3D1X7 Cable and Antenna Systems EPR Bullets

(Formerly 2E6XX)

- Synced NAOC emerg alert sys; fix'd 4 warning beacons--assured aircrew response f/Nat'l Cmd Auth/POTUS C3 ctrl ctr
- Revived OSS $260K acft landing sys; ID'd/rpr'd damaged fiber cables in 1 hr--restored FMC A2G C2 f/1.2K sorties/yr
- Modernized CST ofc net; wired 1.6K ft CAT6 cable/8 wall ports f/24 psnl--incr'd data transfer rate 10 Mbps > 10 Gbps
- Adv'd $17M ELMR upgrd proj; installed 24 fiber strands/linked 26 consoles--est'd net failsafe f/2 MAJCOMs/14 bases
- Resolved AFGSC A5/8 net outage; rpr'd 2 crit fiber links--restored mgmt f/$80B Grnd Based Strategic Deterrent pgrm
- Expanded 307 MXG eTools sys; linked 3 WiFi access pts--incr'd signal coverage f/AF's sole reserve BW w/$1.2B fleet
- Safeguarded 307 FSS fiber infrastructure; traced/tagged 72 strands/6 cables--furthered $10M bldg reno ISO 3K users
- Assisted 548 Cmbt Trng Sq ex; prv'd cable pathway/bridged 2 IT assets--dlvr'd C2 ISO 6 close air spt sorties/airlift ops
- Executed MDG upgrd; wired 12 VoIP sys/2.3K ft cable--pwr'd rapid DHA line/spt'd fastest BTF ops/8 B-52s/152 Amn
- Linked $700K UPS sys w/AFNet; installed 1K ft cable--ensured 8 AF fac failsafe/C3 capes f/$6B nuc assets/309 mbrs
- Overhauled MUNS fac; ran 2.4K ft net lines <2 days--impr'd mgmt f/shipments via 8 AORs/key to Sq 2d Qtr Tm Awd
- Headed NAOC T-1 circuit restoral; rectified faulty copper pairs--bolstered POTUS/Nat'l Cmd Auth 24/7 C2 coverage

- Orchestrated SIPRNet cable rqmt; installed 24 lines--enabled 46th Test Sq warning/readiness trng platform activation
- Directed 302 AMXS request; provided 8 data & 4 voice drops--expanded comm capes & slashed repair time by 50%
- Executed AFSPC fiber installation; engineered 2 secure uplinks--enabled joint level planning ISO SECDEF missions
- Bolstered $928K Win 10 project; installed uplinks to 4 switches--deployed 4.1K laptops AoS/set AF-wide benchmark
- Renewed PATRIOT battery C3; prgm'd alt ntwrk link to NMCC--postured $143M def sys/safegaurded 44M civilians

- Drove base comm clearance reports; oversaw 58 requests/41 virtual db records--sfgrd d $20M ntwk backbone/assets

- Spearheaded $464K mx proj; inspected 28 emitters/org'd priority fix actions--optimized $1.4M sys/life cycle >10 yrs

- Led RLP reconstruction; sought-out/found/installed critical rotor assembly--svd AF $25K in ant/freight costs

- Expertly identified 23 damaged antenna elements; repaired using decommissioned parts--saved USAF 60K in costs

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