CATM EPR Bullets


- Facilitates/evaluates qualification training on the M16A2, M4, M9, M11, HK416, MP5 & GUU-5P weapon sys
- Provides force protection for $8.7B+ in C17s, 13K+ personnel, 77 alarm facilities and $10B+ AF installation
- Manages Command Weapons records management program & implements CJCS records management standards

- Conducts combat arms training for 3.5K+ wing personnel annually on M4 carbine, M16A2 rifle and M9 pistol
- Instructs weapons handling, range safety procedures, marksmanship and maintenance of small arms weapons
- Observes, supervises, and evaluates students during live fire, controls and safeguards ammunition and weapons
- Performs semiannual weapons inspection/sub-depot level maintenance on over 4,200 wing/tenant unit weapons

- Responsible for training, administration, & classroom discipline of over 1,300 active duty & reserve personnel
- Works w/ HQ AFPC training advisors and career field management officials to validate courses' field accuracy
- Develops/maintains lesson plans, course materials, written tests, appraisals, study guides, and course critiques
- Maintains accurate count/control of over 150K rounds of small arms ammunition and plans future expenditures


- A-4 Superintendent; managed supply/armory/vehicle section, five personnel and 50k assets--fortified enduring concept

- Aced 40 hrs ATSEP course; conduct'd 270 evals/ID'd 36 deficiencies/prep'd 6 injects f/Ex NLP--boost'd Wg readiness

- Assisted w/ 180 day CATM/DATM PI's; verified serviceability on 156 9MM's/$4.6M--enabled 100% FMC rate

- Authored Armory OI; established policy/implemented accountability process--prevented injuries, streamlined training

- Authored logistics plan for CATM transport; ensured safe transit of 30.2K trainees-vital to 737 TRG AFOUA '15 win

- Certified/trusted Airman--trained two fellow Airman in crucial armory duties/ensured critical position stability

- Coordinated with munitions and four GCC Sq's for ammo account creation and resupply--prep' for surge operations

- Established CATM/Armory electronic library; improved database, streamlined inventory--100% efficiency rate

- Masterful instructor, used state of the art instruction techniques; instrumental in CATM's 94% qualification rate

- Outfitted Wg FSR compliance; rcv'd/insp'd 356K small arm rds f/CATM allocation--catalyst f/>1K prsnl weapons qual

- Qualified 45 CE personel on the M-4 and M-9 weapons systems; equipped deployers with critical self-defense skills

- Supervised inspection and gauging process; ensured all CE weapons certified for OCONUS deployment ISO XXXXXX

- Trained five newly assigned personnel for RFL; yielded overall 100% pass rate with a 95% average test score

- Volunteered to assist CATM during AEF firing surge; became force multiplier/ensured mission accomplishment

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