3D1X4 Spectrum Operations EPR Bullets

Job Description

- Analyzes, nominates, and requests frequencies to support communications and operational requirements f/ 115th FW
- Coordinates frequency needs with Federal, Military, and Civil Spectrum Management Agencies, secures op authority
- Maintains frequency records and associated databases, manages Air Force Spectrum Interference Resolution program
- Examines frequency assignment records to ascertain suitability of specific equipment planned f/Wing & deployments

Performance Assessment

- Audited RF s f/five-year review; secured continu d use/11 vital freqs/saved $110K in fees--WG flying msn sustained

- Perfect'd ISM duties; direct'd 55 frequencies f/18 WG accounts--assur'd reliable comms f/flying mission & DOMOPS

- Lead AO for 2 multi-nat'l exercises; coord'd 75 IFF/radar freq requests--solidified spt for 6 Allied/22US weapon sys

- Secured Randolph runway barrier license; de-conflicted 147 freqs--provided protection of life/$420M aircraft
- Expedited 173 FW air/ground rqmts; secured 15 C2 comm nets--enabled air interceptor trng/3.5K sorties flown
- Validated T-1A interplane links; modified RF sys parameters for 13 nets--improved strategic/tactical pilot trng
- Obtained Electronic Attack approval; coord'd w/ 2 nat'l agencies--tested countermeasures for $300M C2 assets
- Hosted AF 3D Trng Advisory Grp; dev'd Cyberspace career field's future--coined for outstanding performance
- Supported local library; relocated 30K books during $3M facility upgrd--superb AF ambassador to community
- Actively pursing degree in Info Sys Management; earned 3 credit hrs by CLEP--12 credits remaining for CCAF
- Completed 8hr Strat Writing Seminar; enriched supervisory/comm skills--postured for increased responsibility
- Alpha tester for Force Protection/Security Admin CBT; ID'd 8 disprencies--improved tests for 1M+ DoD users
- Validated 343rd TRS C2 nets; coord'd 26 inter/intra-team links w/ Army--increased readiness for 36K students
- Reviewed 88 freq licenses; ID'd/deleted 10 unused air ground freqs--eliminated interference/$2K in yrly fees
- Outstanding manager! Learned/excelled in new AFSC; msn enabler for vital AETC C2--Promote to TSgt now
- Aided National Reconnaissance Office; secured short-notice approval--ensured 100% satellite test objectives
- Engineered pararescue comm nets; provided 24 licenses for 342 TRS--enabled combat search/rescue trng msns
- Aquired 43 tactical freqs; projected trng for 300+ Battlefield Airmen at new $3.4M TACP facility--Promote!

- Increased radio communications support for ops across EUCOM theater--reduced freq clrance wait by 2 wks

- Coordinated mult freq collection; aided ident/track/arrest of foreign nationals illegally transmitting in U.S.

- Researched all avenues of suppt; discovered unused sat chans, claimed for spec ops, expanded comm 50%

- Assisted in 120 global HF mx inspections; achieved 99.7% uptime rate--surpassed USAFE standard by 1.2%

- Inspected 6 functional areas during 2011 UCI--asst'd fix of unresolved probs, deliv'd CC's best program

- Resolved chronic freq interference across AOR, restored secure ground-to-air file sharing to complete msn

- Managed 300+ radio freq assignments for 13 Robins AFB units, assured reliable comm for over 10,000 users

- Secured rare C-130 aircraft radar frequencies; enabled flight sorties critical to acft navigation sys upgrade

- Arranged install of LMRs in 20 SFS patrol cars; completed in < a week--provided flt line emergency mobile C2

- Eval'd MH-60 Radio Freq Countermeasures suite; ensured low profile troop insertion into hostile environment

- Pinpointed RF interference/dev corrective action; restored MAJCOM Staff Assist team personal wireless comm

- Recovered prohibited TCN documentation/sensitive data; elim vulnerability--protected deployed aircraft/$3B

- Audited base's RF licenses during five-year review; ident 22 idle lic/waste of finite rescs, returned to AFC

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