SF Training & Certification EPR Bullets

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Use of Force

- Attended/certified SFCP instructor; honed hand-to-hand cmbt/weapons retention skill--enhanced sq self defense capes

- Certified on RADAR/LIDAR, studied OC Pepper Spray/ASP baton--tng enhanced traffic and non-lethal skills

- Attended WA State non-lethal employment crse; garnered life saving skills--enhanced self defense capabilities

- Completed rigorous Taser & Baton training--enhanced less-than lethal capabilities for cooperative control

- Trn'd 8 hrs in confrontation mgmt; volunteered 16 hrs/Travis Air Expo crowd cntrl--secured 200K+ attendees

- Completed Inter-Service Non-Lethal Individual Weapons Instructor Course; invaluable addition to unit mission

- Trained/qualified on OC pepper spray--broadened less than lethal use of force options--honed SF capabilities

Field Sobriety/DUI

- Attended a specialized training course; Standardized Field Sobriety Test increasing training and readiness

- Certified on BrAC datamaster; skills used to combat DUIs--two violators ID'd/detained/removed from roads

- Attended Wa DUI certification crs and certified on BrAC datamaster/Portable Breath Test--processed 8 DUIs

- Attended WA DUI certification crs/certified on OC pepper spray/combat first aid--enhanced LE capabilities

- Attended Washington State DUI certification crs; learned skills taught to unit mbrs--fought war againnst DUIs

- Certified as Breath Alcohol Content Datamaster Operator; honed LE skills--built defense against drunk drivers

- Completed Backscatter & WA State Breath Test Pgm Instructor's Crs; trained 50+ SF--enhanced capabilities

- Motivated NCO! Certified on BrAC datamaster & Portable Breath Test--valuable skills used to detect DUIs

- Qualified as Breath Alcohol Content Datamaster Operator; honed LE skills--built defense against drunk drivers


- Completed 40+ hours of specialized tng provided by EOD; enhanced detection capability, strengthened FP at Eskan

- Trained on Backscatter vehicle x-ray sys; enhanced VBIED explosive detection capabilities--FP integrity intact

- Trained and certified on $1.2M Backscatter vehicle X-Ray system; cleared 50+ vehicles--mitigated VBIEDs

- Trained and certified on $1.2M Backscatter X-Ray Vehicle equipment--force multiplier to Wg AT/FP program

- Certified on Back Scatter ops; conducted 30+ vehicle checks per shift--prevented VBIED & deterred terrorism

- Certified on FIDO Explosives Detector; trained 72 SF on operations--force multiplier to Wg AT/FP program

- Certified on X-Ray Back Scatter ops; conducted 35+ vehicle checks per shift--efforts deterred crime/terrorism

- Completed 20 hr California AT/FP Concepts crs--increased understanding of terrorist methodology; promote


- Attended five day Jt MWD FTX w/Ft Lewis infantry; honed K-9 trainer skills--strengthened interservice ties

- Attended Gulf States RTC; enhanced ground combat and shooting skills--honed war-fighting skills for GWOT

- Attended pre-deployment tng; enhanced combat & shooting capabilities--honed war-fighting skills for GWOT

- Attended pre-deployment training at Ft Dix, NJ; received valuable base defense/convoy training--ready for war

- Attended 14 day predeployment tng at Cp Guernsey; led Amn on patrolling/small unit tactics--ready for GWOT

- Attended rigorous 18 day Phoenix Warrior RTC; sharpened K-9 team skills--increased mission effectiveness

- Attended 8 hrs of Humvee Egress Assistance Training; enhanced egress skills--increased readiness in AOR

- Attended Army Detainee Cert crs/WA State DUI Cert crs; honed SF skills--vital for home station/deployed ops

- Attended Camp Bullis's Combat Ldr Course; 38 day tng completed--ready to lead SF in any ABD environment

- Attended Camp Guernsey RTC; requested to instruct cadre on patrolling/small unit tactics--adopted by tng ctr

- Attended six week predeployment training at Ft. Bliss; honed tactical and life saving skills--ready to defend

- Attended Space Command JRTC at Camp Guernsey WY; sharpened vital ABD skills for upcoming deployment

- Completed 14 day JTC predeployment training; enhanced fire tm leader tactics--prepared for OEF/OIF mission

- Completed 50 hrs of desert warfare tng at Creach AFB; trained on convoys and patrolling--honed combat skills

- Completed Detainee Ops tng at Fort Dix; enhanced detainee security skills--ready for the war against terrorism

- Completed Phoenix Readiness at Fort Dix; 14 days combat tng received--honed warrior skills for in theatre use

- Completed pre-deployment tng; honed ground combat/tactical/shooting skills--enhanced OEF/OIF readiness

- Completed six week predeployment training at Ft. Lewis; honed tactical & life saving skills--promote to SrA!

- Completed three week predeployment training at Ft. Bliss; honed tactical/life saving skills--ready to defend

- Completed three week predeployment training; honed tactical and life saving skills--ready for GWoT missions

- Completed two week Silver Flag Alpha predeployment tng; honed tactical/life saving skills--ready to deploy

Combat Life Saver

- Attended Army Combat Life Saver Crs; critical to AOR's msn--provided life saving aid to burnt infant victim

- Certified as Combat Life Saver; provided squad with valuable knowledge--enhanced GWOT msn effectiveness

- Completed 360 hours of predeployment tng/Army Combat life Saver crs; honed FP skills--training vital for OIF

- Completed 40 hr Combat Life Saver course; able to administer meds/IVs--enhanced Amn life-saving capability

- Completed Army Combat Life Saver Crs; critical to AOR's msn--able to provide lifeline to critically injured

- Completed Army Combat Life Saver Crs; first line med capability to wounded/injured--critical to AOR's msn

- Completed Army Combat Life Saver crs; increased first responder skills--critical to garrison/deployment msn

- Completed Combat Life Saver Crs/predeployment tng at Ft Lewis; vital to AOR's msn--honed life saving skills

- Completed US Army Combat Life Saver Course; increased skills to render SABC--vital to OIF/OEF mission

- Graduated from the US Army Combat Life Saver Course; enhanced his ability to treat/save injured personnel


- Trained on cargo pallet build up--now capable of organizing logistic details ISO SF deployments world-wide

- Mobile Cop certified--true law enforcement tool--instant information on suspects--officer safety at the forefront

- Attended E911 training; gained superior knowledge & expertise--increased emergency response capability

- Attended eight hours of Humvee Egress Assistance Tng; enhanced egress skills--increased readiness in AOR

- Certified as WACIC operator/alarm monitor; trained three SF Defenders--ensured continuity/unit effectiveness

- Certified ATV instructor; selected by wing leadership to represent 62 AW to train AMC/CC on safe operation

- Certified Customs inspector; examined 45 msn items/800K+ cargo exiting Ali AB--agriculture/contraband free

- Attended Pierce County's "Lockdown" tng; prepared to manage school crises--enhanced response capabilities

- Attended new SFS tng pgm; 12 months of tng accomplished in 14 days/100% job qualified--ready for GWoT

- Motivated NCO; garnered Hazardous Material Cargo/Pallet Building classes--prepped for AEF flt/sqd ldr duty

- Proactive patrolman! Trained/certified on RADAR/LIDAR operations--enhanced his traffic enforcement skills

- Qualified as Armorer; 100% task certified six days ahead of schedule--increased w/c capability/productivity

- Certified on Protective Service Operations; another vital skill added to toolbox--actions deterred terror/crime!

- Attended Active Shooter crs; authored base school lockdown plan--enhanced safety of MAFB--One of my best

- Attended Terrorist Hostage Negotiations Crs--garnered vital C2/critical incident management skills for 62 AW

- Attended/certified as BEAM HIT instructor; trained two prsnl on system proceedures--honed SF shooting skills

- Certified as CFSOCC Entry Controller; trained six prsnl on entry procedures--ensured no unauthorized access

- Certified as physical fitness ldr; expanded flt's physical fitness routine--enhanced unit's "Fit to Fight" readiness

- Certified as Rape Aggression Defense Instructor; empowered wing personnel in self defense--safety enhanced

- Received Narcotic Identification Kit training--facilitated criminal conviction/essential narcotic identification

- Graduated from Assistant Combat Arms Training & Maintenance instructor seminar & completed 60 hours OJT

- Certified on RADAR/LIDAR, OC Pepper Spray & ASP baton; honed LE skills--enhanced mission capabilities

- Certified on RADAR/LIDAR, OC Pepper Spray & ASP Baton--enhanced technical and non-lethal SF skills!

- Completed 2 day Applied Suicide Intervention Skills tng--now able to provide critical lifeline in times of need

- Completed 45 hrs of ADLS tng; honed critical ancillary skills--increased survivability & operational readiness

- Completed Armory tng rqmts; trained security ofcrs on weapons handling--36 contract guards with no mishaps

- Completed Army CID Crime Scene Processing course--honed investigative skills by completing 20 hr program

- Completed Army Equipment Custodian Crs--tng enabled 100% accountability of $2.6M DOD training assets

- Completed CPEC crs; qualification slashed UTC shortfall 50%--unit now ready/qualified for any GWOT msn

- Completed five week DOD Traffic Accident Investigator crs--aided SF in solving three major vehicle mishaps

- Completed ground burst simulator tng; skills used in SF/ECST scenarios--realism brought to tng environment

- Completed Gulf States regional tng center; enhanced ground combat & shooting skills--honed warfighting skills

- Completed H.E.A.T. training course; critical to AOR mission/overall ORM--enhanced safety for self and other

- Completed Information Assurance Security Officer crs--enabled computer access for 170 prsnl; morale booster

- Completed WA State Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus crs; increased ability to detect DUIs--lives/property saved

- Graduate of highly demanding Close Precision Engagement Course; filled vital squadron mobility requirement

- Graduated Army Detainee Certification crs; honed prison ops skills--ensured safety of SF prsnl & detainees

- Graduated Close Precision Engagement Course; filled critical squadron mobility requirement--vital to GWOT

- Graduated Electronic Sys Operator course/scored 90% on initial Patrol Leader Stan-Eval--set standard for SF

- Earned BDOC cert < 30 days; Thule defense assured in 78% unit turnover--stabilized critical position shortfall

- Sterling performer; capitalized on all available self-improvement and career enhancement opportunities


- Graduated Phoenix Raven school; flew 4 msns as tm mbr--ensured security of C-17 msns to various locations

- Graduated RAVEN crs, #1633; earned 6 hrs toward CCAF/CJ--enhanced education/flew 4 msns in spt of OIF

- GWoT Ready! Accomplished 90 hrs of RAVEN readiness training--prepared for any msn throughout the world

- Motivated Amn! Volunteered/completed AMC Phoenix RAVEN crs/#1621; earned six hrs towards CCAF/CJ

- True professional! Completed 90+ hrs of RAVEN readiness tng--prepared for any msn throughout the world

- Attended Phoenix RAVEN crs; graduated as RAVEN #1714--flew two msns securing vital assets for GWOT

- Attended Raven Instructional Development crs; evaluated pgm elements--crs streamlined to meet mission needs

- Graduated AMC RAVEN crs, #1688; flew four RAVEN msns in support of OIF--secured war fighting assets

- Motivated NCO! Volunteered/completed AMC Phoenix RAVEN crs; earned six hrs towards his CCAF in CJ


- Completed Federal Emer Mgmt Agency crs; prepared for NBC incident--earned four credits towards CCAF/CJ

- Completed FEMA course on BIO/Nuclear emergency response--uses knowledge to lead SF first responders

- Completed 23 hour WA Emer Mgmt pgm--enhance ability to direct state/federal resources in emer conditions

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