EPR Bullets by AFSC

Health Services Management

See also: Health Services Management Awards and Decorations


- Creates clinic schedules/templates f/5 providers/3 clinics; supports 3.3K beneficiaries across 14 FTW/9 GSUs/22 Sqs
- Supports BOMC; oversees PHA/DRHA scheduling; facilitates SUPT pgm functions; manages clinical workload data
- Manages access to care/business ops; advises 19 staff on best practices/clinic administrative tasks f/13.5K beneficiaries
- Guides PRAP certifications; ID's/reports potential disqualifying info to Med Authority/Arming Use of Force provider

- Oversees Patient Administration operations/manages 7 key administrative programs/vital to our 20k gunfighters benefit!
- Facilitates audits f/medical records/NOPP labels/NSTR's/clinical notes/weekly scans in accordance w/flight procedures
- STR prgm mgr; organizes monthly data QC's/mailouts/ensures MTF transfer documentation t/NPRC/VA f/ret/sep mbrs
- Monitores customer service functions; TRICARE briefings/front desk coverage/eligibility verification for all MTF pts

- Medical Readiness NCOIC; executes MAJCOM taskings/monthly MRC/trn'g ex; ensures medics are train'd/equip'd
- Single MTF UDM; postures 180 amn/2 Sq f/war/$644K WRM/2 equip & 8 prsnl UTCs; counsels 3 CCs f/all dplymts
- MCC NCOIC; mngs/directs 38 MCRP/CMRP tm chief; admin'd HHQ tasks; leads MTF response f/wg/MAJCOM Ex
- TOPA Pt Admin NCOIC; HIPAA Mngr; MTF liaison w/Causality Affairs; Pt Travel ODTA; facilitates Wg Right Start

- Admin support for 4 CCs/CCC/First Sergeant; serves as liaison for 412 MDG; provides real-time data critical to msn
- Assists 5 clinical providers/2 specialists/3 nurses; coordinates patient support functions w/assigned PCM team
- Assists GPM with managing provider templates; oversees appts in the Composite Health Care System (CHCS)
- Assists with annual med rec retirement/active duty inventory & Notice of Privacy Practice (NOPP) procedures

- Co-leads Pt Travel DTS procedures/reimbursements; guarantees completion of orders/vouchers & aligns with LOAs
- Conducts weekly TRICARE briefings for base newcomers, Smooth Move and Transitition Assistance prgms
- Coordinates health services management activities; end-of-day, check-in, quality control & eligibility for care
- Counsels patients & host nation providers on rights and responsibilities regarding overseas TRICARE prgms

- Creates, maintains & retires medical records; coordinates referrals/audits third party collections when required
- Creates/maintains/retires medical records; coordinates/fulfills/speardheads sequestration of records as needed
- Directs record rm ops; supervises 1 AD; mngs 7.1K charts, spts 3 clinics, ensures records availability for 9 providers
- Ensures availability of medical documentation for appointment, fills internal/external record requests in CHCS

- Files loose documentation w/in 72 hrs following appts; assists w/daily telephone inquiries and chart requests
- Leave Web Monitor/authorizes/reconciles leave/PTDY requests/157 mbrs/monitors CSS records/manages prsnl PIFs
- Manages 15K outpatient records; validates filing, sorting, creation, research of medical info IAW AFI 41-210
- Manages/maintains 8 provider templates/schedules; oversees appts in Composite Health Care System (CHCS)

- Mng's CMS records for 250 medics; executes TW's DDR testing initiatives/WAPS test dates/ESM/BAS/SDAP prgm
- Monitors Service Treatment Records (STR) process; oversees organization/std completion for AFMS taskers
- Oversees performance of critical contracts/appt line/referrals; ensures 100% compliance w/accrediting AF/DHA rqmts
- Performs RMC consult tracking in AHLTA/CHCS; uploads/codes medical treatment notes; updates provider teams

- Processes sponsor allocation RIPs; mng's GTC/DTS sys/EPRs/OPRs/Decorations; ensures TDY/PRDA sys integrity
- Provides administrative support for 8 clinical staff and 2 medical providers rendering care for 7.8K enrollees
- Provides administrative/clinic support for 20 medical staff rendering care for over 28K medical visits annually
- Provides service to 25 primary/specialty clinics, oversees maintenance of 3.5K Outpatient Records (OPR)

- Responsible for overall admin ops spt of the Flight & Operational Medicine Clinic front desk & records room
- Reviews invoices, verifies eligibility/authorization for care, determines proper method and processes payment
- Scheduled appointments according to protocol, initiates phone consultations, performs quality control/coding
- Schedules 3K routine appointments & 1.7K pre-employment/flying/non-flying PHAs across TW & remote sites

- STR prgm mgr; coord's/leads monthly mailouts; ensures accurate transfer to MTFs/AFPC for retiring/separating mbrs
- Supports the largest Pediatric Clinic in USAFE, serving 4,000+ beneficiaries averaging 15,600 visits annually
- Tracks movement of medical records using Composite Health Care System Functions to control accountability
- Verifies beneficiary eligibility in the Composite Health Care System; registers new patients IAW AFI 41-210

- Schedules/changes/cancels appointments; monitors clinics files/collects data; determines patient eligibility for svcs
- Creates/updates five Physical Therapy schedules; manages patient treatments/records; meets mission/readiness goals
- Reviews PT referrals; requests medical records as needed; coordinates surgical pts evaluation/treatment appointments
- Supports Flt ops; provides admin-based PT and Family Health services to Tricare beneficiaries/11.7K visits annually

- Manages research database f/largest AFMS med ctr; directly spts edu/readiness msn IAW 2 nat'l regulatory agencies
- Manages MDG UTC prgm; inputs deployment readiness for all Grp mbrs into AEF UTC Reporting Tool (ART)
- Readiness Skills Verification (RSV) & SORTS Monitor; tracks and documents progression for 647 individuals
- Coordinates readiness formal training w/USAFE; schedules 219 prsnl f/C-STARS, EMEDS, AECOT & ICRT

- Provides clinical administrative support to gastroenterology clinic; prepares daily assignments for admin staff
- Manages provider's schedules/templates/alert roster; books appointments for patients in person or by consult
- Schedules over 2K appts/procedures per qtr utilizing the S-3 system including motility/general surgery studies


- 375 MDG PTL; designed/led 15 fitness sessions--reinforced Sq fitness standards/improved pass rate to 95%
- 3rd Party Insurance SME; guid'd 4 staff on e-data review--rais'd compliance to 95%, Gp slat'd to recoup $51K
- 4A0 FM/TOPA enlisted ldr/Interim Sq Superintendent; provides operational ldrshp/mentors/guides 61 mil/civ medics
- 4A0 SME; conduct'd UGT trng f/20/approv'd 249 tasks--3 done w/CDCs 90 days early/AFTR currency up 40% x1 mo

- Academic trng fully accomplished; completed 4A051 CDCs and 23/23 core tasks 2 months ahead of schedule
- Accomplish'd 45 sustainment ops; escort'd 50 locals and 43 vehicles to restrict'd area--maximiz'd base security
- Accomplished 26 tng hrs; Contract Ofcr Rep/DTS/GTC/MAC/TPC--mastered crit tech acumen/applied skills
- Accomplished 63 hrs AE Patient Staging trng; honed critical competencies--spt'd 225 transports/zero mishaps

- Administered bene advocacy svcs; elevated 420 claims/111 retro referrals/140 debts--recouped $340K TRICARE svgs
- Admitted over 90 patients; 100% record accuracy--laid error-free foundation for all subsequent documentation
- ADO; sorted 5K Gp USPS/FedEx mail/time-critical Lab/Pharmacy items--ensured chain of custody/saved AF $50K
- AE launch/recovery tm augmentee; executed 285 jt patient transport/2.5K wounded--crucial to 98% survival rt

- AF & FSS prgm instructor; led 20 FTAC/Resiliency/Dads for Dads crse 180 students--strengthened skills/future ldrs
- Aided acft class B mishap; sequestered 9 crew mbrs records--facilitated board investigation/recommendations
- Aided appt line during 50% manning shortage; augmented 600 hrs/trnd 5 new prsnl--cut abandoned call rate by 15%
- Aided clinical admin operations; assisted 5 providers/9 techs/2.5K RVU's--merited $45K/zero sentinel events

- Aided daily ops; expedited exam room turnover/on-time care/1.2K kids--vital to Cmd's Patient Safety Awd'13
- Aided Facility Management for 2 months showing great efficiency when tasked; displayed great versatility
- Aided/developed school sport physical templates/6 providers/2.2K pts; ensur'd 100% DoD health compliance
- Aligned clinic enrollment; developed plan/3 clinics/11/PCMs/8K pts--crit f/ access to care/396K healthcare visits

- Allotted admin support f/GI clnc; managed/initiated 8K pt records/ROIs IAW AFI 41-210--reduced referral errors 18%
- Alt Pt Travel DTS prgm rep; 236 orders/vouchers process; complied with JFTR regulations--governed $77K pay out
- Always learning! Took 3.5hr Fundamentals of Exceptional Customer Svc crs--applied skills dly w/500 patients
- Annihilated AD audit; 2.9K recs rostered/regained 13/100% acct'd/120 hrs--10% ↑ AFMS goal/beat cutoff by 23 days

- Archived 1,153 med records during 2011 retirement; received shipment confirmation; zero discrepancies found
- Assist $350K in computer equipment; 100% operational/accountable--ensured optimal availability of assets
- Assistant NATO liaison; briefed medical benefits to 125 eligible foreign partners--provided vital knowledge
- Assisted 352 SOG with short notice ORI prep, 300 med rcds; 4 hours retrieving records--promote to SrA BTZ!

- Assisted appt/reception tasks; 36K calls/97% 1st call resolution; key to USAFE Best Hosp of Yr '10; promote
- Assisted HIPAA ofcr; collected 165 NoPPs/uploaded forms to pts e-charts--upheld DoD compliance/Trusted Care std
- Assisted ops sustainment; created 250 referrals/updated 42 specialty consults--100% ATC during 33% manning short
- Assisted plan to unify walk-in/point of service flt policy; decreas'd customer complaints 90%; promote to SSgt

- Assisted struggling airmen; led weekly aerobic/physical training; PT evaluation score increased from 65 to 84
- Assisted the Health Benefits Advsr for 2 mo; resolved 40 claims--key to '11 AF/SG Best Hosp OTY; promote!
- Assisted w/45 MEBs/collected clinical notes--all packages completed w/in 25 days/exceeded AF std by 16%
- Assisted with medical records retirement; prepped/pulled/packaged 2.5K files--ensured accurate dispositions

- Assur'd DRMO operations; secur'd 1K tons/$3M materials weekly--vital to transition to Iraqi government cntrl
- Attained critical tech knowledge; completed 8 hrs in-class resiliency class/Acceptance focused trng--mentored 2 prsnl
- Attained critical technical knowledge; attended CASF training course--put new skills to work during CASF AT
- Attended 2 Professional Development Crses...assignment system/evaluation system--honed professional skills

- Attended 3 hr PTL crse; taught proper exercise techniques to 8 flts; improved overall scores--98% sq pass rate
- Attended UBO/MAC conferences; increased knowledge to identify HSI shortfalls--flt now compliant/insp rdy
- Augmented BMT out-patient clinic; verified eligibility/sched tx f/276 pts/initiated 23 t-cons--saved $48K outsourcing
- Augmented manning shortage in peds clinic; support'd 8 staff/2.8K enrollees--provided uninterrupted workflow

- Augmented RMC; uploaded 7.7K referrals/38 specialty clinics--guided $20M in visits/preventative/maintenance care
- Authored referral reference guide; streamlined process/standardized w/in MSM--reduced referrals errors 18%

- Bolster'd HIPAA officer; collect'd/upload'd 1300+ NoPPs/ to pts EHR--exceeded AF standard 10/12 mon/averag'd 95%
- Boosted care for 150 AE pts; obligated/validated $300K in vouchers--enabled transport/reimbursement f/CONUS spt
- Briefed 100 prsnl on DoD's new Secure Messaging prgm; connected 1.5K patients w/PCMs--promote w/peers
- Built 4A0 Flt Master Tng Plan--realigned manpower w/depts strategic plan; maximized section's productivity

- Championed Flt Medicine Clinic work flow; coord'd 1.8K appts worth $613K--maintained TW msn/6K sorties
- Championed pediatric records dept; mng'd 2K files/avert'd 500 errors--vital to Gp's Cmd Best Clinic OTY '13
- Championed PRT transition; led 4 mbrs/labelled/corrected 900 rcds--ensur'd pt safety/critical migration/f 5.3k records
- Championed Referrals CPI; proc'd 3K referrals f/1.8K pts/ID'd/fixed lengthy sys--boosted caps 50%/cut wrkload 75%

- Charged HAIMS PI; split 9K docs digitized/9 stf/ID'd/correct'd 102 errors/15 PSR's--cut PCM rec wait time by 3 wks
- CII lead; coord'd 15 ofcrs for 72 narcotics/precious metal inspections--verified/safeguarded $95K in critical AF assets
- Co-lead f/ ROI ops; coord'd 380 med releases/spt'd 280 staff mbrs/11K benes--key mbr AFGSC HPM Tm of the Year
- Collaborated w/2 member team to clear $80K/71 outstanding patient debts; verified eligibility--$0 due to DoD

- Collaborated w/4 Host Nation Patient Liaisons; coord'd care for 100 newborns--ensured clinical care stds met
- Collected vital pt info; prepared Third-Party-Collection insurance forms f/400 pts--recouped $2K/med facility funding
- Commissioned $730K runway project; oversaw flight line prep tm--enabled Operation New Dawn airfield ops
- Completed 100 AHLTA notes; zero discrepancies; reduced PCM man hours; increased outpatient earnings $1K

- Completed 11 mos JQS; educated Pt Admin/Med Record stf on core tasks, coord'd OJT--saved $2.6K in TDY trngs
- Completed 12 readiness skills verification modules--armed with knowledge to execute critical wartime tasks
- Completed 16 hr course/passed Illinois state test toward Culinary deg--attained Food Svc Sanitation certificate
- Completed 2 classes/earned 6 semester hrs towards Health Care Mgmt degree--bolstered resource mgmt skills

- Completed Comp Tia Security+ Bootcamp; 40 hrs; passed 2nd certification exam; DOD 8570 standard exceed
- Completed Gp Development Theory CBT; enhanced managerial skills--applied concept/revamped daily duties
- Completed IT-E Learning Ethical Leadership on finished 12 hour course--deployment mission lessons applied
- Conduct'd search pit duties; inspect'd 700 locals/330 vehicles found 23 unauthoriz'd items--secur'd 14K people

- Conducted 12 newcomer briefings; edited monthly sch's/org'd 11 POCs for 85 medics--slashed brief time/mo by 50%
- Constructed 14 new provider templates; optimized patient access to appointments--zero disruption in services
- Constructed pediatric post-immunizations guide; coord'd w/6 health pros--bridged comm to 1.9K beneficiaries
- Contingency AE Staging escort; identifi'd/report'd 15 mx discrepancies--secur'd $1.3M critical transport assets

- Contributed 30 hrs to med rcds mail-out process; transferred/shipped 150 charts--100% tracking/accountability
- Coordinated/issued age-specific questionnaires; gave pertinent pt info to physicians; decreased visit time 80%
- Crafted immunizations guide; researched/provided info on pediatric home hlth--saved 350 off-base visits/$24K
- Created 1st ever Master Training Plan for contractors; instituted weekly training; ensured workcenter cohesion

- Created missed appt notification prgm; generated lists/informed chain of command; reduced no-show rate 30%
- Created referral guide/educated 10K patients; key to "Outstanding" HSI rating--"#1 PCMH in AF" by surveyor
- Created/published 48 MDG social media page; briefed/trained exec staff--key to reaching 2.4K beneficiaries
- Crushed FM role/20 prsnl; built 2-Sq spt model/seized f/action by SecAF--shap'd 42 MTFs '19/nett'd 25% RTD x18 mos

- Dedicated records mgr; liaised w/ Ramstein MTF to translate German medical docs--avoided pt safety near miss/ZD
- Developed consult tacking audit; ensured notes provider review/filed in pt med records--100% HSI compliant
- Devised record retrieval prgm; provided nurses/docs w/vital pt info; reduced tele-consult call-back times 20%
- Dir'd flyer rec PI; updat'd data/formatt'd 563 docs f/digital--cut base op med QC time 33%/281 man-hrs/ACC 1st/set std

- Direct'd NoPP; inspect'd 135K appts/trnd 6 stf/Gp 100% HIPAA trnd--smash'd AF std x 5 mos/#3/25 West Reg FY19
- Direct'd PAD MCRP tm; guid'd 8 mbrs thru/3 Ex/track'd 486 line items/81 pts--provid'd critical DIME t/EOC/99% acc
- Directed 386 EMDG Sys ops; established 51 network accts/26 med accts < 24hrs--ensured 48 mbrs msn rdy <3 days
- Directed 5 prsnl; researched 2.5K missing med records 3 wks ahead of sched--facilitated ret/sep disability processing

- Directed flt ops/20 stf; closed 52 DTS vouchers/576 STRs mailed/99% accurate/on-time--recouped $57K/#3/25 region
- Directed Gp DQ; QC'd FY17 data input f/20 assurance team members/120 line items--#1/13 AFMS f/inpatient coding
- Directed MDG travel mgmt; governed 35 budgets/4 Sqs--assured reconciliation/accuracy of $550K TDY pgm
- Directed wg deployment/PCS waivers; rdy'd pkges/comm'd w/3 MAJCOMs--guarenteed 40 fit-to-fight pers f/6 AORs

- Directs Outpatient Records/Admin & Disp/RMC/Integrated Disability Eval Sys/ROI/medical travel/aerovac missions
- Draws sound conclusions; adjudicated/dispositioned 8,200+ medical case files; 0% error rate-maximized ops
- Drove annual AD audit; instr'd 3 amn/survey'd charts/tracking f/3.5 rcds--found 195 rcds/crushed previous audit/15%
- Drove EHR prep; registered 1.4K DoD/Singapore AF/6K LPEs w/in 3 wks--MTF's Lance P. Sijan awd winner/wg nom

- Drove Wg's lrgst rec retirement; led 9 stf/fil'd 250K docs/4.7K recs/6 mos--elim'd 4 yr pileup/setup 4K disability benefits

- Earned 3 credit hours towards CCAF in Health Service Management; maintained 3.5 GPA--4 classes to degree
- Earned BS Biology degree; now pursuing MBA w/empathasis in Med Admin--completed 6 credit-hrs/3.9 GPA
- EFMP augmentee; coord'd special need cases for PCS w/ gaining locations--30 exceptional family s needs met
- EFMP SME; dir'd 57 enrollments/194 incoming/101 outgoing inquiries--beat pkg processing time 50%/on-time rt 99%

- Enabl'd environmental burn pit clean-up project; escort'd 10 vehicles/500K tons of trash/gravel--improv'd QoL
- Energized NOPP label process; 150 charts review'd daily/discrepancies fixed--SAV resulted 97% compliance
- Enlisted in financial management lunch-n-learn crse; attended 1.5 hrs--improved financial stability knowledge
- Enthusiastic; keen grasp on ofc operations; trained Group members on proper resource mgmt--promote to TSgt!

- EOC team lead in RQ-4 crash recovery; dev'd med response plan for 40 fwd dply'd mbrs--secured $222M acft crash
- Epitomized wingman concept; jogged with airman during fitness test; enhanced morale/airman passed PT Test
- Excellent AF leader; vol'd t/emcee ALS graduation/rated 1/11 PME class--graduated top 10%/received John L. Levitow!
- Excellent appointment/scheduling/template manager; mastered 46 provider's schedules-- 100% accessibility

- Exceptional performer with superb leadership abilities; drove flt to new levels--TSgt selection well deserved
- Exceptional scholar!; aced 10 classes/earn'd 29 credits/scored 92% on 7 lvl EOC--completed 80% of BS in IT/3.6 GPA
- Executed 1st AF PRT 2.0 go-live; ID'd critical delay/train'd 6 pnsl/2 wks/procured $5k equip--migrat'd/f 5.8k rcds/2 mos
- Executed 53 pt evals/walk-ins; facilitated pt data collection--reclaimed 45 provider hrs/ensured 100% sat/0 care delays

- Executed 6 short-notice tskings; expedit'd spin-up trn'g/CENTCOM waivers/$15K gear/trvl--avert'd OCO msn delays
- Executed Annual Records Audit; scrutinized 3.5K charts/located 728 AD med rcds--surpassed previous audit by 15%
- Executed insurance program; enrolled 630 patients--Group poised to recoup $50K in reimbursements promote
- Executed Wg AT/FP mandate; perform'd sentry duty for 16 off-base msns--zero incidents/safeguard'd 280 staff

- Expertly managed Quarters Program; tracked 604 notifications; assisted Wing agencies with unit accountability
- Expertly schedul'd 44K appts/t-cons; ensur'd age-appropriate stds met; contributed to 50K RVUs/$1.7M/FY '10

- Facilitat'd TCCC/CST crses; 1/13 wg cadre/dedicat'd 38hrs f/12 classes--enabl'd 576 gunfighter deployments/5 AORs
- Facilitated 4K urgent care referrals; secured timely processing & minimized ER utilization--saved AF $270K
- Facilitated 61 walk-in visits; collaborated w/20 staff to cut patient delays--Medical Home pgm award'd $35K
- Facilitates pt chemotherapy tx; contacts/books 7.1K procedures--verifies care eligibility/quality control/daily check-ins

- FEMA first responder vol; accomplished 25 courses toward disaster preparedness--applied towards EOC mgmt skills
- Filled over 70 disability requests for VA; ensured veterans received crucial data for continued medical benefits
- Filled TOPA Flt Chf duties/2 mos; led 5 elements 15 prsnl/catered to the 7K pt enrollment--won Sq '16 NCO OT3Q!
- Flawless performer; completed 56+ hrs of Wing Honor Guard training...recognized as Distinguished Graduate

- FMRC administrative team leader; supported >3K appointments/walk-ins monthly--zero disruptions in care
- Fortified NoPP; led scanning of 300 docs/audited 3K appts/ID'd/rescanned 26 records--boosted compliance 78 to 90%
- Fuel'd STR pgm; mail'd 576 rcds/99% on-time/accurate/setup $250K VA benes--MTF #3/25 f/9 mos/AmnoQ f/Q1'19

- Generated 15K out-pt records; fostered procedures/tx f/Hem/Onc clinic--enforced 100% HIPAA compliance standards
- Govern'd ops f/PACIRON MAJCOM Ex; deployed WRM pkg/3 UTCs/$30K equip--coined by MTF Director/0 errors
- Gp ATO; conducted 50 AT/FP RAMS/completed ID/bldg checks--deterred terrorist attack/confirmed Gp/TW safety
- Gp GTC APC; oversaw 250 cardholders/mng'd $786K--decreased delinquency rate <1%/TW earned $32K in rebates

- Gp's lead DTS approver; rvw'd 108 vouchers/6 budgets/$450K--ensured 100% compliance/zero insp errors
- GPM assistant; drove 8 PCMs templates/schedules, 7.8K beneficiaries--boosted patient access to care to 99%
- Guided 1st USAF heart/lung machine AE tm transport; coord'd safe patient hand-off--key to 100% survival rate
- Guided 8-mbr tm; audited 2.9K AD charts/recouped 13 x4 wgs--100% acct'd in 4 wks/crushed AF suspense by 23 days

- Hand-pick'd asst GPM; spearhead'd data collection/implement'd sched f/30 provider schedules/23 clinics--filled 2y/gap
- Handpick'd f/Fairchild proj; loaded rec labels in PRT sys/aided 9 stf/40 hrs--lift'd msn capes 50%/rebuilt 6K/12K recs
- Highly motivated; records room NCOIC selection well deserved/continue to challenge--promote to TSgt now

- ID'd 20 outdated record copies; scrubbed workcenter/records rm--coord'd delivery/ensured vets access to files
- Id'd distressed calls; abated suicidal ideations/coord'd warm hand-off--mitigated loss of life/efforts lauded by Gp/CC
- Id'd OCC Health record errors; deployed corrective action w/ AFMOA/2.8K records--increased tracking 87% to 99%
- Id'd Occupational Health record discrep; coord'd w/ HHQ to fix practice--avoided 2K file errors to AFMOA database

- Ignited crucial PI; created mechanism f/ID'ing/sorting 1.4k clinical notes--eliminated 744 doc/6 mon/backlog/0 errors
- Ignited gp formal UTC trng; sched'd 19 prsnl f/C-STARS/direct rpt to AF/SG--currency compliance rose 31%
- Implemented AFSO21 initiative; eliminated inefficient steps w/urgent care consult tracking--saved 520 hrs/yr
- Implemented new mailing process; coord'd w/clinic/streamlined dental/med recs shipment; saved MDG $1.6K

- Improved open encounter sys; ID'd 973 incomplete CAPERs/22 clinics--#3/86 AFMS f/outpatient/APV completeness
- Initiat'd Al Jaber FP mission; establish'd 49 member/24hr control center--assist'd w/troop withdraw from Iraq
- Initiated PCS/mail-out PI; id'd 17 mail discrep/located 40 med charts/expedited to gaining MTFs--averted care delays
- Installed 4 PCs/8 VoIP lines; improved overall MCC performance; enhanced incident management supt/C2 ops

- Instructed 510 patients of appt time/24 hrs pre-procedure prep; contributed to 98% patient appt attendance rate
- Inventoried 7,481 AD & IMA medical rcds; accounted for 99%...exceeded AF standard--promote to SrA BTZ!

- Key mbr Med Control Ctr; coord'd/participated 8 Ex/1 real world chem exposure incident--lauded by Wg XP

- Lead SAPR/Suicide Prevention instructor; steered 6 classes f/144 prsnl--92% MTF train'd/41% ahead of FW average
- Leads security/maintenance of 15.1K outpatient/Flight Medicine records supporting 9K beneficiaries/360 foreign mil
- Led 10 48 FW newcomer briefings; inprocessed/educated 200 AD members--zero delays in healthcare access
- Led 13 mbr tm; org'd ALS proj, fixed meals/assisted w/3 AE transports--honor'd 65 in-patient/wounded heroes

- Led DSCA/FEMA dplymt f/22 mbrs; donat'd 10% of mprw f/1st ever AF COVID-19 mass vacc site--540K injections
- Led e-hlth rcrd rollout; reg'd 1.4K DoD/Singapore AF/6K pharm accts x 1 mos--won MTF's Lance P. Sijan awd/wg nom
- Led Flt physical tng 2/wk & Sq 2/qtr; motivated flt w/individual pln, monitored progress--100% pass rate, >80
- Led GENESIS EHR launch; pre-reg'd 200 AD/100 RSAF pts/100% HCI fil'd--msn rdy 48 hrs early/#2 base f/roll-out

- Led MAC program; billed insurance companies $373K/$84K collected for injury services provided by MDG
- Led MCC COVID-19 response; linked w/HAF/traced 1K pos cases--yielded MCRP tm closure/recouped 17K wk hrs
- Led med referral ctr team; researched/tracked 6K overdue referrals to completion--eliminated 3-mth backlog
- Led MRF mtgs; brf'd AFMS msn spt on record accessibility/sec for 3 sq--sustained 100% accountability/availability

- Led Network Protection Suite installation; secured network traffic flow; mitigated potential security violations
- Led out-processing pgrm; coor'd 390 packages/698 orders/mailed 786 records--saved $4.1k/increas'd productivity/35%
- Led outpatient dispensing line redesign; smooth-flowed work; increased productivity 45%--metric proven
- Led PAD Field Response Team during EME UCI, tracked 26 exercise patients; achieved 100% accountability

- Led pediatric's flt fitness session; created complex trng regiment--help'd peers reach/maintain AF PT standard
- Led recall/MCRP roster reorganization; incr'd Team Chief's scope of responsibility--accountability up 100%
- Led TPC pgm; captured 729 insurance forms on school physical/Retiree Appreciation Day--accrued $623K/qtr
- Led TPC/MAC briefings in 23 clinics; implemented new training plan--boasted 97% insurance collection rate

- Led two global records searches; recovered 20 missing rec's from other AFMS depts; vital health info secured
- Leveraged appt line shortage; augmented 52 peak hrs/enhanced response call time--cut abandoned call rate by 11%
- LGBT ally; led/emceed TW luncheon; created MPI ed'd 10K on mil history--cultivated awareness/lauded by TW/ID

- Managed Blood Alcohol Test program for 62 squadrons; ensured chain of custody and 100% accurate results
- Managed daily school physical for FHI/Peds; produced ###appts 7wks period--add 71+appts, saving AF $##K
- Managed MDG leave prgm; authorized/reconciled 200 leave/PTDY requests--efforts contributed to TJC accreditation
- Managed ROI process of patient records for copying; reduced customer wait-time by 40%--increased efficiency

- Marketed TPC at Retiree Appreciation Day; captured accurate beneficiary data--drove Congressional initiative
- Mastered AFMOA STR program; sustained 100% for six months consecutively; surpassed AF standard by 5%
- Mastered CHCS; enter'd/updat'd 250 patient demographics/100% accuracy--key to Gp's 97% customer svc rate
- Mastered MICP prgm; eval'd 29 risk rqmts/10 depts/elevated 20 PIs to cmd f/FY19/no errors--raised stats 64% to 100%

- Member of wg Toastmasters; dedicated to self growth/improvement--improved public speaking skills/abilities
- Mentor'd MHAFB Youth Center T-ball tm; coached 12 players/eight games/16 hrs--earn'd NAYS cert/bestowed LOA
- Meticulously managed/researched/filed over 10 feet of medical documentation; perfect accountabilty!
- Meticulously oversaw qtrly MAC reconcilation; processed 226 claims/60 hrs annually--retrieved $70K for Gp

- Mitigates challenges with ease; a valuable mbr of Flt & Op Medicine--promote this stellar NCO immediately!
- Mng'd clinic admin duties; reviewed referrals/schedules/cancels 1764 appts-reduced outsourcing/MDG retained $11K
- Mng'd RMC; ID'd care gap/reviv'd proc f/19K/aced10K referrals--cut turnaround 63 to 27 days/saved $50K outsourcing
- Mobiliz'd 1st inpatient retirement in 16 mos; fil'd 1.3K recs/79K docs/8 wks--0 mistakes/finaliz'd hosp to clinic reorg

- Moderniz'd section trg pgrm; centraliz'd customer serv guide/elim'd SPOF--reduce'd pt wt times/33%/sav'd 40 man hrs
- Modified Self Inspection folder; corrected errors/updated documentation; contributed to HSI "Excellent" rating
- Monitored installation of 11 MFDs/$110K in assets; serviced 64 work orders; bolstered end user productivity
- Motivated airman; displayed genuine enthusiasm; made steady progress in Patient Administration qualification

- New shining star for TOPA flight; voted FTAC Sharp Troop; mastered primary duties in 1 mo--stellar Airman!

- Obtained MedicX cert; perform'd 36 hrs COVID testing/retrieved 31 specimens--avoid'd referal costs/recouped $3.8k
- Optimized records department; coord'd 84 newborn registrations/204 APV/179 inpt charts--awarded Sq Tm/Qtr 1 '17
- Orchestrated 35 dplymts; coord'd w/6 wg/ACC orgs/enabled gear/travel/$87K--enriched OAR/64K Afghans liberated
- Org d foster care restoration proj; led 60 vols/756 hrs/relocated 4 tons eqmt--raised $6K/boosted community coalition

- Org'd annual Provider Collab; mng'd $1.8K budget/enjoyed by 60 guests/11 clinics--brfd tm Dyess msn/restored lcl ties
- Organized VA fundraiser; honored mil vets/raised $10K--all proceeds used to improve local VA med facility
- Organized/documentation re-vamped/binders; ensured 100% HSI compliance--vital to rating of "Outstanding"
- Overhauled flt file plans for 32 pgms; disposed of 48.2K outdated documents--organized/streamlined residuals

- Overhauled rcrd rm; merg'd 13K files/toss'd 132 shelves/2 mos--index'd 2-yr rec backlog/adopt'd rec mx f/3 flying Sq's
- Oversaw DTS NDEA; processed 111 pt vouchers/10 medical TDYs--reimbursed $21K/cut pt out of pocket expenses
- Oversaw pt admin svcs; mng'd 18 prsnl/9 pgms/825 release/med requets/11K rcrds--seized $391K med care f/enrollees
- Oversaw review of 36 items & 2 key areas for Combined Unit Inspection--contributed to "Excellent" Wg rating

- Participated in 2 parenting seminars; completed 18 hrs didactics/hands-on--expanded/enriched parental skills
- Participated in Innovative Readiness Training; provided in excess of 23K in medical, dental and optometry services
- Partnered w/MSM's ROFR office; max'd utilization w/in 3 mil clinics/recaptured 600 visits--saved AF $90K
- PAT alt tm chf; provided PRMC injured accountability for 13 pts to MCC--received "Outstanding Performer" honors

- Pediatric Patient Advocate prgm alternate; deescalated/resolved 30 patient concerns--96.8% client satisfactory rating
- Perform'd for Force Protection morale video; improved spirits in Joint Base Balad--won top honors/CC contest
- Performed End-of-Day coding audit; provided appt accountability; helped secure 99% access to care/$733K
- Piloted FEMA re-dplymt; aligned w/NORTHCOM f/4 early arrivals/sec'd 22 air flts--restor'd operability f/5flts/2 Sqs

- Piloted Flt Med record upgrade; set up 237 as EHRs/digitized 67/zero delays--enabled AOR record capes/1st in ACC
- Piloted Readiness Flt through deployment SAV; netted zero discrepancies--maintained high deployment tempo
- Pivotal Tricare advocate; guided 3 pt elective surgeries/collected 63 bills--svd benes $45K med costs/evaded loss of life
- Primary oversight of MEDCON process; validated 1,007 LOD cases; increased workload by 30% from FY 11

- Primed Wg's largest rec retirement; 6 stf/audit'd 30 boxes/34K docs/690 recs of 5K/156 hrs--enabled 4 yr backlog fix
- Processed 190 records/day; filed 1K documents; sustain'd 98% availability rate--beat AFMOA standard by 8%
- Processed 1K TRICARE enrollments; guaranteed Lakenheath PCM assignment--saved $240K emerg care costs
- Processed 200 ASAP referrals w/TriWest/provided authorizations same day--secured timely delivery of care

- Processed 550 provider peer reviews; identified 90 documentation discrepancies; 100% compliant w/standard
- Processed 8K records; filed 5K documents/sustained 98% availability rate--ensured patient continuity of care
- Processed almost 3K Quarters notifications; informed support staffs; ensured 100% personnel accountabilty
- Processed over 3000 patient records requests monthly; enforced 100% HIPPA compliance standards

- Project lead-Duty Determination Management System;coordinated IATO approval; 5 units beta tested on target
- Proposed new chart delivery/retrieval for 21 clinics; improved run time 75%--recaptured 390 manhours per yr
- Provid'd appt accountability; performed 12K end-of-day coding audits--helped achieve 99% access to care std
- Provided administrative support to 100K visitors to 2005 Charleston AFB Air Show; ensured 100% support

- Provided administrative support to another low-manned team; team player; ensured continuity of patient care
- Provided customer service for 15K+ patients; filed fax/phone requests--beneficiaries' continuum of care kept
- Provided sole admin support to flt; handled 2.5K appts/oversaw all PT referrals--decreased staff admin load by 75%
- Pt Travel kingpin; enlightened 1 sq, remodeled wrksheets/brfd 148 pts/NMAs--recouped $51.4K travel expenses f/pts

- Published civilian provider formulary--enhanced 7,500 patients' care; non-stocked requests dropped 50%
- Pulled 100 med records for peer review; audited/reviewed 8 providers' documention--met AF inspection std
- Pursued higher education; aced 8 college crs's/earned 24 credit hrs/4.0 GPA--Healthcare Admin BAS degree 70% cmplt

- QC'd 367 requested records; edited 70 privacy violations/100% HIPAA compliant--averted $250K in potential fines

- Rapidly and efficiently checked in 3K patients during dritical manning shortage; exceptional customer service
- Rcv'd MVA VSI notification call; spt'd $890K life saving care across 8 agencies--coined by TW/CCM/lauded by SG
- Readied OPR for '08 records retirement; 1,049 rcds/10 hrs--60 boxes sorted--finished 3 wks ahead of suspense
- Readied weapons for transport; preserv'd 217 M-16's--permitted future availability of $98K military resources

- Rebuilt VSI/SI prgm; absorb'd UCC ops/coor'd PI w/5 depts/cut LOD release x2wks--clos'd 5 mo proc gap/CPI now OI
- Reconciled 92 GPC transactions for patient transport; authorized 36K payments--ensured 100% accountability
- Refreshed Privacy policy; upgrad'd DoD ID # to form/alerted 20 stf to sys flags--compliance 8% over AF std x 9 mos
- Relocated 300 peripherals/CHCS Blade server to DRMO; reconciled ADPE inventory; $30K network upgrade

- Remediates staffing shortages; supporting 3 clinics/86 enlisted/officers/civ/18K pts--safeguards manhours/outsourcing
- Reorganized flt records room; accounted for 2K+ files/updated database--expedited pt info/ensured 86% avail
- Reorganized/improved Flt's files plan; disposed of Privacy Act information--reduced research time by 20%
- Represented 48 MDSS as escort for MSC corps chief; maintained strict schdle--noted as "best visit in USAFE"

- Requisitioned $56K in copier equipment; added additional manning in copier room; decreased backlog by 60%
- Resiliency Trainer; led 5 FTAC/ALS courses/ed'd 125 EAFB mbrs--improved TW quality of life/advanced AF prgm
- Restructur'd OPR rm; screen'd 226 rcds/ID d/shipp'd 115 STR's f/retirement--supported $980k VA benefits f/53 mbrs
- Revamped EOD program; fused w/3 base agencies/trained 75 mbrs--revived AF "Big 3" msn/incr'd clinic readiness 53%

- Revamped FARM prgm; optimized SAV chklsts for 11 areas; cut 80 hrs--spt'd TW "Highly Effective" '15 UEI rating
- Revamped flt safety prgm; integrated/digitized forms, drove inspections/trained 14 mbrs--vital to UEI "Effective" rating
- Revamped Gp travel process; liais'd w/CPTS/initiated & trn'd 37 new AOs/ODTAs--reduced processing time to 72 hrs
- Reviewed 400 PT referrals; requested medical records as needed/coord'd post-op visit--guaranteed pts ATC < 72 hrs

- Reviewed 40K invoices; verified eligibility/authorization of care--ensured timely payment of $7.2M in claims
- Revised, updated ROI continuity books; key to excellent rating during JCAHO inspection 2007
- Revitalized OPR pgrm; located/accounted f/3.8K med charts/updated tracking database--surpassed rec avail stds >8%
- Revived ROI functions; fixed crit info gap/tracked/proc'd 455 rcds requests--rec'd 3 comment cards/cut wait-time 97%

- Safety Monitor; conducted 276 briefings/cleared 60 appliance devices--guaranteed OSHA compliant/mishaps averted
- Schedules appts/procedures w/AHLTA/CHCS; expedites pt tx/referrals f/240K beneficiaries--generates 22K RVUs/yr
- Seamlessly managed evacuation of 3 burn victims; synchronized flight plan and follow-up care--SSgt deserved
- Section Cost Center Manager; oversees $21K in fy budget; no discrepenices found and flight equip needs met

- Seized critical base HQ assets/classified docs; secured 14 TCNs--key to facility transition--promote promptly
- Select'd PROJO f/ribbon cutting; fus'd 5 orgs/8 mtgs/$4k budget--brief'd 25 guests/MTF laud'd f/exemplary MILCON
- Served as witness for OSI & Legal Office in UCMJ actions; provided bullet-proof documentation
- Service Treatment Record prgm mgr; drove record mailouts/384 transfers to AFPC--ensured VA/AF benefit payouts

- Showcased AD rcrd audit; 2.9K registered/regain'd 13 f/4 bases--100% acct'd in 4 wks/beat MAJCOM cutoff 23 days
- Simplified continuity binder; work duties/procedures easier to understand--shaved 25% off Flt orientation time
- Skillfull presenter; HITECH HST Course lead; trained 283+ full-timers, SGPs and SAS;100% positive ratings
- Spearheaded AFMOA clean-up initiative; removed 8K system entry errors--expedited internal reports by 75%

- Spearheaded public affairs campaign; shot/edited training videos--enriched Iraqi medical/military knowledge
- Spearheaded Windows 10 OS push; 1.7K computers updated--3rd largest AF MTF completed 3 wks< suspense date
- Sponsored new Amn; coordinated living arrangements; escorted/familiarized member--job rdy within 2 weeks
- Steered Leave Web prgm; authorized 2K requests/led 48 audits/99% error free--diced process time <2 days/audit rdy

- Steered RMC; mng'd 10K referrals/96% pt return--svd $50K outsourcing/beat AF avg 6%/#2/12 in MAJCOM x9 mos
- Streamlined business practice; processed 175 TPC checks--soared collections $358K crushed target by 67%
- Studied language proficency course; accomplish'd 16 hrs/honed skills--prepared current AOR msn obejectives
- Superior RMC Lead; oversaw 2 techs/2890 referrals/w/66% staffing--sustain'd 100% closure rate/$1.8 mil patient care

- Support'd MTF Medic X execution; conduct'd 264 COVID-19 tests f/contagious pts--reconcil'd 44K FW manning hrs
- Support'd ROI office during 50% man shortage; copied/mailed 35 recds--increas'd response capability by 40%
- Supported 148 aerovac missions; recorded 3.4K warriors/transported 114 critical category patients--SSgt next
- Supports jt svc advocacy f/20 MDs/18 nurses/6 techs; assists DoD's lgst Hem/Onc clinic--processes 15K pt records/yr

- Sustained pgm in down economy; amassed $2.4M Third Party fund--12 critical psns funded/$660K contracts

- Tackled 24 stf flt; repair'd PCS pileup/mailed 300 recs/cleared 220 vMPF mbrs--slashed med rec delivery 3 mos to 2 wks
- Tackled STR prgm; transitioned 120 recs/sustained 100% on-time rate f/3 mos consecutively--smashed AF std by 5%
- Team Player; processed 125 monthly Public Health patient record requests--enforced 100% HIPAA standards
- Tier 2 tech; resolved 326 remedy tickets/3.5K queries--ticket closure ranked #3/72 MTFs/enabled 50K pt encounters

- Track'd 30K med records; increased availability by 25%; key to AF Hosp of Yr '10; 1/15 MTFs--promote now
- Tracked 27K med referrals; coord'd specialty note collection w/TriWest--resulted in 98% consult return rate
- Tracked 27K pt referrals; coord/cultivated specialty care data collection w/triWest--established 98% consult return rate
- Trained 3 admin techs; oriented to appt lines/clinic ops; sustained admin manning/increas'd competencies 70%

- Training monitor; effectively planned/coord 20 trng sessions for 12 mbrs; ensured pers 100% mission ready
- TW Honor Guard; led 10/performed 15 funerals/8 color details/65 hrs--honored fallen warriors/upheld mil traditions

- Validated insurance data; processed/refiled 103 third party collection forms--recaptured $1.9K in MDG funds
- Vital link to Group Practice Mngr; assist'd w/420 schedule changes/7 doctors; surpass'd access stds/21K appts
- Vital OPR tm; brfd MDG info f/wg Right Start/inproc'd 30 families/allayed 4.5K rcds retirement--slashed error rt 33%
- Vital to casualty notification; spt'd 2 TW deaths/activated A&D protocol/engaged w/ 4 agencies--lauded by MDG/CC

- Vol'd f/SAPR/DDR; complet'd 40 hr victim advocate trg/collect'd 482 samples/no-notice sweeps--key f/vital Wg prgms

- Wg RS/PI guru! brf'd pt portal/DS Login/collected 140 TPC forms/reg'd 353 GFs--AtC met 1st in 2 yrs/recoup'd $6K
- Wingman! Rescu'd stranded Amn; safely relocated vehicle/member during hazardous weather--averted mishap


Admin Distro Office (ADO)
Admissions & Dispositions (A&D)
AF Medical Service (AFMS)
Agency Prgm Coordinator (APC)
Air Force Medical Operations Agency (AFMOA)
Air Force Smart Operation 21st Century (AFSO21)
Anti-Terrorism Officer (ATO)
Armed Forces Health Longitudinal Technology Application (AHLTA)
Basic Allowance for Subsistence (BAS)
Case Mgmt Sys (CMS)
Composite Health Care Sys (CHCS)
Controlled Inventory Insp (CII)
Emergency Ops Center (EOC)
Emergency Room (ER)
Essential Station Messing (ESM)
Federal Emergency Mgmt Agency (FEMA)
Force Protection (FP)
Functional Area Records Mgr (FARM)
Global Record Search (GRS)
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
Health Services Inspection (HSI)
High School (HS)
Job Qual Std (JQS)
Jt Fed Travel Regulations (JFTR)
Line of Accounting (LOA)
Medical Evaluation Board (MEB)
Medical Records Function (MRF)
Medical Treatment Facility (MTF)
Mil Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal (MOVSM)
Mil Pride-istory (MPI)
Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA)
Multi Service Market (MSM)
Non-DTS Entry Agent (NDEA)
Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA)
Palmdale Regional Medical Center (PRMC)
Patient Admin Team (PAT)
Permissive Temporary Duty (PTDY)
Prsnl Records Display App (PRDA)
Random Anti-Terrorism Measure (RAM)
Referral Management Center (RMC)
Service Treatment Record (STR)
Special Duty Assign Pay (SDAP)
Surgeon General (SG)
The Joint Commission (TJC)
TRICARE Operations and Patient Administration (TOPA)
Unit Effectiveness Inspection (UEI)
Very Seriously Injured (VSI)
Veterans Affairs (VA)

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