3D1X7 Cable and Antenna Systems EPR Bullets

(Formerly 2E6XX)

- Synced NAOC emerg alert sys; fix'd 4 warning beacons--assured aircrew response f/Nat'l Cmd Auth/POTUS C3 ctrl ctr
- Revived OSS $260K acft landing sys; ID'd/rpr'd damaged fiber cables in 1 hr--restored FMC A2G C2 f/1.2K sorties/yr
- Modernized CST ofc net; wired 1.6K ft CAT6 cable/8 wall ports f/24 psnl--incr'd data transfer rate 10 Mbps > 10 Gbps
- Adv'd $17M ELMR upgrd proj; installed 24 fiber strands/linked 26 consoles--est'd net failsafe f/2 MAJCOMs/14 bases
- Resolved AFGSC A5/8 net outage; rpr'd 2 crit fiber links--restored mgmt f/$80B Grnd Based Strategic Deterrent pgrm
- Expanded 307 MXG eTools sys; linked 3 WiFi access pts--incr'd signal coverage f/AF's sole reserve BW w/$1.2B fleet
- Safeguarded 307 FSS fiber infrastructure; traced/tagged 72 strands/6 cables--furthered $10M bldg reno ISO 3K users
- Assisted 548 Cmbt Trng Sq ex; prv'd cable pathway/bridged 2 IT assets--dlvr'd C2 ISO 6 close air spt sorties/airlift ops
- Executed MDG upgrd; wired 12 VoIP sys/2.3K ft cable--pwr'd rapid DHA line/spt'd fastest BTF ops/8 B-52s/152 Amn
- Linked $700K UPS sys w/AFNet; installed 1K ft cable--ensured 8 AF fac failsafe/C3 capes f/$6B nuc assets/309 mbrs
- Overhauled MUNS fac; ran 2.4K ft net lines <2 days--impr'd mgmt f/shipments via 8 AORs/key to Sq 2d Qtr Tm Awd
- Headed NAOC T-1 circuit restoral; rectified faulty copper pairs--bolstered POTUS/Nat'l Cmd Auth 24/7 C2 coverage

- Orchestrated SIPRNet cable rqmt; installed 24 lines--enabled 46th Test Sq warning/readiness trng platform activation
- Directed 302 AMXS request; provided 8 data & 4 voice drops--expanded comm capes & slashed repair time by 50%
- Executed AFSPC fiber installation; engineered 2 secure uplinks--enabled joint level planning ISO SECDEF missions
- Bolstered $928K Win 10 project; installed uplinks to 4 switches--deployed 4.1K laptops AoS/set AF-wide benchmark
- Renewed PATRIOT battery C3; prgm'd alt ntwrk link to NMCC--postured $143M def sys/safegaurded 44M civilians

- Drove base comm clearance reports; oversaw 58 requests/41 virtual db records--sfgrd d $20M ntwk backbone/assets

- Spearheaded $464K mx proj; inspected 28 emitters/org'd priority fix actions--optimized $1.4M sys/life cycle >10 yrs

- Led RLP reconstruction; sought-out/found/installed critical rotor assembly--svd AF $25K in ant/freight costs

- Expertly identified 23 damaged antenna elements; repaired using decommissioned parts--saved USAF 60K in costs

Senior Airman XXXXXXX distinguished himself by outstanding achievement as Cable and Antenna Systems Technician, 85th Engineering Installation Squadron, 38th Cyberspace Engineering Group, 688th Information Operation Wing, Keesler Air Force Base, Mississippi. During this period, Airman XXXXXXX served as a key technician responsible for the installation of 300,000 feet of fiber optic cable and 25 industry leading camera/thermal imagery equipment used to protect over 6,000 acres of flight line and 79 assigned domestic and allied C-130 aircraft valued at over $3.2 billion for 19 AW Little Rock AFB. In addition, Airman XXXXXXX was instrumental in the migration of all phone services to fiber optics for HQ/1AF. His actions systematically resolved over 550 user technical support requests and delivered immediate mission support capabilities for the North American Aerospace Defense Command. Finally, Airman XXXXXXX's outstanding professional skill, knowledge, and leadership were instrumental to over 11,000 sorties yearly and ensured solid command and control for the 65th ABW during a $50,000 network enhancement upgrade. The distinctive accomplishments of Airman XXXXXXX reflect credit upon himself and the United States Air Force.

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