3D1X2 Cyber Transport EPR Bullets

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- Maintained $1M tactical NIPR/SIPR/Voice package; ensured 98% traffic uptimes--continu'd combat comm readiness
- Young gun! Lead Operation Sentry Savannah night shift tm; installed 15 critical devices--provided data to 60+ pilots
- Restored F-22 Raptor DDF; replaced faulty KG-175 TACLANE--protected 600 sq mile radius/supported >400 sorties
- Installed/config'd $23k secure data equip; established BICES netwk cafe--allowed coalition partner reachback capers

- Coordinated National Oceanic Administration install; new circuit enabled C2 for Search and Rescue C2
- Attacked air picture circuit outage; troubleshot and reset hardware--key air defense tool for Pacific region
- A standout professional ... selected to represent unit Airmen at briefing with CMSgt Popp/PACAF/CCC
- Established shift-change procedures; provided guidelines/documentation--saved 20 monthly man-hours
- Shop circuit folder POC; entrusted with oversight of every Team Andersen data link--fixed 120 discrepancies
- Resolved DSN trunk failure; reseated equipment--restored world-wide calling for 4.3K telephone customers
- Created trouble ticket training manual; trained five personnel on entering data--covered 11 OJT/UGT tasks
- Produced 4 hours of extensive training slides--provided work center streamlined training for day-to-day tasks
- Superior NCO! Chosen over 109 candidates as FTAC Team Lead; entrusted with developing 30 Airmen from
ten different organizations--coordinated/conducted 400 training hours, including scheduling 53 agencies to brief
- Took charge through 30-day NCOIC absence; focal point for base leaders--effortlessly executed TSgt duties
- Attacked four program deficiencies; fixed nagging curriculum/testing problems--program now 100% compliant
- Coordinated four FTAC graduations; enhanced esprit-de-corps for 30 Airmen--commended by 36 AEW/CC
- Found PACAF-wide regulatory issue; reported redundant FTAC directives--lauded by MAJCOM functional
- Revamped graduation certificate creation process; $360.00 annual savings without reducing quality of product
- Delivered 88 hours of instruction; showed superlative communication skills--received highest critique ratings
- Provided FTAC implementation guidance to Diego Garcia; enabled best training for remotely assigned Airmen
- Team player! Invited other units to FTAC Sexual Assault Awareness briefing; 13 shift workers now up-to-date
- Acquired heritage items; set up $400.00 in pictures and memorabilia--further professionalized class area
- Overhauled visual aid library; updated/cataloged full FTAC curriculum--guaranteed best data for 64 briefings
- Built targeted critiques for all lessons; identified weak spots in course--focus improved all facets of material
- Authored FTAC Team Leader continuity book; defined duties/explained all tasks--first-ever training resource
- Added Fitness Center walk-through to curriculum; increased troops fitness knowledge--Fit to Fight advocate
- Organized four base tours; introduced 30 Airmen to facilities/resources--facilitated transition to military life
- Led four island tours; highlighted morale-boosting activities--improved sensitivity towards local community
- Led volunteer teams for MUNS Booster Club fundraiser and 20 K bike race; oversaw 57 volunteer man-hours

-Executed 126 checklist directives--zero shortfalls/one Best Practice during 2005 EPME Air Force Inspection
-Relentless planning/scheduling resulted in zero wing promotion withholds due to lack of ALS--best in PACAF
-Expertly steered 384 hours of EPME curriculum and two graduation banquets for 51 students and 500+ guests
-Methodically managed test control program--validated 2380 test scores--ensured accuracy of 8 student awards
-Impressively mastered 192 curriculum hours--no notice evaluation by Flight Chief garnered Outstanding rating
-Guided staff training on student testing trends from 5 key areas--scores immediately improved in targeted areas
-Advocated $3K audio visual equipment for classroom, new furniture, TV for breakroom--student morale boost!
-Subject matter expert! Trained new instructor--completed aggressive 60-day qualification process...no glitches
-Created & implemented 13-step fitness program; 45 students increased AF fitness test scores by 5 point average
-Graduation Banquet POC...superbly managed culmination ceremonies--recognized achievements of 61 students
-Wing asset! Provided vital Self-Aid Buddy Care training to 10 MSS and ABW personnel--increased readiness
-Championed AF initiative/obtained Victim Advocate training; prepared to provide victims with critical support
-Booster Club Vice President...superbly coordinated and led key events--raised $200 for MSS Christmas Party
-Skillfully managed & organized wing's first-ever NCO Professional Development seminar--23 NCOs educated
-Led 61 students/supported local animal clinic & AF Enlisted Village; donated 3K pounds pet supplies and $100
-Dynamic speaker; emceed wing quarterly awards breakfast; professional event; excellence noted by AEW/CCC

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