3F2X1 Education and Training EPR Bullets

AFSC 3F2X1 was previously AFSC 3S2X1


- Commander's key staff training advisor- UTM for 71 person sq; administers unit trng and professional development

- Maintains, manages, & analyzes 700+ records; establishes data continuity between MilPDS, TBA, IMDS, & ARCNet

- Key advisor to MDG/CC, 3 Sq CCs/13 Functional Mgrs/14 Corp Chiefs/30 workcenters/35 AFSCs/412 assigned prsnl
- Flt Chief of MDG Staff/28 Civ, Contractors, Enlisted and Officers; coordinates policies, procedures, taskings & rqmts
- Directs MDG Education & Training prgms/17 flts; oversees MTPs/AF training records/150 prsnl 5 & 7 level upgrades
- Validates, budgets & schedules formal crses for 75 Providers; ensures delivery of care for 78K TRICARE beneficiaries

- Manages/tracks trng for 291/3 flights/22 positions protecting 150 ICBMs worth $3.3B in a 8.5K sq mi missile complex


- Overhauled database scrub; decimated 3.5K IMDS errors--ensured 100% AFI compliance/trng continuity w/in MUNS
- Directed UGT for 78 Amn; brief'd SOT data to CCs/finalized 20 skill lvl upgrades--up'd logistics spt to 20 acft by 7%
- Governed Special Cert Roster; finalized 47 changes & verified 35 members/175 certs--powered quals spt'g 1.1K sorties
- Selected NCOPES SME; briefed Education and Training/supervisor roles/responsibilities--fostered prof dvlp f/4 prsnl
- Developed sqd trng monitors; implemented Self Registration SharePoint--eliminated >38% IMDS overdues/1.2K crs's
- Deployed prod automation; directed 17 flts/bridged single source collection f/2.1K trng updates--svd sections 28 hrs/yr
- Led MUNS trng SAV; insp'd 17 MTPs id'd/corrected 48 err/solidified 100% task coverage--key to 88% QA pass rate
- ID'd TFAT doc shortfall; conducted Mylearning trng crs f/5 sqds /9 UTMs trnd--CC vis/reduced 3K trng deficiencies
- Drove AF SAPR/SP directive; updated 1.4k trng courses 4 sqds/723 prsnl/43hrs svd--enforced mandatory DoD rqmts
- Mng'd AFGSC MCL rqmts; forecasted/scheduled 386 seats w/88% efficiency--crushed MAJCOM standard by X%
- Dir'd MUNS formal trng; routed 17 RIPs/confirmed 9 AFCOMAC allocations--averted 3 deferments, 100% seat util

- Fill'd FGO pos f/4 mos; oversaw 364 prsnl/28 facs/3K auths/$42M assets ISO 4.2K jt warfighters--vital f/Sq/CC 2 wk gap

- Oversaw BW formal trng prgm; coord'd 910 TDYs w/41 UTMs & confirmed 72 PME quotas--allocated $2.2M funds

- Coord'd AMC/A4M DRRS crit report change; removed 5.6K invalid TBA task f/19 mbrs--increased rdy capes 44%

- Authored UGT routing policy; designed sharepoint hub/one-stop for sig/phased-out UGT emails; bolster'd capes 11%
- Revamped CDC brief/contract; introduced detailed instruction/stricter vol tracking--drove 11 mo 100% pass rt/8 HOF
- Instructed four AFTC's amid CAF Day; qual'd 87 mbrs/updated AFTR/TBA/MilPDS--increased 22 WCs trainer pool
- Expert oversight of 22.7K tng items; reduced overdues 1% w/notification controls--crush'd Command's <5% standard
- Managed trn for 8 AFSC's; vital to executionof3.1KHurricanerelief msn's/260POTUSsptmsn's--ready to lead now

- Managed reoccurring trng f/600 prsnl; inpt over 2500 MIS updates f/15 workcenters--reduced squadron overdue 20%

- Validated trng sys; reviewed 50 records, corrected 80 defects--maintained 100% data accuracy, ensured SAV success

- QB'd Sq's data call; val'd 2W/3P0/3D0 trng reqs--secured 45 vital nuclear crse seats/$95K funds/netted Gp UTM OTQ

- Coord'd CBRN mobile trng tm f/new AF rqmt; trained 150 mbrs/100% msn ready--Wg/CC lauded '1st c/w in USAFE'

- Led SF MTP/cert rewrite; val'd/aligned 300 tasks/references--flawless trng guides/ensured focused trng f/150 crit certs

- AFMC lead! Asst'd PACAF w/ADUTM crse devlpmnt; taught/val'd class/provided feedback--submitted f/AF approval

- Drove 100K trng hrs; filled 84 AETC/AFGSC crses--ensured vital certs for AFGSC/CC combat-ready nuc forces msn

- Piloted Green Dot/SABC prgms; guided 4 instrs/10 crses/15 hrs/trained 470--completed rqmts w/in 4 mos/#1 in wing

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