AFSC 3E8X1/Explosive Ordnance Disposal

Job Description

- Supports the United States Secret Service (USSS) in protection of the President, Vice President, & foreign dignitaries

- Detects, identifies, neutralizes U.S. and foreign conventional, chemical, biological, nuclear ordnance and IEDs
- Provide explosive detection and area sterilization for the Secret Service and State Department in direct support
of the President, Vice President, other U.S. and foreign dignitaries and other services' and nations' armed forces
- Provides Explosive Ordnance Disposal support to federal, state, & local authorities in interest of public safety

- Detects, identifies, recovers, renders safe, and properly disposes of conventional/chemical/nuclear munitions
- Instructs base and community personnel on ordnance recognition, IED counter-measures, and explosive safety
- Provides technical/explosive ordnance support to US Secret Service/State Dept for protection of the POTUS
- Clears US Aircraft of hazardous explosive items IAW AFIs to make sure uninterrupted AF mission worldwide

Performance Assessment

- Manag'd EOD QA section; MICT/HQ SAV/14 practical assessments/WIT exercise -- unit prepar'd for upcoming UEI

- Revitalized LE trng partnership; 3 IED trng scenarios/expl safety class--lasting relationships w/ jnt agncy counterparts

- Oversaw EOD Muns Section; 11 issues & 27 expenditures rslting in 33 explosive ops--enabl'd emrgcy resp capability

- Certified EOD Tier 2 PTL; prepared flt f/ new Tier 2 exam/mng'd 21 psnl's fitness programs--improved unit readiness

- Showcased EOD robots/equip to 150 students; increased comprehension of deployed experience--eased minds

- Proven warrior; engaged in direct hostile enemy fire defending personnel-awarded Army Combat Action Badge

- Started flights Critical Nuclear Weapons Design Information (CNWDI) program; six months ahead of schedule
- Spearheaded the robotics maintenance program for the 802nd EOD flight during low manning; saved flt $35K
- Excellent communicator; instructed 14 active EET personnel on GBS; simulated real world trning environment
- Trained six 802nd EOD members on dismounted operations while conducting C-IED sweeps; ready to deploy
- Provided EOD support for over 6K acres and >$1.1B in explosive laden aircraft--JBB 100% mission ready
- Orchestrated EOD flight drawdown; directed movement of $1.5M in assets--mission capable until last day
- Oversaw 87 EOD combat msns; 39 UXO's/19 caches/6K NEW safely eliminated--countered USF-I's #1 threat
- Facilitated redeployment of techs from JBB to ATO; backfill for EOD KIA--zero effect on JBB operations
- Discov'd wpns cache w/ 57/107mm mortar/rockets; swept area for evidence/secondary devices--EOD demo'd

- Base and Wing ambassador-trains and educates local law enforcement; after school study program coordinator

- Graduated 40-hour JTAC home-made explosive crse; developed realistic IED scenarios--400+ defenders trnd

- Deployed to RC North--analyzed msn req'ts, dist'd 20K lbs of explosives to 5 FOBs--incrs'd EOD capabilities

- Top notch EOD NCO; superior knowledge & trainer of fellow EOD techs; Ready for increased responsibility

- Partnered w/ coalition forces--increased IED intel, developed IED Defeat TTPs that were adopted nation-wide

- Led team during 22 emergent EOD responses ISO the U.S. Secret Service--maintained ops/improved msn safety

- Supervised disposal of 500+ explosive charges--eliminated dangerous materials, certified 80 personnel

- Lead counter-IED analyst--key to discovery of 9 IEDs in Afghan/Iraq--ensured coalition safety/security

- Conducted 12 dangerous IED route-clearing msns--safed routes for convoys leaving/entering Joint Base Balad

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