AFSC 3S1X1 Equal Opportunity

AFSC 3S1X1, Equal Opportunity is now AFSC 3F4X1, Equal Opportunity

Duty Descriptions

- Processes military and civilian complaints/incidents IAW Equal Opportunity Commission (EEOC)/DoD/AF Policies

- Wg/CC entrusted advisor--teams w/ 32 CC/directors and 25 first sgts on HR incidents, complaints, and issues

- Guides Special Observances; enhances awareness and value of racial, ethnic, and gender diversity in the AF


- Impeccable professional; sexual harassment SME for 10 sensitivity classes of alleged offenders--100% train'd

- Led EO base compliance; managed 4 CWI/4 informal/formal complaints--reinforced EO base policy/standards

- Created EO complaint intake tracker; imprv'd svcs & staff continuity--redux complaint resolution time by 25%

- Validated 516 MILPDS trng records; certified credit to mbrs--ensures prgm compliance w/AFCOLS standards

- Authored Women's Equality Day article; published in base paper--enlightened mbrs on civ gender wage issues

- Conducted 2 EOTI investigations; kept A1 ldrshp informed/unit ldrshp appraised--minimized negative impacts
- Led 13 Defense Equal Opportunity Climate Surveys (DEOCS); analyzed replies--focused CCs on HR issues
- Molded mbrs for successful career; taught 2,546 Newcomers/FTAC Amn--critique always rated "exceptional"
- Developed "Out & About" schedule; increased unit presence 200%--opened dialogue/built positive relations

- Conducted 8 Unit Climate Assessments; 869 surveyed, 73 hrs of analysis--keen insight into Wg human relations
- Solved 100% of complaints at lowest lvl; saved 2.5K man-hrs & reduced processing 98%--focus back on msn

- Tactically minded; instructed at First Sgt Seminar/(M)Sgts class--increased 52 NCOs knowledge on EO Policy

- Hit the ground running--led largest/most diverse EO pgrm in AOR; 8K+ base mbrs/2 FOB's/20K+ transients

- Equipped warfighter w/vital info; provided 45 briefs/21 KPBs/31 assists; 5K trained--zero incidents reported

- Chaired Wingman Week--orchestrated teambuilding activities--fortified morale/improved combat capabilities

- Teamed w/SARC; Id'd factors impacting readiness/launched 5 CE Escort briefings--reduced msn vulnerability

- Investigated Sexual Assault/Harassment case between AF mbrs/TCNs--ensured swift appropriate action taken

- Publicized EO program--trained 4 EO liaisons, provided candid HR feedback to unit, FOB & installation CC

- Subject matter expert on 2 Commander Directed Investigations--issues resolved--all focused back on mission

- Women's Equality Day/Hispanic Heritage advisor--raised AUABs cultural awareness/diversity appreciation

- Educator! Provided 34 HRE classes/briefs; trained 8900+ personnel on EO policy--EO complaints mitigated

- Gauged HR climate in the deployed environment; 13 organizational visits--provided real-time feedback to CCs

- Integrated EO newcomer's orientation w/ Right Start; saved 700+ man hrs--expedited base in-processing

- Introduced Type I UCA demographics excel pgm; simplified continuity--decreased process workload by 83%

- Provided 33 HR briefs/31 trng hrs educating 396 members; critiques rcvd an average 4.81 out of a possible 5

- Dedicated 33 hrs of EO Assistance to 8K mil/civ/retirees/family members; eliminating issues before crisis pt

- Devoted 20 hrs as base advisor to 4 cultural observance committees--assists w/ managing all aspects of events

- Requested advisor for 4 cultural observance comittees; assisted w/all events aspects--3K awareness increased

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