delivery errors < 1%

- Sorted over 15K wg's U.S. postal mail/packages; trnsfer time-sensitive DDRP; ensured chain of custody in tact

- Mng'd revision of new sorting procedures--2K pkgs processed/0 errors/100% delivered...seamless transition

- Processed 1.1M+ incoming/outgoing official mail annually; utilized manual & automated sys--100% accurate

- Operated and performed minor maintenance on Neopost IJ110 postal mail meter; ensured proper postage applied

- Monitored 6 Postal Svc Ctr/Base Locator contractors; QAE'd $98K contract--enabled mail for 380 dorm Amn

- Outstanding ADO; distributed 1,000+ items of mail/CDCs/Technical Orders--vital information passed to sqdns

- Tracked all official packages; processed over 1,000 parcels for 120+ personnel--seamless flow of information

- Processed 1.1M+ incoming/outgoing official mail annually; utilized manual & automated sys--100% accurate

- Trn'd 200+ Activity Distribution Office's personnel; established OMC dispatch procedures--DoD compliant

- Helped maintain security of 1.2K incoming/outgoing pieces of accountable mail monthly--no security incidents

- Processed/sorted 500K+ incoming/outgoing official mail annually; utilized manual sys--100% accurate


- Liaised w/ MPF to fix process errors; 373 OPRs/EPRs/decs reviewed/corrected--achieved 98% on-time rate

- Tracked all EPR/OPR/decorations for operations section; processed 78 records--increased efficiency by 20%

- Phenomenal oversight! Reviewed, edited & tracked 200 evals/75 decs/100 docs--ensured high-class products

- Trusted SNCO! Made electronic performance report processing reality...100% accountability; promote now!

- Phenomenal oversight! Reviewed, edited & tracked 200 evals/75 decs/100 docs--ensured high-class products

Clearance/Base Access

- Routed on-time 800+ APACS requests; ensured 100% compliance w/Foreign Clrnc Guide & FP/AT measures

- Process'd 1,500 base access ltrs w/HN; deconflicted Omani Air Force/Embassy/deployed forces--zero delays

- Piloted Oman/US immigration entry/exit procedures; ensured timely arr/dep for over 500 DoD mbrs/USG civ

- Aided 405 AEG/LNO w/9 e-lv cases; dedicat'd off-duty hrs/validat'd immigration ltrs--ensur'd mbrs quick rtn

- Rapidly respond'd during a/c incident; coordinat'd 8 Naval Safety Team mbrs log/spt details--seamless integration

- 26 OSS HD NCOIC; resolved 630 trouble tickets across three 67 CW units--zero degradation to wing mission

- Directed five mbr CST team; maintained 350 systems/320 accounts/three ntwks--ensured 100% IA compliance

- Managed 67 CW PWCS program; controlled access for 44 devices/40 users--secured/maint'd $10K AF assets

- Oversaw 91 NWS CCF phone outage; authored repair/update solution--CCF returned to full operational status

- Governed EX90 upgrade; installed/configured/tested VTC devices--provided secured video comms for 67 CW

- Worked network configuration errors; submitted & monitored 50+ help desk tickets--exceeded customer needs

- Submitted 150+ trouble tickets for access/account modification; swift resolution--zero SQ msn degradation

- Complet'd TBA trng; took charge as trg mgr w/ 4 Amn in UGT; timely updates made in TBA--streamlined MTP

- Assisted Int'l Mil Ed & Trng Mgr w/Eng Language Testg; graded 200 tests--incrs'd stdnt candidate pool 50%

- Ramrodded overhaul of electronic process; designed easy-to-use SP page--provided DS with clear direction

- Attended NCO Professional Development seminar; improved interpersonal comm skills--ready for promotion

- Selflessly devoted; completed demanding 2 hr supervisor trng crs--enhanced KOM msn/trained 2 new Amn

- Filled both CSS and DO Admin duties during austere manning; positions normally held by NCO for six months

- SIPRNET monitor; vital sftwre installed; data integrity maint'd for SES/Deputy; risk mitigated/network secured

- Drove SOCCER program for HQ's 2nd largest div; 500+ taskers to DOD, SAF, HAF, Cntrs & AFMC Wings

- CORONA Top ECC Supt; led 101 escort team for SECAF/CSAF/65 GOs; lauded as Top Performer by 4-Star

- Directly supported XX IT issues for XX/CC and XX/CD; efforts ensured ability to leverage KM mission

- Revamped training for 3A0X1 members at _____; training recognized as outstanding; 100% CDC pass rate

- Organized, trained, equiped & executed mobility requirements & AEF taskings for 80 military--no shortfalls

- Force multiplier, organiz'd log sprt details for CDR CENTCOM/AFCENT/380AEW/405AEG visits--superb!

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