3H0X1 Historian EPR Bullets

- Provides historical research and reference services; systematically collects and organizes historical data.

- Publishes periodical histories, studies, papers, and monographs; writes fully documented, analytical narratives

- Prepares well organized charts, tables, graphs and statistical summaries of significant information

- Participates in unit readiness exercises; deploys to support operational historical requirements

- Expertly executed wing history program, researched and produced on-time history, archiving wing activities.

- Developed first-ever appendices; collected critical fuels usage and flight data; preserved key flying data.

- Created and archived valuable oral history library of historical interviews with retirees of XXX AW.

- Vital member of Operational Readiness Inspection support team; lauded by AF IG as "above the line"

- Archived over 3,500 photos documenting Sather Air Base's transition from OIF to Operation New Dawn


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